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Dancing for Heart Health

March 2, 2006, Vol. IV Issue 5

Dear Friends,

People were kickin’ up their heels and pulling up their sleeves at last Saturday’s Day of Dance activities, sponsored by Spirit of Women hospitals around the country. I attended Southwest Washington Medical Center’s (SWMC) festivities in Vancouver, Washington, where my husband and I stood in line along with hundreds of other people for free screenings while the beat of dancing music bounced through the hallways of the Heathman Lodge.

We were both very impressed by the turnout and everyone’s patience as we all waited in line for free screenings. Unfortunately, we got there too late for the ballroom dancing demo. I had been hoping to re-kindle the flame of dancing at our wedding last August with a little turn around the floor, but my luck didn’t hold. Karla Rowe, Administrative Director of Women’s & Children’s Services for SWMC told me there were 75 people on the floor for that activity at 10 a.m. That’s impressive!

There’s an exciting event going on in New York City this weekend. Jana Stanfield is recording her next album “Jana Stanfield Live at Carnegie Hall,” and it’s linked to a worldwide initiative of women helping women. This will literally take her around he world in the next year. So, if you’ve been thinking about bringing Jana to your event, call me now to check availability.

March is National Nutrition Month and I have an eating-out report for you from last weekend’s road trip. It’s good news!

Yours truly,

Spirit of Women Day of Dance for Heart Health

You know that old saying about things that are good for you are the ones that don’t taste good or aren’t any fun? Spirit of Women’s Day of Dance is out to change that idea. Each year, the Spirit of Women Hospital Network holds dance events in February and educational events throughout the year to help women laugh, learn and dance their way to a healthier heart.

On February 25, 2006 all across the country, Day of Dance brought together consumers, healthcare providers, hospitals and corporate partners for an educational celebration of the benefits of dance and exercise in the prevention of heart disease.

At Cleveland Regional Medical Center in Shelby, NC, Day of Dance activities were melded with the 12th Annual Woman’s World, held at Cleveland Community College. “We’re a small community and we were already sponsoring this women’s health fair so we brought Day of Dance into it,” Paula Vess, Spirit of Women Coordinator for the hospital told me.

Women could go from cholesterol screening to a line dancing lesson and then stop and a have a mini-facial. “We had demos and dance sessions of swing, salsa, and country line dancing. Our director of cardiology led a class on silly dancing that showed women how to have fun while moving around the house,” Paula said.

At lunchtime, women took time out to sit down and listen to Sue Kirby share her wit and wisdom about handling stress in everyday life. The author of Men’s Secret Camp, Sue is an expert at getting women to relax and release tension through laughter with her tales of the trials and tribulations of family life. Sue’s gift is in relating the awful, as well as the awesome, with her humorous outlook that puts life’s ups and downs into perspective. Sue’s motto, “Celebrate the Ordinary” is a message the women received loud and clear.

“I love the women of the South,” Sue told me. “They’re so personable. All the way back to Seattle, I was trying to perfect a Southern accent. Actually, everywhere I go,” she continued, “it is such a privilege to get to tour their facilities, meet the people who work so hard to put these events together and visit their communities. I was so impressed with the Women’s Center at Cleveland Regional. There was incredible attention to detail that created warmth, caring and a comforting serenity.”

Day of Dance is just one of Spirit of Women’s programs that brings together thousands of women to have fun and find an easier way to fitness. Spirit of Women is a national network for women’s health comprised of American hospitals, physicians, nurses, therapists and corporate partners joined together to find innovative ways to educate and inspire women and their families to better health.

For more information about Sue Kirby’s availability, call me at 503-699-5031 or

Carnegie Hall Calls for an Encore

In the speaking business, one of the greatest compliments of all is to be asked back. Jana Stanfield, who has successfully integrated speaking and singing, made her debut last year at Carnegie Hall and recently received a rare invitation to record her next CD there. So this weekend, March 4th, “Jana Stanfield at Carnegie Hall” will be recorded at a concert open to the public. See below for ticket information.

The Carnegie Hall CD will serve as an ongoing benefit to not-for-profit causes, primarily associated with her Women Helping Women Help the World organization and World Tour outreach covering six continents. The international portion of Jana’s Women Helping Women Help the World Tour will commence in Victoria, British Columbia on June 22, in tandem with the World Peace Forum. Over the next year, she will travel to Haifa, Israel; Salvador, Brazil; Kisumu, Africa; Goa, India and Sydney, Australia. Similar to her March 4 live recording at Carnegie Hall, Jana will present concert events on each continent, bringing her hallmark inspiration and humor to these cross cultural gatherings of women.

