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Teresa Rhyne – An Evening of Bliss

“We have worked with Speak Well Being Group for several years, and when it comes to helping us find speakers – they have not disappointed. Our speakers are extremely well received and this was no different with our most recent speaker – Teresa Rhyne. As one breast cancer survivor attendee put it, “She struck the perfect balance. She was funny, but also was respectful of the fact that this is very emotional for some of us.” Simply put, Teresa was wonderful. She even stuck around and engaged nearly all of our attendees in conversation as she signed books for them. This is the 4th year we’ve held this event and this year, we revamped it slightly – and Teresa was a great addition!”

-Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, IA

Dr. Sheri Prentiss – Pink Power Tour

“The week was fantastic. Couldn’t have been any better. Dr. Sheri was incredible – wonderful presentation each and every time and I just enjoyed her so much!  Thank you for recommending her!”

-Vidant Health, Greenville, NC

Susan Sparks – Pink Picnic Keynote Speaker

“We have heard nothing but great remarks on Susan’s presentation. We include a survey at the end of our program, many wrote ‘Best Speaker ever for Pink Picnic.’ Susan did an awesome job! Thanks so much for working with us on this special event for Central Georgia area!”

-Community Health Works, Macon, GA

Becky Olson – Annual Breast Health Awareness Event

“Last evening was lovely and Becky’s presentation was perfect.  She spoke re: Humor, Happiness and Hope which was a wonderful presentation and sharing of her own journey.  Verbal feedback last night was all positive, folks enjoyed and appreciated her journey and what she does for others. I so enjoyed Becky and spending a little bit of time together.  She is most outgoing and has such a vibrant personality that just made me want more time with her!  So happy that she came and that she was inspiring for the attendees. Thank you for your assistance with booking Becky and the arrangements!”

-Knox Community Hospital, Mount Vernon, OH

Jana Stanfield, CSP – Women’s Health Day


“Jana did an amazing job at our Women’s Health Day. She brings so much energy, humor and empathy to her presentation and truly speaks from the heart. What a gift she has to be able to communicate in song as well as the spoken word. I always try to find a keynote speaker who will engage and inspire the women who attend our event, and she certainly did both. Her keynote was the icing on the cake! Thank you again!”

-Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Salida, CO

Kari Berit — Advance Care Planning


“We couldn’t have chosen a better speaker for our event. Kari’s approach is warm and sincere, woven with humor. With her personal and professional experience, Kari took a sensitive topic and made the audience understand just how important talking about how you wish to live while you are dying is. She inspired thoughtful questions from, and discussion with the audience and moved people to take action on one of life’s most challenging, yet rewarding conversations.”

-Providence Health & Services, SW Washington

Jane Herlong, CSP, CPAE – POWER Symposium Keynote


“Within two minutes of presenting, Jane changed the entire energy in the room. She had captured everyone’s attention. They were laughing, hanging on every word and the overall mood was happy. Through her brilliant (and hilarious) storytelling and inspirational tone, Jane delivered an impactful message to our group. They felt empowered, encouraged and motivated to own their “runway,” because Jane told them not only how, but why and that she believed they could. I highly recommend Jane to any group looking for a reminder of the importance of laughter and believing in yourself.”

-Amoena USA

Lisa Smartt – Keynote for Family Resource and Youth Services Center

“Lisa Smartt was a WONDERFUL opening Keynote speaker at the 2016 Fall Institute Conference held by the Family Resource Youth Services Coalition of Kentucky. She made us laugh, she made us think and best of all she inspired us! I could not have asked for a better opening speaker to our conference. Thank you Lisa, for being relatable, hysterical, and uplifting.”

-Family Resource Youth Services Coalition of Kentucky

Women Physician Gathering with Dr. Romie


“A group of women physicians were delighted to spend an evening with Dr. Romila (“Dr. Romie”) Mushtaq, and be a part of her amazing presentation on ‘Healing the Healer.’ She led a wonderful discussion and provided much very valuable insight for helping us combat the issues related to physician burnout. As one guest commented, ‘I truly believe she touched on our own vulnerabilities and exhaustion. I did not think I was a burned out individual until I went to this talk, and now I realize I have my own self care and work to improve upon. More importantly, having the time and space set aside to gather and support each other was tremendous.’ Thank you Dr. Romie for your compassion and support!”

