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For Your Well Being: Doubling Up

April 3, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 7

Dear Friends,

Well, it’s almost here. Monday morning, April 7, thanks to modern science, I get my first bionic part – a new knee. This is my first-ever surgery so I, of course, have some apprehension. Thanks to a little help from my special friends in the healthcare field, I’m reading a book about pre-surgery and listening to guided imagery. I’m envisioning all the capable and caring doctors, nurses and other professionals replacing my left knee so I can get moving again – dancing Nia, walking with grace and confidence, hiking, kayaking, getting up off the floor of a tent from my knees instead of some cumbersome version of Downward Dog  — well just getting up from sitting at my desk without pain and walking my sweet dog will be wonderful results. I hear all good things about the outcomes from this surgery, so I’m working on transforming my angst to excitement.

Meantime, I found myself this week, applying some of the things I heard just last week from Drs. Deborah Kern and Karen Wolfe at a women’s health event in Olympia, Washington.

Create the Life Your Soul Desires

It was obvious last week at Providence St. Peter Hospital’s event with speakers Dr. Deborah Kern and Dr. Karen Wolfe, that the attendees were very engaged in taking charge of their health. 433 women and one brave man attended the inspirational health forum at the Washington Center in Olympia sponsored by Providence Regional Cancer Services.

Prior to the presentation, things were hopping in the hallways as women took advantage of free services. There were 10 massage therapists, two reflexologists doing hand massage and two acupuncturists. A harpist from the hospital’s music therapy program entertained in the lobby. When we walked into the theatre, it was fascinating to see women on stage participating in a qigong demonstration. Deb and Karen felt right at home as they are both proponents of holistic healing. Together, they wrote the book Create the Body Your Soul Desires, and for this program, they took the concept further to “Create the LIFE Your Soul Desires.”

Either way, it is an approach to better health that reclaims the meaning of the word “diets” using the acronym “D.I.E.T.S.” Sharing the platform in an interplay of information and experiential learning, they explained their principles in five domains: Daily Living, Individualize Nutrition, Energize Yourself, Think Well and Seek Support. The symbol and metaphor they use is a spiral-like design of a flower. Each petal is one of the five domains, and their intertwining shows how you can start anywhere. You’ll notice it has no beginning and no end and all lines are interconnected. No matter where you start, you are part of the whole. You can revisit and revise at any point and the middle is a point of balance. Now that is certainly different than traditional linear thinking.

They’re also right on the money when it comes to knowing what women need. After talking about natural serotonin and beta endorphin boosters (the science part), they gave us ten lifestyle ways to increase serotonin by putting more pleasure in our lives. There was an audible rustle of pens and paper as everyone got ready to take notes! (If you’d like them, reply to this email and write Serotonin in the Subject line and I’ll send you the list.)

Deb had the women on their feet (more than once), demonstrating how we stress our bodies (more on my own experience of that at the end of this issue), as well as how to de-stress. Karen shared how she’d finally dealt with her sugar issues – “I read my own book and took my own advice.” — and dropped 20 pounds in readiness for celebrating her 50th birthday. And, that’s today, actually – April 3. Happy Birthday, Karen!

“Guests were very enthused about the engagement between the speakers and the audience,” Cheryl Barragar, Public Relations Coordinator said. “Several attendees related that participating in the life changing exercises demonstrated by Deborah and Karen encouraged them to apply the techniques to their lives. I heard many complimentary comments about the smooth and interpersonal flow between the speakers; how well they play off each other. People loved the music and were delighted to be able to purchase the CD.

“Deborah and Karen were a dream to work with – so down to earth and fun, yet very professional. I will definitely recommend them to associates and they are on our list for a return engagement sometime.”

To learn more about Dr. Deborah Kern and Dr. Karen Wolfe‘s qualifications and topics, please visit our website or give me a call at 503-699-5031.


My mind started racing this week. Gotta get ready (as if I haven’t been doing that since I scheduled this knee replacement way back in mid-December). Ah, but it’s crunch time. We’re looking at 3-4 days in the hospital, and some weeks of healing at home getting this new knee to work.

My list: Make sure clients are taken care of, tie up loose ends, dangling details. Get stuff ready to take to the hospital – reading, listening, visualizing material. A little shopping – new robe, new athletic shoes for P.T. And, stocking up on food, of course, including a stash of 70% dark chocolate bars. Gratefully, my husband is a great cook but he’s not always around at lunchtime. I even found myself buying a 10 pound sack of potatoes, when I normally buy 4-6 spuds at a time – what’s THAT about? Oh, and we’re having a healing circle Sunday evening, so that means clean the house, tidy up the front entrance outside (honey, would you PLEASE mow the front lawn?) Leave directions to make sure my husband feeds and waters the dog and cat, medicates the cat, empties the litter box . . . need I go on? Oh, and Fern said to be sure to shave my legs – the nurses will notice. This is one-tenth of what’s going on in my head.

I heard myself doing this and felt the tension, and remembering Deb Kern’s audience participation from last week when we were all frantically raising our arms up and down as a demonstration of our busy, busy, busyness, I caught myself and slowed down. “Breathe,” I remembered she said. It helped. Slow down. “Breathe.” Take one thing at a time, in the present. Oh, yes, “breathe.” It’s a very good thing.

I’ll be off email most of next week, but then should able to work from my laptop with my leg propped up in healing position. It may be May before I get another issue of For Your Well Being out, but I’ll be back with my progress report and more news about speakers and events.  The show goes on . . .

Until next time, take care of yourself for your good health and those you love.

Yours truly,

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in this e-news is designed to help you make informed decisions about speakers and the programs they offer. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect you have a medical problem, seek competent medical help.


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