Jana’s Women Helping Women Help the World Tour is in cooperation with an initiative by Gather the Women Global Matrix, to launch Six Women’s Congresses on Six Continents in 2006. Jana describes Gather the Women as, “a grassroots, global community of women and women’s organizations who are committed to practicing compassionate and collaborative leadership. The CD we record at Carnegie Hall will help support my part of this mission.”

Fifteen years ago this March 16, the now top-selling country music female recording artist of all time and star of film and television, Reba McEntire tragically lost seven of her band members in a plane crash. A song written by Jana, “If I Had Only Known,” was subsequently recorded by McEntire in late 1991, to honor the memory of her friends and colleagues, resulting in airplay on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah and radio stations worldwide. “If I Had Only Known” appeared as a closing tribute on McEntire’s album, “For My Broken Heart,” which went on to become one of the artist’s most successful projects, selling over four million copies.

In 2005, Jana was awarded two New Thought Music Awards, including Best Inspirational Song and Best Personal Transformation Song for “I’m Not Lost, I’m Exploring,” and “What Would I Do Today If I Were Brave,” respectively. Additionally, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises’ CEO Jack Canfield chose to feature Jana for her unique entrepreneurial success in his latest bestseller, The Success Principles.

While Jana has shared stages with fellow performers ranging from Kenny  Loggins to The Dixie Chicks, she loves presenting at conferences and corporate events as a keynote speaker. A former broadcast journalist, she uses her storytelling abilities to blend humor, music and hopeful messages into events known as Keynote Concerts.

Her fans refer to her music as”psychotherapy you can dance to.” “I figure if someone is going to give me three minutes of their time to listen to a song I’ve written, I want it to be helpful,” she says.

When it was obvious that the positive, encouraging songs she was writing would not fit into current radio formats, Jana capitalized on her huge following. “I couldn’t wait for my big break in showbiz, so I had to go on without it,” she quips. Founding Relatively Famous Records in 1991, she used her entrepreneurial knack and grassroots popularity to make this enterprise one of the most successful businesses of its kind.

Relatively Famous Records, which began as a one woman operation on Jana’s kitchen table, has gone on to sell nearly 200,000 Jana Stanfield CDs and they’re not even available in stores! They’re distributed entirely through her live performances, online store, and word-of-mouth rallying by an enthusiastic base of fans who testify that her music has changed their lives in profound ways.

For concert tickets, go to, or call the box office at: 212.247.7800

For information about the Carnegie Hall After-Party, call: 888.530.JANA (5262)

To learn more about Jana’s availability and Keynote Concerts, call me at 503-699-5031 or email me at

Eggs and a Side . . . of Salad

March is National Nutrition Month and I’m happy to report that it’s actually becoming possible to eat healthy food while traveling. On a road trip this past weekend, I was able to make choices at every meal that satisfied my criteria for healthy eating and satisfied my appetite!

Double vegetables was by far the easiest and most filling choice. A huge mound of steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower accompanied my shrimp and steak kabobs at Applebee’s. In fact, Applebee’s Weight Watchers menu choices not only make it easy but take the guesswork out of making healthy choices. I’m not talking about being on a diet here, but about eating wisely, healthfully.

The best surprise came at breakfast in a bakery/restaurant. Managing to walk past the cases of baked goods without a blindfold, I sat down to one of the best cups of coffee I have ever enjoyed. I perused the menu. The veggie scramble caught my eye: scrambled eggs (range fed) or tofu with spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms. Yum! What caught me off guard was one of the surprising choices for sides. I could opt for salad greens instead of rosemary potatoes. I have to admit I initially wanted the potatoes. Presented with the salad greens option, I was no longer tempted. I even ignored the two heart-shaped sugar cookies they served with the toast. Actually, the toast and cookies went out to the doggie waiting patiently in the car!

Then late that night on the return trip home, we passed by all the fast food and national chain restaurants at the highway exit for “Della’s.” Nonetheless, the menu appeared challenging so when the waitress appeared, I started asking a lot of questions. She got my drift and she offered that they were offering a grilled halibut special at a very reasonable price. Not only that, my husband had the presence of mind to ask if the salad was made with iceberg lettuce. She quickly offered us a leafy green salad. We later learned that this is known locally as Pearl’s Salad, because Pearl,like us, likes her salad leafy green.

My guess is that just about any restaurant has salad greens they could serve for breakfast and Pearl’s Salad is also probably available nationwide. You just have to think first of all it’s possible and then ask for what you want!

Until next time, be good to yourself with good choices, for your good health and those you love.

Yours truly,

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