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For Your Well Being: Deck the Halls…

Dec. 1, 2011, Vol. 9 Issue 12

Dear Friends,
‘Tis the season for decking the halls. As a meeting planner, you of all people, know that themes, color schemes and centerpieces, are not something that happens just once a year.  Every time you have an event, you need to create a theme that you carry from your promotion to your decor to the food, and all aspects in between. In this issue, we’re sharing a few ideas of how speakers and their themes can assist you in jump-starting your event planning. Get ready to open your mind to fun and creativity.

Eliz Greene —
Dressing Up Heart Health Events

Our heart health speaker, Eliz Greene is known as the Red Dress Lady, and she carries that theme right to the stage. “When I first start talking with the meeting planner, I suggest that they team up with local dress shops and department stores, and ask them to lend mannequins for the event, along with red dresses, accessories, shoes, and purses,” she said.  “It’s great promotion for the stores, and creates a perfectly themed atmosphere for the program.”

“I love having red dresses on mannequins on stage with me. I’ve seen them lined up in the exhibit area at an expo, or staged right outside the entry to the keynote. Another idea is to ask a university or local theater company to provide red outfits from their costume department, representing different eras. I’ve also  had clients ask notable local people to loan a red article of clothing of theirs for the display. And recently, the wall of the stage was decorated with a huge red dress made out of Macy’s shopping bags.” (Macy’s is a major sponsor of American Heart Association Go Red for Women events).

Red dresses for all. Easy, effective and a win-win for everyone involved.

Pat Wynn Brown’s Hair Theater
Inspires Shampoo Bottle Centerpieces

When Grinnell Regional Medical Center in Grinnell, Iowa, booked Pat Wynn Brown and her Hair Theater program for their Women’s Health Focus and Baby Fair, both Pat and I loved the theme that they came up with to promote the program  — “You, Untangled.”

Grinnell has a very enthusiastic group of hospital employees and volunteers who enjoy exercising their creative muscles for this event, and their centerpieces were proof positive. About 3 months before the program, they put the word out to women in the community, hair salons, and the beauty school, to save their empty family size shampoo and conditioner bottles. Then volunteers went out and collected and washed them. Was this a recycling project?  Not exactly. They were destined for use as vases on the event tables. They grouped 2 or 3 bottles in all their colorful glory, each with a large silk gerber flower. Very colorful, fun and theme-appropriate!

Unfortunately, they were having so much fun that we don’t have any photos of these to share with you, but I think you can get the picture. There are many ways you could go with this theme — a basket of hair products, brushes, and accessories on every table could be assembled (with the goodies donated of course). One person at every table could win it to take home by choosing shortest hair, longest hair, curliest or straightest — even natural hair color — would anybody win that one?

There you have it — another hair-brained event put on by very savvy women. If you missed it, you can can read about one of Pat’s programs in a recent issue of For Your Well Being.

Kate Larsen —
Friends Who Make Boob Foods

For breast cancer events, there’s pink and then there’s pink.  Lots of it. I have seen lots of pictures of fabulously decked-out rooms. Women know how do to pink up big. But what about the food?

Breast cancer survivor Kate Larsen has some ideas for you. There had been some serious issues with Kate’s breast re-construction, and after a year, it had to be re-done. Her friends thought she needed a big boost of fun to carry her through, so they threw her a surprise party, and this wasn’t just any party. When she walked into her friend’s house, a bevy of girlfriends greeted her in costume. They were Kate look-alikes — all holding up big smile headshots of her that had been pasted on popsicle sticks, and they all had balloons stuck in their shirts with the knots facing out (nipples).  It was quite a sight . . . and so was the food table.

So, first there’s the shrimp dish named “Breast Stroke”






And then there’s the fruit — cantaloupe named “Bosom Buddies”






There was a Caprese Salad — those are half balls of mozzarella with Greek olive accents — Kate doesn’t recall  the nickname for this one but she said that the salad was not only memorable, but delicious.



And for dessert: “Tit for Tat”

I think that you can get from this that Kate has a lot of very fun, positive friends, and I think that’s because Kate is a very fun, positive person. She was just 46, with three young sons, when she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Up to this point she had been healthy, strong and resilient. After a double mastectomy, she started chemo. Two months into treatment, her healthy husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In her talk, “Cancer: Self Care Before, During and After Unexpected Detours of a Health Crisis,” she shares the three life-saving attitudes and four health habits that she applied to come back to life and vitality.

In another talk, “Faith, Friendship & Fun: The Antidote to Stress & Tools for Healing,” she focuses on the power of friendship — one of the most beautiful gifts women give each other and that is actually built into our DNA. Kate shares her story of health at the top — as a seasoned fitness instructor, personal trainer and certified wellness coach — to the bottom — a chemo destroyed mom of three — and back into resuming her full life and career. Throughout her ordeal, Kate experienced the strength of friendship as the most powerful source of support, guidance and influence when the going is rough. Besides fun and encouragement, audiences say the best thing they get from this talk is the conviction to take care of themselves and their friendships. Book Kate for your event and we’ll share the recipes!


As for me, my favorite decorating canvas at this time of year is a blank cut-out sugar cookie. This goes back to my childhood when making dozens of different cookies was a Christmas highlight. Decorating sugar cookies, however, was always my favorite thing. I have boxes and boxes of cutters (for year round holidays), more kinds of sprinkles than you can imagine, and tubes and tubes of colorful frosting. Some of my close friends know I can get VERY creative with all of these tools. I delight in the ooh’s and ah’s that my platefuls of colorful creations elicit. And the funny thing is — I seldom eat them. Too much sugar. I’d rather have a yummy piece of dark chocolate. It seems to me I saved a recipe for a healthier version of a sugar cookie. Can there be such a thing?  Stay tuned. I’ll let you know.

Until next time, take care of yourself for your well being and those you love.
Yours truly,

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in this e-news is designed to help you make informed decisions about speakers and the programs they offer. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect you have a medical problem, seek competent medical help.

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