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For Your Well Being: From My Lawn Chair

July 24, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 12

Dear Friends,

This is an unusual summer for me, as my new knee continues to heal and I wait for the second one to be upgraded in September. I’m getting to know the huge fir trees in my backyard VERY well – I do enjoy sitting back and looking up into their lofty treetops. I spend a lot of time on the deck reading, enjoying my flowering planters, the pets lazing around and my husband waiting on me (okay, that last one was a stretch). Anyway, it’s very comfortable and pleasant and I’m grateful for that . . . yet my soul longs for the great outdoors, the road less traveled, and waterways to paddle. I’ll get a little bit of a “fix” when we fly to Colorado next weekend for a family gathering — not that I’m planning on a lot of outdoor activities – just some “away” time with kids and grandkids. It’s ever more precious when they don’t live nearby.

So, before I take off, I have a few resources and updates for you. I can guarantee you I won’t be reading the 683-page physical fitness guidelines advisory committee report during my deck-time this summer, but I respect the fact that it is going to be very important to support programs that get Americans moving.

Government Gets Moving:
Dr. Miriam Nelson Helps Craft
Physical Activity Guidelines

We hear so much on the news about the benefits of physical activity, you’d think it just makes common sense. In our culture, however, science speaks, and some new guidelines are being developed to influence policies around physical activity. I know this stamp of approval is valuable to some of you, and I’m pleased to let you know that one of our experts is on the team.

Miriam Nelson, PhD was asked to serve as the vice chair for the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory for Americans Committee. The 13-member advisory board was convened to review all of the scientific literature regarding the health benefits of physical activity over the past 12 years. The report will be used by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop comprehensive physical activity guidelines for Americans, similar to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This will be the first time that the government has developed comprehensive guidelines around physical activity.

“Despite the large workload to develop and submit this report,” Dr. Nelson said, “it was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have ever worked on. Working together with fantastic colleagues around the country was a joy and knowing that our work will influence policies around physical activity was a real motivator.”

The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Report is now available online. It is the product of the Advisory Committee and more than 30 additional consultants. You can access the report here. The actual Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans are being written now and will be released in early October.

Dr. Nelson is Director of the Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition and Associate Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. She is also a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, an honor reserved for those who have demonstrated superior leadership and research in the field of exercise.

She is the author of the international best-sellers, Strong Women Stay Young, Strong Women Stay Slim, Strong Women, Strong Bones, Strong Women Eat Well, and Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis. These titles, published in 13 languages, have collectively sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Her PBS special entitled, Strong Women Live Well, focused on the benefits of exercise and nutrition for women’s health. She has been featured on many television and radio shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fresh Air, and the Discovery Channel.

Dr. Nelson does an amazing job of bringing research to life and her enthusiasm for improving people’s health is contagious. We’re proud to represent her as a powerful motivational speaker on women’s health issues. Please call us at 503-699-5031 to inquire about her availability or email:

Free Women’s Health Reports

This year marks the National Women’s Health Resource Center’s (NWHRC) 20th year empowering women with health information. Their website was one of the first sites on the internet offering comprehensive women’s health information, and they are continuing to upgrade and make it even more useful for women seeking answers to their questions about everything from healthy sexuality to reproductive health, midlife health, and healthy aging.

If you like stuff you can get your hands on (as in printed reports), however, you can get a free subscription to the National Women’s Health Report that comes out a few times a year. In each report, nationally known health experts share their views and practice recommendations to help you and your patients make wise choices. The current issue is on “Women & Anxiety Disorders.” Upcoming issues for the remainder of 2008 include, “Pregnancy & Parenting & Women’s Health,” and “Women & Healthy Aging.” You can order bulk copies for your clinic or practice by calling Linda Talarico, toll free 877-986-9472 or email

The not-for-profit NWHRC is the nation’s leading independent source for health information. The NWHRC develops and distributes up-to-date and objective women’s health and wellness information based on the latest advances in medical research.


I love seeing women’s ingenuity unleashed. A little fun, a little daring, risque — hey, hey, hey! And when it adds up to fundraising, what could be better? Check this out: “Hope Chests Calendar,” an 18-month calendar (July ’08 – Dec. ’09) is sponsored by the Women of The Masonic Grand Lodge Of Oregon and is dedicated to the honor and courage of the women and men who have survived breast cancer and those who are currently in treatment. Each month displays a teaching message and is dedicated to women affected by breast cancer. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar are donated to Breast Friends in Portland, Oregon, an organization co-created by our speaker, Becky Olson.

Breast Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients through awareness, education, and support for family and friends. Get your calendar, and buy them for friends. A great gift at $15.00 each.

Until next time, enjoy every one of your summer days in a hammock, around a campfire, or simply in your backyard. From my lawn chair to yours, take care of yourself, for your well being and those you love.

Yours truly,

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in this e-news is designed to help you make informed decisions about speakers and the programs they offer. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect you have a medical problem, seek competent medical help.


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