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For Your Well Being: DIET FREE Debuts

June 30, 2010, Vol. 8 Issue 6

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month, I enjoyed a long weekend yoga retreat led by Britt Bensen Steele  with a spring-cleaning theme. We ate vegetarian organic meals, assumed yoga poses for opening our bodies and minds, and learned about Ayurvedic principles and practices. There was also lots of free time, laughter, a campfire, and a wild game of volleyball. In my time by myself, I meandered through the woods and walked the labyrinth twice — it was in the woods, interwoven among huge oaks and maples, a very tranquil experience. Then sitting in the sun by the river, writing in my journal, I realized that I truly was experiencing a cleansing. My thoughts got clear, and I had some revelations that I know would not have surfaced, had I not taken the time to immerse myself in healthful practices, just for me. If you’re drawn to a retreat, don’t hesitate. I followed my inner guidance on this one and am so glad I did. And I’d like to extend my gratitude publicly to Britt who is a brilliant, creative, accessible, effective, and fun teacher and facilitator. I’ll be back next year for sure.

Back in the electronic world, you’ve probably heard of the auditions to host a show on Oprah’s new OWN network.  Our very own Zonya Foco is in the running with a great 3-minute video assembled by her very creative husband, Scott. Please check it and out and vote — you can help make it happen!  Go here and press the green button to vote. You can vote as many times as you like — you don’t even have to watch the video, but do, because it’s great!  It takes about 20 seconds to vote 10 times. There are just a few more days left, so please go here and vote, and tell your friends. The deadline for voting is 11:59 PM PST July 3, 2010. Every vote is appreciated. Thank you very much.

It’s amazing that Zonya and Scott were able to take time to enter the Oprah contest, as they are busy launching their newest program, DIET FREE, which promises a whole new way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I may have talked to some of you about this program last year, when it was in a different incarnation. If so, you’ll be glad to know that they have decided to simplify their approach and launch it nationally as a nine-week video seminar series. They concluded this would be the most effective and affordable format to get it into the hands of those who will really put it to use. This is a robust turnkey program that can be used for employee, corporate and community weight-loss, diabetes management and general nutrition/wellness programs.  To learn more, read on…

Introducing Zonya’s Lifestyle Solution:


As American’s Nutrition Leader, Zonya Foco, RD, CHFI, CSP,  knows that the war on obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes cannot be won with structured diets – temporary campaigns that don’t fit into our real lives. Rather, we need healthy, do-able, sustainable habits that, over time, change our lifestyles and make good nutrition and fitness who we are every day.  Whether the goal is to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, improve energy, lower cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure, or simply to have optimum health, the eight DIET FREE lifestyle habits — adopted one at a time — create an invisible force that can change our lives permanently.

This  turnkey program provides all of the materials needed for an ordinary person to lead a group in a successful nine-week weight-loss and wellness program. Each session begins with your participants getting inspired and motivated as they view the 25-minute video of Zonya in action for that week, talking about and, most importantly, demonstrating the single added DIET FREE habit for that week, with all of the energy, humor and common sense that make Zonya so refreshing and also make her teachings so understandable and do-able. After the video, the leader facilitates the discussion and goal-setting plan.  Who is that leader? Well, the great thing about this program is that the materials are so well designed and complete, that anyone who is inspired can step up and lead others through them. The leader guide tells her exactly what to do and how to do it. And RD’s are loving it because they’re teaching grounded principles, and appreciate Zonya’s talent for delivering them in her inspirational and entertaining style. It’s turnkey, they believe in the principles taught in the lessons, and the material is all pre-packaged. Win,win, win.

The Lifestyle Guide, a workbook that each participant uses daily, is packed with information, motivation and exercises. It’s all about taking action, action, action. And in the long-term, it becomes a reference guide they will consult over and over again. Speaking of exercise, I was little concerned when I first saw the program, as exercise did not come into the picture as a lifestyle habit until Habit #8. Mind you, the eight habits are implemented week-by-week, one at a time – no reading ahead. I really didn’t think it was advisable to wait ‘til the end of the program to add exercise into the lifestyle mix. Did I know better than the experts? NO! This program has it covered. Each week, the class includes a specific exercise focus, building up one step at a time without preaching to the ultimate: Habit #8, Every Day Exercise. So it’s introduced gradually and consistently, and by the time it is sprung on the participants, they’re already doing it. Cuts resistance. Brilliant!

