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The Well Healed Woman: A Sunday Event

January 1, 2004 Vol. 2 Issue 1

Dear Friends,

Just two things in this issue as many of you are just coming back to work and a pile of email, etc. Please read on about the Sunday event, A Well Healed Woman and then some “word play” fun I had with our wishes for the new year, using Jana Stanfield’s new album, LET THE CHANGE  BEGIN – a VERY appropriate title for the new year, don’t you think?

Please, let me hear from you. What would you like to read about in FOR YOUR WELL BEING? Email me at

Thank you very much to all those we worked with this past year and we look forward to getting to know many more of you in 2004. We appreciate you!

Yours truly,


Sunday Event: A Well Healed Woman

It seems we’re all up against the time challenge, not only our own time constraints but the challenge of planning events so that our targeted audience will want to take the time to come! I’ve seen all-day Saturday events scaled down to half day, and Saturday events moved to a weekday evening. It seems like Saturday, once a popular day for special events for women, has some competition (like kids’ soccer practice!)

Enter the Sunday event. I’ve booked speakers for just a few Sundays so far, so I’m not ready to declare it a national trend. There are plenty of my clients, you know who you are, holding very successful Saturday and weekday events! However, I think the Sunday event is a noticeable and fascinating idea. I thought it would be fun to learn about the background of a very successful Sunday event in Groton, Connecticut and share it with all of you.

I interviewed Rose Baker, Director, Women & Children’s Services, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, co-chair of the event. It’s held on a Sunday early in November, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it’s called “The Well Healed Woman.” Is that a great name, or what?

2003 was their fourth year with attendance starting at 326, leaping to 700 for years two and three and now peaked at 750 (capacity), with a waiting list this year! They’ve always held the event on Sunday, and when I asked her how they came up with the idea, she said one of their speakers suggested it (!). The speaker noted that with a target audience of working women, most of them are very busy on Saturdays with kids and soccer, errands, etc. and that generally, women were more “free” on Sundays.

Rose said there was some resistance in their original committee particularly from those who felt strongly that Sundays are still family and church services days. “We’ve surveyed attendees through an evaluation form and specifically asked from the first year and all years thereafter whether Sunday works for people and so far we have better than 90% of all attendees who are telling us to stay with the Sunday format,” Rose said. “We know that Sunday does not work for everyone, but neither would any other day or time be universally ideal.”

Their day starts with continental breakfast and the format includes three main speakers. Their goal is to provide a women’s wellness educational forum that focuses on being well physically, emotionally and spiritually – and does not provide information on specific diseases or treatment options which they feel can be heard through many other forums. This past year’s line-up included Gloria Steinem, Jana Stanfield and Dr. Silvia Jimenez, MD. Jana emceed the entire day as well as presenting her inspirational program, “We Can Become What We Dream Of If Fat Furry Worms Can Fly.”

Rose said she thinks the program’s success is due to a combination of factors. Part of it is the format. She said they listen to what the attendees want to hear/experience and plan accordingly, and that they have worked hard to make it a very affordable program (early registration tickets are $55, including continental breakfast and lunch).

When I asked Rose what recommendations she would give other event planners, she said, “Start with your vision for the program. What would you like to see as an outcome? Then build on that. Get people’s input and expertise in planning, make the day special (through various touches such as great healthy food, atmosphere, etc.) and do not be afraid to be somewhat controversial and non-conventional.Women are hungry for programs where they feel taken care of while they are learning through laughter and interaction. Be sure to include speakers who can represent various minorities within your community. Finally, have FUN with the program!”

Wow, is that great advice, or what?


As this new year offers a clean slate, I am inspired to play with the song titles of Jana Stanfield’s new double CD album, LET THE CHANGE BEGIN. For info, go to Jana’s website.

With the song titles in caps, here are my New Year’s reflections and wishes.

New Year’s Day 2004, it feels like we are BETWEEN THE NO LONGER AND THE
NOT YET. And yet the truth is always, that every moment counts, and the joy is now, in the HERE AND NOW, in every moment. It’s time to do AMAZING THINGS.

DARE TO BE, calls out to me. It’s time to let my light shine bright as can be, because THAT’S WHAT MY HEART’S TELLING ME. It’s time to do ALL THE GOOD that I can do because, as the song says, “the world needs all the good that I can do.” And, I live in Portland, Oregon, so, mid-winter, I’m READY FOR THE SUN! “Ready, ready, ready for the sun!”

For the bumbled voice mail messages I may have left, there’s NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW, and for anyone I might have crossed, I am ASKING FOR GRACE.

We are here for you, to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help your dreams come true. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you very much, to those of you who have worked with us and for those who will put their trust in us in the future. STEP BY STEP, word by word, meeting by meeting, LET THE CHANGEBEGIN. In the end, YOU DECIDE your NEXT RIGHT STEP. You can trust yourself.

The truth is, I BELIEVE IN YOU, both my speakers and our collaborative meeting planner partners. There is great STRENGTH in our common goals,helping people to help themselves be happier and healthier, to live life fully and SING, LOVE, DANCE. Yes, you are all so BEAUTIFUL to me.I know in my heart, I AM ONE with all of you.

Happy New Year, 2004! LET THE CHANGE BEGIN

Until next time, be good to yourself, for your well being and those you

Yours truly,

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