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Be Good To Your Sweet Heart

February 12, 2004, Vol. II Issue 4
Dear Friends,

Last Friday afternoon, I was standing in line at the post office with my arms full of preview video packages to send out. Several women had come in behind me, creating what is a very familiar long line at my neighborhood branch. I turned around and it hit me! There were red sweaters everywhere! Yahoo! I was witnessing the effect of “National Wear Red for Women Day” of the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” initiative. What a gratifying sight! In keeping with the powerof red, and celebrating American Heart Month, we’re featuring a heart health event in this issue.

Just as I was going to press with the last issue, Zonya emailed me the link to some info about a movie we’ve all gotta go see! It’s an independently produced film, called “Super Size Me” that documents one man’s experience of 30 days of eating at McDonald’s. More below.

Oh, and I’m learning that I need to spell d^et with ^ in it so you don’t miss out because your sp^m filter thinks we’re trying to sell you some pills or something. Isn’t that amazing, when it’s exactly theopposite? I understand there’s a similar problem with the word, bre^st. Life can be a double entendre. That’s why we’re on the ball about these things. Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

HEART HEALTH EVENT: Be Good To Your Sweet Heart

When I decided I wanted to focus my speaker business in the health and wellness arena, heart health for women was one of the topics that rose to the surface immediately. That’s one of the reasons I’m so supportive of AHA’s “Go Red for Women” campaign encouraging women to take charge of their health to live longer, stronger lives.

While many of our clients are hospitals with cardiac experts who address the medical issues, our speakers augment that with the motivational juice and lifestyle information that get women to want to make meaningful changes. Happily, I see an increasing awareness of the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual well being as integral players with physical health. And, we like to make it fun! You can get our list of topics and speakers by simply writing to me, and put Heart Health in the subject line. The list includes program descriptions, speaker credentials and fees.

Last May, Waukesha Memorial and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospitals in Wisconsin, supported their Womens Heart Advantage program, with a community event that attracted a capacity crowd of 475 women. Womens Heart Advantage is a turnkey program available through Volunteer Hospital Association. According to their website,, over 300 hospitals are participating in the program.

At the event, Zonya Foco, RD, author of Lickety-Split Meals for Health Conscious People on the Go, shared her inspiration and enthusiasm for heart healthy menus and habits in her program, “Be Good to Your SweetHeart.” The 7 to 9 p.m. event included “Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake” (an incredible sweet treat at just 215 calories per slice) from Zonya’s cookbook, along with door prizes, recipes and heart healthy lifestyle displays staffed by the hospital’s heart care experts.

Deborah Stone-Marks, Manager of Preventive Cardiology for both hospitals, said their objectives were to increase awareness about women and heart disease and offer a supportive dietary approach, and they were very satisfied with the turnout and the program.

Drawing people to a special event is always critical to the success of an event with the combination of time, place coming into play. The marketing department made creative use of Zonya’s gallery of action photos, and peppy copy, producing a lively direct mail piece.

Deborah said that they also benefited from support from top management and good timing. Two product lines, the Heart Center and Women’s Center, collaborated to organize the event. Registration was $15 or $10 for members of Women’s Health or Performing Hearts Club.

NOTE: “Lickety-Split Meals” is stocked and recommended by cardiac rehab units around the country. To learn more about it or to order books by the case, call ZHI Publishing, 1-888-884-5326.


FROM THE NEWS FRONT: The Real Price of a Big Mac

Just when I thought the carb revolution was going to take over the headlines, an independent film producer grabs a piece of the spotlight at the Sundance Film Festival by taking on the fast food industry. From a position opposite Jared and his Subway Sandwich Weight Loss program, this guy (Morgan Spurlock) using himself as a guinea pig in his own documentary, commits to eating at McDonald’s three times a day for 30 days, to explore why Americans are so fat! Called, SUPER SIZE ME, the film won him Best Director in the documentary competition.

And document it he did, having three different doctors monitor his “progress” so there would be no question about bias or lab error. He gained 25 pounds and experienced myriad health problems which you as health professionals, can anticipate.

Nancy Coey: Best Thing of the Day

I was delighted to receive Nancy Coey’s new video and CD. They’re called “The Best of Nancy Coey” and feature her 14 Most Requested Stories. “I speak about looking at your circumstances – the good and the bad – in a way that lifts you up, gives you juice,” she says. “My book’s title, Finding Gifts in Everyday Life really is what I am

I mention that because I wanted to share this wonderful technique she calls, “Best Thing of the Day.” She came up with it when she was at a point in her career as a teacher, where she needed some appreciation and decided if she was going to get it, she was going to have to give it to herself! Sound familiar? So, she got herself a little spiral notebook and started writing every day, one little phrase on one line that captures the “best thing of the day.” Now, the cool thing about this is, because she knows she’s going to write it, she looks for something every day to put in her notebook. Nothing moments become momentous. Because she’s looking for the good, she’s tuned in. “You really do get what you see,” Nancy says, with a twinkle. “It’s all about seeing, training your eyes.”

Sounds to me like a great gift to give yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Until next time, be good to yourself, for your well being and those you


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