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For Your Well Being: Living Audaciously

March 1, 2012, Vol. 10 Issue 4 Dear Friends, A likely date night invitation at my house is, “Would you like to go see this speaker with me?”  My husband most graciously accepts, and generally has a good time — at least that’s what he tells me.  That was the case recently when I was… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Smartt Tips for Holiday Sanity

Dec. 21, 2010, Vol. 8 Issue 10 Dear Friends, The holidays are upon us so I just wanted to write to you to say thank you to some of you for your business, to some of you for your feedback and to all of you for your friendship this year. It’s always heartwarming to hear… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Born to Do this Work

Dec. 4, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 21 Dear Friends, Heaven knows we can all use more laughter and levity in the midst of the uncertainty and chaos that we hear about daily. One thing that restores my joyful spirit, is listening to music with positive lyrics. And, happily that music has led me to musicians… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: The Gift of Life

December 14, 2006, Vol. IV Issue 24 It was three years ago last week that I decided it was time to dive in and publish this e-news. I had bought a manual, studied it and played around with the prospects. And suddenly something timely came up that I felt impelled to share. It was time… Continue Reading

For Your Well Being: Humor, Health & Happiness

October 19, 2006, Vol. IV Issue 20 Dear Friends, One of the most frequent requests I get is for speakers who will “please make our ladies laugh.” They want mascara-smudging, belly-laughing, stress-busting, face-breaking gales of laughter. They’re always clear that they don’t mean one-liner or two-liner jokes. They mean stories (and speakers) their audience can… Continue Reading

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