-Children's Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota

Brenda Elsagher, Women’s Night Out


“I am so happy that we had Brenda Elsagher for our Women’s Night Out! I have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone who attended! They enjoyed her humor, her being “real” and relating to us all and so many needed a good laugh with life’s ‘busyness!’ I will recommend her to my other CHI sites in the region and feel fortunate we found her to come here! Have a super day and let’s keep in touch!

-CHI St. Joseph's Health, Park Rapids, MN

Dr. Deborah Kern, Annual Ladies First Luncheon


“Deb, thanks for a wonderful and sweet presentation at yesterday’s Ladies First Luncheon. Our guests loved it and promised to come back next year for our 10th Annual Luncheon. It was informative, fun and entertaining and you did it within our time limitations. You were awesome!”


-Mission Regional Medical Center, Mission, TX

Amy Dee, Women’s Wellness Day


“What an absolute delight you are! The ladies who filled out our questionnaire named you as their favorite part of the day. No surprise there! I just wanted to say thank you and wish you all the best in your upcoming events. I am certain you will make your future audiences as happy as you made ours. Aside from the laughter, you left us with several great messages to take home and apply in our lives — very memorable and impacting.

Amy Dee is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, kind, inspirational, and very, very funny! We look forward to having her back!”

— Dickinson County Healthcare System, Iron Mountain, MI


Ronda Rich, Women’s Wellness Day


“All I can say is….Wow! Ronda, you are the best storyteller I’ve ever heard. You had the audience in the palm of your hand the entire day and I’ve had many say this was our best conference yet! Thank you for coming to speak at our Women’s Conference. You have motivated and inspired me and many others more than you’ll ever know.”


-The Medical Center, Bowling Green, KY

Kathleen Passanisi, POWER Symposium


“Barbara – you’ve done it once again. Thank you for finding us the PERFECT speaker for our group. Kathleen Passanisi was terrific. The attendees loved her presentation. I could tell by their responses that everything she said resonated with them – and her humorous delivery made it even better. I love kicking off our conference with laughter. I overheard a few attendees talking afterwards about something work-related, and one of them said, ‘You know, it’s like we just learned in the happiness seminar, we need to let some of these things that are so stressful go…’ They learned! Also, my clients were equally impressed, and we’ve already discussed the possibility of bringing Kathleen back next year, so I will certainly be in touch.”

-Amoena, USA

Kelly Swanson – Women & Wellness Symposium

“Kelly was unbelievably wonderful. Our audience had a blast, and she most certainly touched me personally. I needed to hear what she said, and think most of the women there felt the same. It was a terrific day with higher-than-expected registration and was just an awesome event. Kelly was the icing on the cake – and that icing was perfect!”

 — North Florida Regional Medical Center, Gainesville, FL


Debi Gutierrez, Girl’s Night Out

“Thank you so very much for recommending Debi Gutierrez for our annual Girls’ Night Out event. The feedback we have been receiving has been excellent!  Debi was a joy to have around. She instilled many laughs while also leaving a positive message with our audience; we could not have asked for a better experience.

“Once again, thank you for recommending Debi and facilitating her visit. Although Debi has set the bar very high, we have no doubt that you will continue to help us in finding someone who will entertain our audience while sending them home with some words of wisdom. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Foundation of CVPH Medical Center, Inc.
Plattsburgh, NY


Karen Wolfe, Women’s Heart Health Event


“Dr. Karen Wolfe is one of the friendliest speakers we have ever worked with! Not only did she give a fabulous seminar but she interacted with our health fair participants prior to the seminar. They loved it! I have gotten only positive feedback about our event.”

— Providence Health & Services
Western Washington Region – Southwest


DeLores Pressley, Pink Power Tour

“7 events, 7 towns, 4 days!  DeLores Pressley joined us for an incredible whirlwind tour through all of eastern North Carolina for the 3rd annual Pink Power Speaking Tour sponsored by Vidant Health.  All of our events were at max capacity – the first time ever – as our guests came out to hear DeLores’ message about the Power of an UP Woman!  The tour was physically demanding, literally, 7 different events in 7 different towns, all in 4 days.  DeLores was truly a professional. She was able to read our diverse audiences and give the performance best suited for each event. She was high energy, fun and inspiring. A perfect combination with our physician speakers.  Many thanks for making our event series a wonderful success!”

