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"Deb, thanks for a wonderful and sweet presentation at yesterday’s Ladies First Luncheon. Our guests loved it and promised to come back next year for our 10th Annual Luncheon. It was informative, fun and entertaining and you did it within our time limitations. You were awesome!” -- Cynthia Guerra, Foundation Director, Mission Regional Medical Center Foundation, Mission, TX

Innovative Women's Wellness Health Scientist

Women are bombarded from all sides of our society with should’s and ought’s about what to do, be or say to become healthier, sexier, more beautiful, etc. The last thing they need is yet another prescription for how to live life. “Health is your ability to participate joyfully in life!” says Dr. Deborah Kern. “It is a complex interweaving interplay between mind, body, spirit and emotions.”

She should know. Dr. Deborah Kern is a health scientist who dares women to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. This conviction was inspired by her pioneering research showing that mind/body integrated approaches to exercise are more effective at reducing anxiety than conventional approaches.

“I believe that every woman has a powerful inner knowledge which can assist her in attaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, my job is not to give lists of do’s and don’ts. Instead, I encourage all women to listen and trust what is deep inside of themselves and to regard their bodies as allies which will point them in the right direction – not as enemies which they must constantly fight.”

Dr. Kern is the author of Everyday Wellness for Women and co-author of Create the Body Your Soul Desires: The Friendship Solution to Weight, Energy and Sexuality.

Her years of practice as a nurse, health educator, personal trainer, yoga and Nia teacher and yoga therapist have given her lifestyle insights not found in books. She has become very aware that when people live their lives disconnected from their bodies’ messages, they not only miss out on their bodies’ wisdom and opportunities to heal emotional issues, but they are also more likely to experience stress and dis-ease. When they pay attention, to their bodies’ messages, miraculous changes can occur.

Dr. Kern studied Nursing at Vanderbilt University and received a B.A. and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. She received a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. She is a Black Belt Nia Teacher, certified Integral Hatha Yoga Instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Mindful Change Coach.

As a health scientist, speaker, author, mother and wife, Dr. Kern is passionate about creating health, balance, serenity and joy in her own life while assisting individuals and organizations to do the same in theirs.

Most Popular Topics:

The Pleasure Diet: Living Life with A SMILE

Come learn how to put a SMILE on your face with The Pleasure Diet. Dr. Deborah Kern invites you to indulge yourself in consciously bringing healthy pleasures back into your life. Mmmmmm. . . . good, we’ll put a SMILE on your face! A woman who lives life with a SMILE is one who has learned the secrets of self-esteem. She has Simplified her life so that she can focus on what is Meaningful. She appreciates her unique Individuality. She knows how to give and receive Love and how to keep herself Energized so she can joyfully participate in life. (And, she eats chocolate without guilt!).


Finding Calm Amidst Chaos – Creating a Sustainable Life

Our society’s addiction to complexity has many of us doing so many things simultaneously, that even when we do have a moment of peace, our minds continue to race at a frenetic pace. How can you create serenity in the midst of chaos? The answer is not in more information. It is in daring to live a balanced life. Interweaving science, psychology and humor, Dr. Deborah Kern shares easy but effective ways to simplify life, de-stress the body and calm the mind. These skills will help you not only be resilient under pressure, but also to create a life that is balanced and healthy at work and at home.


A Woman’s Way: The Heart of the Matter

While it has been shown that cholesterol count, diet and exercise, are important for maintaining healthy bodies and healthy hearts for both men and women, we’re seeing that when it comes to nourishing a woman’s heart, there’s a lot more to it. In a woman’s world, there are many more meaningful opportunities to affect health, through her friendships, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Deborah (Dr. Dare) Kern brings this important perspective to light with scientific support, leavened with her delightful and insightful perspectives related to pervasive cultural influences. The possibilities for creating strong, happy hearts are multiplied when seen through this lens.


How to Avoid the Top Ten Best Stressed List

As a health scientist, speaker, author, wife and mother of 2 boys, Dr. Deborah Kern is all too familiar with the push and pull of counteracting and unexpected priorities and demands. Learn to laugh at yourself and give these stresses perspective on a moment to moment basis. Find out how to be resourceful in managing and enhancing your overall health and well-being. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Dr. Kern helps women understand and “feel” the power of the body-mind connection. Then she shares ways to use that power to create more joy-filled lives – and avoid the top ten best stressed list!


Turn the Tide — Create the Body Your Soul Desires

Fighting fat makes you fatter! The statistics tell the story. We have plenty of information — hype, books, pills, potions, machines, infomercials, even recipes. Meantime, life stresses pull us out of balance: hormones, husbands, kids, parents … pantyhose! What’s a woman to do? The body your soul desires is not defined by the scale. It is defined by your ability to joyfully participate in life. Dr. Deborah Kern gives us a female-friendly way to connect and cooperate with our bodies, rather than isolate and control them. Blending science, nutrition, psychology and spirituality, she gives us commonsense tools that women (especially girlfriends!) can relate to. Come discover how to view your body – and your whole being — in a completely new way.


Women’s Lib(ido): Reclaiming Your Exotic Feminine Power

For Women Only! Every woman has her own exotic way. In Webster’s Dictionary, exotic is defined as: strikingly, excitingly or mysteriously unique. As women reconnect with the unique feminine aspect of their essence they awaken their inherent divine feminine power. This awakening is important not only for the healing of women, but for the healing of the planet. When the divine feminine is no longer revered, competition, judgment and rationality become the fueling factors. The needs for relatedness, feeling, sensuality or attending to nature go unheeded. There is no balance, no harmony, neither within oneself or in the external world. In this session, Dr. Deborah Kern will share “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women” as a transformative healing tool.



Breaking the Cycle of Stress Through Ayurveda

People have very different physical and mental reactions to stress. Some gain weight. Some lose weight. Some can’t sleep. Some can’t wake up. Some get anxious and fearful. Some get frustrated and irritable. The key is to learn what your nature is and then to learn how to keep yourself in balance in order to prevent the harmful effects that stress can have on your health, your relationships and your ability to enjoy your work. In this fun and informative session you will not only learn what your mind/body type is, but you will also learn some practical ways to create balance in your life.

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