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Barbara Badolati

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"I've spent a lot of time over the years trying to stay in good physical shape.  Barb's presentation showed me how important it is to balance inner strength with physical conditioning. I learned how to use the techniques any time I needed to get back into balance". - John Perida, Rehmann Group

"It was a real eye opener for me to see how effective, important and easy it could be to manage the peaks and valleys in my hectic and busy life with Barb's methods". - Sam Vanderlist, Shutter Sam Photography

Be Alive and Well -- Wholistic Health and Wellness

Barb Badolati is a wellness expert, expressive movement devotee, and soul stirrer. She has extensive experience helping individuals take control of their lives and create the life they love. She realizes that women, in particular, are bombarded daily by messages telling them they are not good enough and not deserving. Her goal is for women to permit themselves to experience bliss, prioritize pleasure, and radiate their own unique beauty. “I believe every woman is powerful, sexy, dynamic, and deserves to be celebrated, no matter their age or weight. It’s never too late and it’s not that hard to live the life of their dreams!”

After years of choosing an unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with an imbalance of mindless, physical and emotional states, Barb found herself suffering in relationships, work, and everyday functions. With the realization that she had the power to alleviate much of the pain in her life, she made the choice to make a change.

She began to exercise, learn about nutrition, manage her stress, and quit smoking. Although her physical self was becoming healthier, she still hit rock bottom from a breakdown of burnout, perfectionism, and exhaustion. Not until she addressed all of the aspects of herself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, did she transform her life into one of vibrant health and wholistic well-being. This journey is a long one, full of twists and turns as is each of our lives. No matter where you are on the path, Barb believes it is your birth-right to live in good health and to honor all aspects of who you are.

Barb’s incredibly gratifying personal transformation led her to want to help others. Now, as a devoted student and teacher of wholistic health and wellness, Barb has developed a variety of effective programs throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean for over twenty years. Barb is the founder and owner of BE Alive and Well and founded two yoga centers. She is a sought-after speaker, licensed Wellness-Life Coach and Nutritional counselor. She has been published extensively in leading health magazines and is the producer of guided relaxation and instructional yoga CDs.

Barb holds a B.S. in Health Education with an emphasis on exercise physiology and has earned advanced certification in Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Fitness Training and Expressive Dance from the American Council on Exercise, Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research, Louise Hay Heart Inspired, Landmark Education, JourneyDance, 5Rythms, and Nia. Barb was one of the first to teach traditional yoga along the Michigan lakeshore, starting in 1995. Barb is a Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance® and is trained in various styles of yoga, utilizing her vast knowledge and expertise with each individual student.

Over her two decades of wellness promotion, Barb has earned impressive accreditations and developed strong relationships with individuals and organizations that she deeply believes in. Barb has been wooing crowds with her deep hearted, scientifically based and practical message since 1995.  From keynotes to worksite wellness, Barb relates to her audience.  Her topics are timely, instantly useful and make lasting, impactful impressions. Barb blends her vast knowledge, expertise and personality so that each person can learn, laugh and benefit from the experience.

Most Popular Topics:

What the Bleep is Meditation?  And why should I care?

You don’t have to burn incense, get on a yoga mat, or chant to relieve stress, get energized or quiet your “monkey mind”.
Barb offers up simple and quick meditation techniques that are scientifically proven to benefit your body and mind.

  • Practice 30 second Meditations to Clear Your Mind
  • Learn 3 Breathing Techniques to Energize Your Body
  • Create 1 Easy Way to use Everyday


From Crazy to Calm — Strategies anyone can do, anytime

Are you pushing fast and hard to get more money, more happy, more skinny, more done?  And where’s that getting you?  Life can make you crazy. Or Barb will show you how to turn it around so you can Stay Calm and Carry On.

  • Identify priorities that align with your values
  • Find out how to get what you really want
  • Learn how to set realistic expectations


Is Stress Making Me Fat?  And how to release both!

The answer is Yes, but more importantly is understanding what you can do about it.  Barb explains in simple terms the complex role of hormonal affects from stress, food and 6 other fat storing reactions.

  • Reset your bio-chemistry
  • Rebalance your hormones
  • Rejuvenate your system


Healthy SleepEverything you wanted to know, but were too tired to ask

Sleep deprivation can occur from our high paced lifestyle, a variety of demands, shift work, stress and a 24/7 culture. Worse yet, lack of sleep or not reaching deep sleep plays havoc on our bodies and brains, personal and professional life, and relationships.  Barb will take you from the “zombie zone” to a wake up call with practical tips, sleep science, and helpful resources.

  • What to do when you can’t fall asleep, or waking up when you should be sleeping
  • How to create your personal bedtime rituals with dozens of ideas to choose from
  • Effective ways to managing your sleep debt, sleep rhythms and when to call a specialist


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