So, what are the 8 habits? Find out here (select “Program Outline”). At this site, you will also find the new Leader-Facilitated Overview that describes the full program, materials and pricing, as well as the Program Outline, which will provide you with a summary of what is covered in each seminar. You can also watch video highlights from the seminars and the success stories at this link. These will give you an indelible impression of the engaging energy and infectious enthusiasm that Zonya contributes to every person whose life she touches.

The one-time license fee of $450 includes a full leader kit with all of the support materials, promotional videos and flyer template. Additional leader kits are available under the same license for a small additional fee. Zonya currently has DIET FREE licensees providing seminars in Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota and Michigan. In other states a growing number of interested parties — churches, private health professionals, health departments and full hospital systems – are reviewing the program.

One of the best ways to promote the program in your community is to produce a live introduction or kick-off event! You can invite your community and employees and give them a chance to preview the program before signing up.  In the mix you get great media attention for the event, and Zonya offers a special discounted speaking fee when combined with the DIET FREE license. The combination is very effective.

Crittenton Hospital in Michigan, for example, kicked off their program in March with a live event with Zonya, and completed their first set of 9-week programs in June (they held a day and evening program open to staff and community). Here are some of the comments received from their participants:

“I lowered my cholesterol 40 points during this program.”

“I learned more in this program than I ever did with all of my times attending Weight Watchers.”

“This is a program that I can do forever.”

Rooks County Hospital in Kansas, another example of success, kicked off their program during their annual health fair with a live event featuring Zonya in one of her memorable in-person performances. They launched their own DIET FREE Rooks County Web Site and enrolled local restaurants and grocery stores to provide DIET FREE menus and grocery items. They have reached out to a broad cross-section of this rural community and enrolled three leaders facilitating the program for the 200 participants.

Licensees have the option to set whatever fee they choose when offering the program. Crittenton Hospital has been leading the program with a contracted RD and charges $125/pp for a 9-week program. Rooks County Hospital received a grant to underwrite their program and charges only their cost of the participant kits. They have volunteer lay people leading the program.

I think this is the program America has been yearning for, and I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to do with it. It’s good for every size from whole communities to small groups. The proof is in the results which you can see by watching the video testimonials.

Oh, one more thing: there’s a small loophole in this program, and you’re going to like it. The habits are designed to become lifestyle changes that stick for the long run. They were first presented in Zonya’s novel, Water with Lemon, where this caveat was presented: Every once in awhile, it’s okay to indulge responsibly. That means every once in awhile, when the urge or circumstances dictate, it’s all right to live outside the guidelines of each habit and indulge yourself with a treat. That’s liberating, don’t you think?

So, really, this is like having a genie (Zonya) in a bottle (video and lifestyle guide) that comes alive once a week in the seminar and then goes home with the participants to implement in their daily lives. Check it all out on the website, and then give me a call with your questions, or better yet, call me at 503-699-5031 to say, YES, we’re ready for DIET FREE.

For those  experiencing sweltering summer temperatures, you may not sympathize with those of us in the Northwest who have had a very cool, rainy May and June. But indulge us. Just this week we finally experienced enough warmth from the sun so that the diehards could take their socks off from under their Birkenstocks, and we didn’t have to turn on the furnace in the morning. The strawberries are finally sweetening up and more goodies are showing up at the Farmer’s Markets. And the surest sign of summer? I painted my toenails in rainbow colors last night, plus a touch of glitter, that catches the sun’s rays. Fun!  So, hurray for summer – even if it’s sweltering in your neck of the woods!  Get out there and enjoy every minute of it. Until next time, take care of yourself for your well being and those you love.

Yours truly,

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in this e-news is designed to help you make informed decisions about speakers and the programs they offer. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect you have a medical problem, seek competent medical help.

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