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Se Habla Espanol?

February 17, 2005, Vol. III Issue 4

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to report that I took advantage of my local health systems’ “Know Your Numbers” heart health screenings, in conjunction with Go Red for Women this month. My numbers were good. YAY! This stuff works!

I was also delighted to have my dear friend and speaker Zonya Foco, RD, CSP here in Portland, last weekend presenting “Be Good To Your Sweet Heart: The Power of One Good Habit,” for Legacy Heart Institute’s 11th Annual heart health event. It was so fun to have my friends get to experience someone I’m always talking about! Two full hours and we got to taste her recipes, too. The chefs at the Multnomah Athletic Club did a beautiful job of arranging small plates with samples of two roll-up sandwiches, Black Bean & Corn Salad and two desserts (I definitely like his style!) plus his own Waldorf Salad. Delish! Cookbooks were flying out the doors. Portland has now had a taste of Zonya and is one of the markets where her new PBS Show, “Zonya’s Health Bites” will air starting in mid-April. I always knew we had good taste here in the Northwest!

And from there, I’m going to take you to Texas in this issue, featuring Dr. Silvia Jimenez, a Hispanic doctor with a message for all audiences. And then, how about a little salsa dancing? For your heart, of course!

Yours truly,

Se Habla Espanol?

Last spring, I was speaking with the special events manager at KLRN Public Television in San Antonio, TX. She was looking for a keynote speaker for their annual women’s health conference. We’d tossed around quite a few ideas when she said, “I’d love to find a great female Hispanic health speaker. We have a large Hispanic population, and that would be just the ticket.”

“Really?” I said, “I may have just the woman for you!” I’d remembered seeing Dr. Silvia Jimenez on the program with Jana Stanfield for a women’s event in New London, CT. After calling both Jana and the client and getting excellent recommendations from both, I tracked down Dr. Jimenez at her office in Colorado. What fun to get to talk with such a fascinating woman. Not only was she one of the first female ear, throat and nose doctors in Central America, she’s been Miss Costa Rica!

In fact, Dr. Jimenez has been called the most recognized authority on women’s health in the Spanish speaking world by virtue of the extensive circulation of her syndicated newspaper column, “SoloMujeres” and companion website, “” (Just for Women).

KLRN was thrilled and booked Dr. Jimenez for a keynote and breakout for the women’s health event they’ve been holding in San Antonio since 1999. The day includes two keynote speakers plus more than a dozen breakout sessions and health screenings. Last year, attendancewas over 900 women.

After moving to the United States, Dr. Jimenez developed a passion for natural healing and alternative medicine. Her first book, the “SoloMujeres Guide to Natural Health” is the first health book published by Random House originating in Spanish.

Today, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge of wellness, personal growth and anti-aging with audiences around the world, in Spanish or English. Combining humor and audience participation with facts about aging, she openly shares her story of overcoming a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle as she moved away from her traditional orientation and embraced alternative health practices.

In her program, “Stay Younger Longer, How to Slow Down the Aging Process,” Dr. Jimenez says that while 35% of the aging process is genetic, we have control over the other 65%. She discusses nutrition and the metabolic process in view of their effect on aging, foods that promote longevity, essentials to better and younger skin, and the difference between chronological and biological aging. And, most importantly, she provides action steps to help attendees stay younger longer.

John Costello, Director of Events for KLRN, said, “With the success and impact on women that we had with the San Antonio conferences, KLRN partnered with Texas A&M International University in Laredo for the first Women’s Health Conference there this past January 29. We brought Dr. Jimenez in as the keynote speaker and the conference was a huge success with more than 300 women in attendance.

“Being in a culture with a large Hispanic population, Dr. Jimenez brought a new perspective to the conference,” Costello said. “She was extremely well received in Laredo where she did parts of her sessions in Spanish. The day before the event, she also spoke with the students at the Laredo health magnet high schools discussing her challenges as a Hispanic female in the medical profession. Several girls attended the conference based upon Dr. Jimenez’ presentation.”

“While the events have been tremendous fundraisers for KLRN public television,” Costello said, “these events allow us to continue our mission in the community of educating and enriching our citizens. The women who have attended these conferences are empowered to make changes not only with respect to their health, but that of their families. Women attribute these conferences to giving them a new lease on life.”

