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Retreat Re-Entry: Making It Count

Retreat Re-Entry: Making It Count

Nov. 5, 2015 Vol.13, Issue 10 It’s hard to keep an active person down, but surgery will do it. I didn’t mean to disappear from your In-Box, but I forgot what it takes to heal from surgery. Lots of rest. I got a new hip in mid-September, which I was very excited about — Hip,… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: A Look Back

Sept 18, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 16 Dear Friends, I’m home and healing from my knee surgery, using my laptop from my lap, so I can prop my right leg up. Physical therapy starts tomorrow and I have my left knee as an inspiration – the healed scar, the straightness and the bend-ability. Can’t wait… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Doubling Up

April 3, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 7 Dear Friends, Well, it’s almost here. Monday morning, April 7, thanks to modern science, I get my first bionic part – a new knee. This is my first-ever surgery so I, of course, have some apprehension. Thanks to a little help from my special friends in the healthcare… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Having Your Retreat and Weekend, Too!

April 13, 2006, Vol. IV Issue 8 Dear Friends, As we approach Easter weekend, I’m reminded of the many Good Fridays I’ve spent in Silent Retreat. What a gift to give myself time away from daily responsibilities . . . time simply for me, to be, to contemplate, reflect and appreciate. Retreats in the monastic… Continue Reading

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