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For Your Well Being: Tired of Being Tired?

May 3, 2007, Vol. V Issue 9 Dear Friends, Tired of being tired? That’s the main reason over 600 women showed up for Providence St. Peter’s “Heart to Heart” program with Mary Ann Bauman, MD, in Olympia, Washington, last month. Dr. Bauman is the author of Fight Fatigue: Six Simple Steps to Maximize Your Energy.… Continue Reading

Be Strong, Ask Mom, Walk A Dog

  • Strong Women Live Well – OHSU, OR, with Dr. Miriam Nelson
  • Women’s Health Cover Story – The New Keys to Women’s Health
  • My Mother, My Friend – Mary Marcdante
  • Walk a Dog, Get a Life

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Is Stress Making You Fat?

  • All Stressed Up? Your Heart May Be Ready to Go, OHSU, OR, with Joe Piscatella
  • Stress, Fat and Heart Disease: The Link – Drs. Karen Wolfe and Deborah Kern
  • A Laughter Tip for a Healthy Heart –Mary Marcdante

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Obesity Tops Headlines

  • From the News Front: Supersized in Life, Oversized in Death
  • From the Meeting Planner Front: Coming Attractions
  • Telegathering Update (Drs. Kern and Northrup)
  • Good News and Resources: Holiday Stress Tip – Mary Marcdante
  • Holiday Wishes: The Gift of Your Presence

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