— Vidant Health, Greenville, NC


Kay Wagner, RN, Cancer Survivors Celebration

“Kay was phenomenal! She was energetic, caring, compassionate and funny! She was very well received by the audience and took the time to connect with a few of the audience members prior to the program. She then referenced their interaction in her presentation (very nice). She was uplifting and inspirational and her message was clear — Laughter is the best medicine. ;-) Awesome!”

— Covenant Cancer Center, Saginaw, MI


Lissa Rankin, MD – Cancer Symposium

“We were fortunate to be have Lissa Rankin, M.D., as a guest speaker during her book signing tour for Mind Over Medicine.  Although not new to us, Lissa’s topic of ‘Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself’ gave a refreshing outlook and history of how a busy, driven physician could re-evaluate her profession and integrate a holistic approach to healing the body. Her extensive research into the topic and subsequent embracing of a new approach to evaluating the causes and treatments for chronic and sometimes life threatening illnesses helped the participants gain a new perspective on healthcare. She energized the audience with new tools that would help ‘make their illnesses their business’ and move towards healing themselves in a new partnership with their healthcare providers.”

— Community Cancer Research Foundation, Munster, IN


Karen Mills, Girl’s Night Out

“Karen Mills came to speak at our Girls Night Out event.  She was HILARIOUS! This was the first time we had gone into an outlying area to host an event, and the reaction from our guests was fantastic! She was so relate-able and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone to lighten the mood and make you laugh until your stomach hurts!”

— Frye Regional Medical Center, Hickory, NC


Eliz Greene, Women’s Fabulous U Signature Event

“Eliz Greene took our breath away, right from the start, with her inspiring video. Her down to earth approach to relating everyday experiences right alongside serious and overwhelming situations, kept the audience engaged, laughing and crying. The interactive game and fun visuals provided the audience with a different way to look at stress levels while learning the coping strategies for living a life of peace and good health. We had a ball!”

—  Mayo Clinic Health System, Menominie, WI


Conor Cunneen, Salute to Nurses

“Our annual Salute to Nurses event celebrates nurses in our community and has become a favorite with our staff and with the nursing community. Conor Cunneen served as our MC and keynote speaker this year and was an instant hit. Conor added a personal touch sharing his own life experiences with nurses followed by a wonderful and humor-filled message titled What Do I Want My Attitude To Be?  I would recommend Conor for any event that needs a dose of professionalism, class, inspiration, and plain fun. We look forward to working with him again.

— Star Media, Indianapolis, IN


Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE, Women & Wellness Symposium

“Actually, Linda Larsen was not what he had expected and hoped for. She was far and above, more than we dreamed she would be. Linda’s presentation flew by and felt as though it was only 10 minutes. She kept the women in our audience totally focused on her presentation. They cracked up laughing. They heard an entirely new way of looking at their lives and themselves. They danced with abandon when she called on them to, and they left thrilled they had joined us for the day. We had a wonderful event, and Linda Larsen was the icing on that delicious day. Anybody, anywhere would be very blessed to have Linda – no doubt of that.”

— North Florida Regional Medical Center, Gainesville, FL


Anne-Louise Sterry (Aunt Lena), Women’s Night Out

“We have been providing a Women’s Night Out program in our area for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of hearing many speakers. Aunt Lena, in my opinion, is one of the cream of the crop! She was very entertaining, funny, and many women could relate to her stories. The time flew by! Anne-Louise and Bob Sterry were GREAT to work with in regard to promoting the event and are both very personable. Thank you again!”

— Altoona Regional Health System, Altoona, PA


KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner, Annual Meeting – Delta Kappa Gamma

“Thank you for setting us up with just the right person for our Purposeful Seminar, ‘Living in Color.’” KJ created such a positive atmosphere, and my ladies have told me repeatedly how much they loved listening to her, laughing with her, singing with her, and getting to hear her story.  She helped them to feel comfortable to express their passions and encouraged them to follow their passions. She lit up the room for the ladies at the seminar. Her joy was contagious, and we caught it! KJ was exactly what we needed, and your connection made that happen. Thank you very much, Barbara.”

— Delta Kappa Gamma, Knoxville, PA


Tina Pruitt, Pink Power Speaking Tour


“Tina Pruitt did an excellent job for us as our keynote speaker for our 8-city Pink Power speaking tour. She was warm and friendly in greeting our attendees in every city. Her presentation was informative and inspiring for our guests. Her ratings were excellent in every city, and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting her.”

