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Is Stress Making You Fat?

  • All Stressed Up? Your Heart May Be Ready to Go, OHSU, OR, with Joe Piscatella
  • Stress, Fat and Heart Disease: The Link – Drs. Karen Wolfe and Deborah Kern
  • A Laughter Tip for a Healthy Heart –Mary Marcdante

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Be Good To Your Sweet Heart

  • Heart Health Event: Be Good To Your Sweet Heart – Waukesha and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospitals, WI with Zonya Foco, RD
  • From the News Front: The Real Price of a Big Mac
  • Nancy Coey: Best Thing of the Day

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Against All Odds

  • From the Meeting Front: Against All Odds – Baptist Hospital East, KY, with Dr. Deborah Kern
  • Sacred Connections: Holly Stiel & Friends
  • Self-Love = Self-Care by Holly Stiel

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Obesity Tops Headlines

  • From the News Front: Supersized in Life, Oversized in Death
  • From the Meeting Planner Front: Coming Attractions
  • Telegathering Update (Drs. Kern and Northrup)
  • Good News and Resources: Holiday Stress Tip – Mary Marcdante
  • Holiday Wishes: The Gift of Your Presence

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Health in the Headlines = Job Security

  • From the Speaker Front: Dr. Deborah Kern & Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • From the News Front: Fast Food Headlines – Zonya Foco, RD
  • Good News and Resources: Let the Change Begin – Jana Stanfield
  • Holiday Recipes – Zonya’s Broccoli Salad with Dried Cherries and Surprise Pumpkin Pie

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