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Serving hospitals, healthcare and women's groups

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Deb Gauldin, RN, NC

Looking for a keynote speaker for a nurses appreciation event or nursing conference?


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We are your professional source for keynote speakers for nurses events —  inspiring, educating and celebrating the common ground and issues nurses face.

Choose from our hand-picked, pre-qualified roster of nurse speakers.  Our skilled professional keynote speakers  —  many who are nurses or have healthcare or patient experience backgrounds — will share their stories and translate their knowledge into uplifting messages that rekindle the flames and put smiles back in the hearts and faces of the nurses they touch.

  • Nurses Week Appreciation — Re-igniting nurses’ passion
  • Nursing Conferences — Inspiring, educating  and exploring
  • Nursing Education — Earning CEU’s from nurse speakers in the know


Feel free to browse some of the choices here at the link below, or give us a call at 503-699-5031, or email and let us guide you. We will always respect your budget. Please note that we’re also very good at finding matches geographically to save on travel costs.

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Choose from Over 70 hand-chosen Nurses’ Event Keynote Speakers

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