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Love Cycles

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Love Cycles

Love Cycles

Oct. 16, 2014 Vol. 12, Issue 18 As we’re in the midst of the cycle of change into autumn; nature shows off her colors and abundance in the bounty of the harvest. Then as the leaves fall from glory to the ground, we’re reminded again of the cycles of change — the leaves turn brown,… Continue Reading

Broken into Beautiful

Broken into Beautiful

Sept. 25, 2014 Vol. 12, Issue 17 Wow, my email inbox is heating up with last minute planning, flyers, and web links for all of the October breast cancer awareness and women’s health events coming up. I can hardly keep up. It’s like June is for wedding planners! Nonetheless, it’s October that’s right around the… Continue Reading

Matters of the Hearts

Matters of the Hearts

Feb. 13, 2014, Vol. 12, Issue 3 February — it’s the month for matters of the heart — both the beating physical entity and the emotional heart. As I looked back in my archives, I noticed that over the years I’ve written lots about heart health and heart health speakers, but little about the emotional… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Hand in Hand

Sept. 22, 2011, Vol. 9 Issue 8 Dear Friends, A few months ago, Dr. Oz did a show about colonoscopies. He admitted he had put off the procedure himself. He even admitted he had been a bit arrogant about it, as he felt his healthy lifestyle “protected” him. For the show, however, he put himself… Continue Reading

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