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Diane Sieg, RN, CYT, CSP



"Diane was one of the most professional and dynamic keynote speakers we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her upbeat message resonated strongly with our attendees because it was tailored directly to their daily stresses and workload. Diane was able to walk that fine line of being both energetic and calming, which kept the entire audience engaged from beginning to end. Her closing keynote was the perfect way to end the conference with such a motivational message!" -- Jeff Warren, Corporate Accounts and Project Manager, IAHCSMM

ER Nurse Turned Yogi

From the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat, professional speaker, published author, life-saving coach and certified yoga teacher Diane Sieg gives you life-saving strategies. With high energy and heartfelt stories, she shows you how to take care of yourself, take charge of your life, and take action in every area of your life!

Her opening keynote sets a positive tone to start your meeting off with a bang and her closing keynote ends your conference on a high note, giving your group the clear and strong message about the importance of life balance and self care. Audience members from healthcare providers to women executives leave with the permission and practical skills they need to be more authentic, productive, and balanced in every area of their lives.

In these uncertain times your audiences need to be reminded of that in order to maintain quality relationships, keep their creativity and productivity high, and be most effective at work and home, in other words, to take the best care of their patients, clients, staff and family, they have to take care of themselves, first. Diane provides this message in a special way that connects with your audience.


Most Popular Topics:

Chaos to CALM, The Habits of Highly Resilient Nurses

Up to 80% of healthcare providers today report signs and symptoms of burnout, suffering from physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion, undermining motivation and leaving a sense of hopelessness. While stress is characterized by over-engagement, burnout is characterized by disengagement.

The challenges in healthcare today require an intervention and resilience is the intervention. Resilience is not a one-time event, it is our thoughts, feelings, and attitude and determines how we show up every day. It is a skill that can be developed and learned, with practice.

Learn the habits of highly resilient nurses that include connection, mindfulness, and extreme self-care, and how to implement them immediately into your work and your life in this highly interactive program.

Stop Living Life Like an EMERGENCY!

Based on Diane’s bestselling book of the same title (LifeLine Press, 2002), this is her most popular keynote to show you how to stay out of the emergency room of life! With humor injected stories from the emergency room, audiences come away from this upbeat and high energy program with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for self-care by learning how and why to say no; triage their daily activities; eliminate their energy drainers; eliminate excuses, and most importantly commit themselves to action!

Attendees leave this program saying, “You were speaking directly to me today. How did you know?” and “WOW, I really got a wake-up call.” This unique and thought-provoking program will allow you to be more productive, effective and authentic in every area of your life with a greater work/life balance! Perfect for opening your conference to set the tone of appreciation and self-care, or to end your conference with a bang and an “I can do it!” attitude.


Chaos to Calm

These are uncertain and challenging times we’re living in. With the transitions we are all facing in this “new normal” we can find our ourselves living with a lot of fear, uncertainty, and chaos, trying to do more, better, faster. Whatever place you are in right now–unemployed, under-employed, struggling in a relationship or with your weight, now is the perfect time to go from chaos to calm.

Discover the secret of living a more powerful and purposeful life by learning how to open to grace. This program gives you the perspective from an ER Nurse turned yogi and supports you in setting an intention and how to focus on it–with remarkable results including weight loss, relationship healing, and increased sales. Learn not only how to do the practice, but the empowering results you can achieve by doing it.

This program is based on the recently released CD, 30 Days to Grace; A Daily Practice to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals, and the companion book, 30 Days to Grace, the Practice Guide.


Chaos to Calm – Thriving Through the Reform Storm!

With the transitions we are all facing in this “new normal” of healthcare, we can find our ourselves living with a lot of fear, uncertainty, and chaos, trying to do more, better, faster-with less. Whatever place your nurses are in right now—understaffed, overwhelmed, stressed out or burned out, now is the perfect storm to go from chaos to calm.


Finding Your Voice in Work, Love, and Money

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your voice in your life?  Like you aren’t showing up and speaking up the way you want to in your work, your relationships–even in your health?  This candid and humorous program offers practical and straightforward tools in the form of “voice lessons” that help you find your voice, speak your truth — and commit yourself to action — in every area of your life.

Diane will help you rediscover who you are and who you have always been, from the inside out—not by focusing on getting more done, but by demonstrating how to break free of old fears, insecurities, and destructive patterns and belief systems that cause you to lose your voice. In this high energy and interactive program you will learn how to listen to your inside voice, speak your truth out loud, and trust yourself to live it!

Perfect for Women’s, Healthcare, and Wellness Conferences. Empowered attendees leave this program saying, “I know exactly what I need to go home and do.” “I never realized how angry I was until today.” “Thank you for being so vulnerable because you allowed me to be vulnerable, too.”


Reclaiming the Spirit of Nursing

Do you remember when you first decided to become a nurse? This decision was a defining moment—not only for you, but for every hand you have held, every brow you have wiped and every tear you have shared with your patients and their families. Today with short staffing, increased acuities and all of the complexities of care, how can we, as nurses, maintain healthy and whole spirits?

Let Diane challenge and inspire you to reclaim your pride and passion for nursing with this high-energy and interactive program by showing you how to:

  • Use Universal Precautions to protect your time and energy
  • Find Your Voice and trust it to know what it knows
  • Speak your Truth with courage, confidence and compassion
  • Turn Up the Volume in your career and in your life

This program is perfect for a Nursing recognition program — to kick off the celebration or end it uplifted and inspired. It can also be given to a more varied audience, and called Reclaiming the Spirit of Healthcare.



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