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Good Hearts, Good Intentions OUT LOUD

September 15, 2005, Vol. III Issue 19

Dear Friends,

The last few weeks have been intense. Katrina with all of its human drama, social and political ramifications, has rocked the world. In my little world, I’m dealing with the physical and emotional consequences of moving and merging two households. I’m ready for some levity (assuming it is too soon to ask for another honeymoon
in Hawaii!)

It was this time last year that I went to see Menopause the Musical, sponsored by Sparks Regional Health System in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for their annual Woman to Woman event. In a year, MTM has expanded internationally and now its offshoot, Menopause the Musical Out Loud, promises to bring more joy to millions of women, along with attention to ovarian cancer. Read all about it.

A few issues ago, I shared with you an idea we picked up at the Spirit of Women annual meeting. We thought it was a very clever solution to the problem of getting cell phones turned off during meetings. Read what transpired when meeting attendees turned the idea upside down.

And Deb Gauldin came through, once again, with that little bit of levity from the totally unexpected faux pas that brings a smile to everyone.

Yours truly,

Menopause the Musical Out Loud

The overwhelming success of Menopause The Musical® (MTM) in cities across the country (and the obvious enthusiasm with which the show is embraced by its audiences) has demonstrated that its time the phase of life that author Gail Sheehy called, The Silent Passage, be addressed Out Loud.

Recognizing that the show can be a valuable tool for encouraging dialogue, disseminating information and raising funds to promote women’s health, the Women For Women Foundation launched the Menopause The Musical Out Loud® tour in Washington, DC last week.

The idea was prompted by Janet Rigdon, an ovarian cancer survivor. She emailed Jeanie Linders, creator of MTM to see if MTM was scheduled to come to her city, Greenville, SC. Since ovarian cancer treatment launches patients into early menopause, she and her support group friends were looking for a way to laugh at their experiences and they’d heard MTM did just that.

Linders receives numerous requests from women wanting to know if and when the show will come to their city, but Rigdon’s inquiry was different. Jeanie said this one set off a little bell that said this is important. “Something inside of me shook,” she said.

The result was the decision to use her play to raise awareness and research money for ovarian cancer, and hence The Menopause The Musical Out Loud® tour (MTMOL), made possible by corporate contributions to the nonprofit Women For Women Foundation, launches this month (to coincide with National Menopause Awareness Month) and will visit fifty cities nationwide through the spring of 2006. From Hartford, Connecticut to Omaha, Nebraska, performances in these cities will raise awareness of menopause and menopause related issues and will help to raise funds for local and regional ovarian cancer charities.

For more information, visit the website. Click on the city under the green button on the right side and it will give you date and ticket information for that city. Or click the green button, and then the Tickets and Shows button on the left side and all of the locations will come up, listed by state.

Ringing in the Ears All the Way to Bali
by Jana Stanfield

August 13, 2005

It was the last day of Jack Canfield’s 8-Day Breakthrough to Success Seminar in Las Vegas, where we were working with 288 high achievers. Now, you need to know that these are not Mercedes-driving, Armani-wearing, Harvard-educated high achievers. We’re talking minivan-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, state college-educated difference-makers.

On the first day, inspired by an idea from the Spirit of Women national annual meeting last June, I suggested that we have a cell-phone charity. Just before the doors opened, I told Jack Canfield I’ve been trying to raise $50,000 to help 50 Balinese orphans. We’ve raised half the money but are still $25,000 short.

In his opening session, Jack told the group about the girls I want to help and announced that whenever a cell phone goes off, the owner owes $5 to the orphanage fund.

On the eighth and final day, professional funny-man Paul Lenaberg stopped me as I was stepping onstage for my last song of the workshop. He said his cell phone was ringing and he needed to pay.

As I reached out to accept the cash, another phone went off.

And another.

And another.

I looked out in confusion to see a room full of people holding up ringing cell phones!

They filed slowly into the center aisle three-across, waiting in line to put their money on the stage where I knelt in tears.

By the end of the day, this group of 288 generous spirits gave $25,432.55, just what we needed to restore the girls’ orphanage.

People are full of goodness and this world is full of miracles.

When we’re lucky, God lets us watch them happen.

Overwhelmed with great-fullness,
Jana Stanfield

P.S. For a video clip of these wonderful girls, go to

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those unfamiliar with Jack Canfield, he is the co-author of the original Chicken Soup for the Soul books, motivational speaker and expert on self-esteem and peak performance. Jana participates and performs annually at this seminar.

Good Intentions and OOPS!

Now what was it we were saying in our last issue about checking the details? I remember relating it to my wedding planning.

Deb Gauldin recently presented a workshop at the Wisconsin Women’s Foundation retreat in Madison, Wisconsin, titled, “As Long As Your Net Carbs Aren’t Double Your IQ, You Are Probably OK.” She covered the way the media and the diet industry conspire to keep women feeling bad about their bodies. Part of the workshop was a Power Point presentation showing women’s fashion/advertising through the years.

Deb hadn’t given this presentation for quite some time, so she was converting it from slides to Power Point late into the night before the program. “At the very last minute, I decided to import a few more images,” she said. “An obvious image from the 50’s is a poodle skirt, so I Googled ‘poodle skirt’ and found a photo of a woman in a poodle skirt playing a guitar. Perfect! I imported it into the tiny slide image on my screen and didn’t think a thing of it.”

The next day, Deb was blithely flipping through the pictures with appropriate commentary in her presentation. The images are now up on the BIG screen, and she’s getting into the 1950’s. She moves on to Twiggy and how fashion changes in the 60’s and starts to select the 70’s slide. “All of a sudden, a lady from the front row speaks up andrequests that I go back several slides to the poodle skirt. Then she asked in a tiny voice, ‘What ARE those poodles doing?’

“OH MY GOD! The poodles were doing ‘IT’ right there on the skirt! I was absolutely mortified,” Deb related. Of course there was a ripple affect through the audience and everyone had a good laugh.

I haven’t mastered the art of putting photos in this e-news, and but if you’d like a good laugh, too, I’d be happy to email the attachment to you. It is quite funny. Just reply and write Poodle in the Subject line. After all, we all need a little levity.

Until next time, take care of yourself, for your well being and those you love.

Yours truly,

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