For more information about booking Dr. Jimenez for your event, please contact me at 503-699-5031. If you can read Spanish, you may find Dr. Jimenez’ website interesting,

For Fun and Fitness: Shall We Dance?

Remember the days when going to the dance meant sweaty palms, awkward glances (and/or awkward embraces) and stepped-on toes? Well, luckily for us today, dancing has taken on new meaning, as it can be done alone, in a group, or the good old-fashioned way, as a couple. And, it’s all the rage when it comes to being a popular form of exercise.

Spirit of Women is stepping onto the dance floor with their national special event, Day of Dance for Heart Health, an interactive community event happening on February 26th in 23 locations throughout the country. Day of Dance will bring together consumers, healthcare providers, hospitals and corporate partners for an educational celebration of the benefits of dance and exercise in the prevention
of heart disease.

Free classes at various locations include swing, yoga, line dancing, hip hop, and salsa. The thinking is that dance is a form of exercise that may get women moving who are otherwise intimidated by sports or gyms.

Day of Dance will involve 4-6 hour events that include consumer education on heart disease, health screenings, prominent physician speakers, local bands, DJs, music & dancing, dance schools and the media for a celebration of heart healthy activities and education.

Two of our speakers who are also Nia teachers, will be participating. Winalee Zeeb will be sharing the joy of movement in a Nia class at The Children’s Museum, sponsored by St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers, in Indianapolis. Winalee is a master at engaging people in movement. Before they know it, they’re not only moving, they’re having fun. That surely is the joy of movement!

Barbara Badolati will be at the Gerber Memorial Health Services event at Fremont Middle School, in Fremont, Michigan, leading creative movement for all ages. She said her class will be about body awareness, freedom of expression, exploring space and rhythms, sculpting, communicating, and celebrating the basic joy of movement.

To find an activity near you, go to

And, if it isn’t good enough that dancing is just plain fun, check out this list of the positive effects of exercise:

Reduces the risk of developing heart disease
Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure
Reduces high cholesterol
Reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer
Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
Reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis
Increases muscle mass
Helps keep joints healthy
Improves emotional and physical well-being
Reduces stress levels
Increases HDL “good” cholesterol
Decreases stroke risk
Decreases body fat and aids in weight loss


In the Headlines: Good News about Trans Fats

This past week, it was announced that fast food giant McDonald’s has agreed to pay 8.5 million dollars to settle a lawsuit over trans fats in its cooking oils. A San Francisco activist filed the lawsuit to raise awareness about artery-clogging trans fatty acids used in thousands of processed foods from french fries to cereal.

The Food and Drug Administration is ordering trans fats (generally listed as partially hydrogenated oils) to be listed on food labels by January 2006. Companies are already starting to advertise trans fat free attributes as some have taken the mandate to heart, realizing it could be good business to be trans-fat-free.

Trans fats have been in the prepared foods we eat for decades, making them taste yummy while giving them a long shelf life. The downside is their artery-clogging qualities. Please see our story, “McDonald’s: May I Check Your Oil Please?” in our July 15, 2004 issue.

One thing McDonald’s says regarding the testing of other cooking oils, is they can’t find anything that makes the french fries taste as good. Hey, did anybody ever think of this: Maybe if they didn’t taste so good, we wouldn’t eat so many of them. HAH! Oh, I guess that also means we wouldn’t buy so many. Hmmmmmmmmm.

McDonald’s will donate the majority of the settlement to the American Heart Association and use the rest to inform the public of its plans to reduce trans fats in its cooking oils. Now that’s good news!


Co-Creating through Connections

Today’s article about Dr. Silvia Jimenez reminds me of how we are all connected and how we can all help each other co-create our events and programs, which is one of the missions of our business and this e-newsletter.

Your questions, comments and opinions are always welcome. We’re just a phone call or an email away, when you have a special need. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put our network to work for you!

Until next time, be good to yourself, for your well being and those you love.

Yours truly,

My vision for The Speak Well Being Group is to be a connector for speakers I
know, love and believe in, with the audiences who will be inspired, motivated, and transformed by their perspectives, knowledge, empathy, compassion, information and, most importantly, capacity to enjoy the process, laughing at themselves and with you along the way.

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