— Vidant Health, Greenville, NC


Kat Simmons, Girl’s Night Out

“Barbara, thank you so much for helping us book Kat Simmons.  She was outstanding. We are receiving nothing but rave reviews and I can personally vouch for the fact that she was HYSTERICAL!! The audience loved her and she had so much energy! If you ever need someone to refer Kat to another group, please let me know. I have several comments from staff stating that she was the ‘best one yet!’”

 — CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh, NY


Deb Gauldin, Ladies Night Out

“Deb kept our audience laughing all night.  She was able to relay an important women’s health message while keeping the presentation interactive and fun!”

— Clarinda Regional Health Center, Clarinda, IA


Rebecca Katz, Cancer Conversations

“Rebecca Katz was absolutely terrific last night at our event. Thank you so much for your help arranging for her appearance at Fox Chase. Rebecca can draw a crowd — we had over 400 people registered (and our auditorium only seats 300!) She was gracious to long lines of guests waiting to get their books signed, and spent time listening to everyone. I look forward to working with you again.”

— Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA


Heidi Marble, In the Pink of Health Luncheon

“The entire process from initial contact to program’s end was seamless and very smooth. Both you and Heidi were so very accommodating and easy to work with. This year we added a pre-event meet-and-greet for members of our Board and other sponsors, and Heidi was so very gracious with everyone she met. She was a big hit at our luncheon and we’re still hearing the accolades. As I’ve told you numerous times, thank you so much for all the help you gave me in planning our event. You were so easy to work with I didn’t even experience my usual ‘two week before the event’ stress.”

— Northeast Hospital Foundation, Humble, TX


Bobbe White, Women’s Heart Health Event

“Bobbe was great, wonderful, a crowd-pleaser, exceptional, a delight and joy to work with. Thank you, Barbara. I am so glad you found me. I will now recommend her to our other regional hospitals. You have a gem in Bobbe.”

— Covenant HealthCare, Saginaw, MI


Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, Heart to Heart Event for Women

“We still have people emailing in telling us what a great job you did!  You stole the show and we can’t thank you enough for that. It was a complete pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to do it again. We know that we definitely want you back next year!”

— Doctors Hospital, Augusta, GA


Emory Austin, Women’s Night Out for Breast Cancer

“Emory Austin was energetic, entertaining, professional and enthusiastic. She moved the audience to laughter and tears – and never lost their interest. She is an amazing woman whose passion for a cause shows through – from the top of her pink wigged head straight to her heart! We loved her.”

— Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, SC


LaDonna Gatlin, Pink Luncheon

“The Parker County Health Foundation’s 2011 Pink Luncheon was a huge success in raising more dollars than previous years. This is in large part due to our selection of Ms. LaDonna Gatlin as the guest speaker. Ms. Gatlin not only entertained our audience, but she drove home the importance of our organization’s commitment to meeting the needs in our community with the proceeds from the luncheon.”

— Parker County Health Foundation, Weatherford, TX


Mamie McCullough, Pink Ribbon Celebration – Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“Mamie has been the keynote presenter for Komen’s Pink Ribbon Celebration, our annual survivor celebration of life, on two occasions. She was so popular with our audience the first time that we brought her back. She is such an inspiration to everyone, having overcome so many obstacles in her own life. She takes her audience from laughter to tears and back again and sends the cancer survivors in the audience home with messages of hope and courage! Everyone went home remembering the bee who aerodynamically can’t fly but does anyway!”

— Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Central Indiana
Indianapolis, IN


Gina Barreca, Annual Girl’s Night Out

“Once again – you hit a home run, Barbara! Gina was hilarious! The crowd did not stop roaring with laughter. I’ll be in touch soon to think about next year! Thanks Barbara!”

—  CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh, NY


Pat Wynn Brown, Paint the Town Pink

“If you haven’t graduated from Hair Theater Beauty School yet, you better enroll now! Pat Wynn Brown was not only a delight onstage, but her stellar professionalism also shines behind the scenes. If you need a refreshing, interactive and hilarious program, I highly recommend Pat Wynn Brown. Our guests are now demanding MORE MORE MORE!”

 — Holy Family Memorial, Manitowac, WI


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