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For Your Well Being: Stepping Up

Jan. 24, 2008, Vol. 6 Issue 2

Dear Friends,

Since my last issue, I made a trip to the bookstore and I didn’t have to look far to find that the diet book industry is alive and well and thriving. I was greeted right inside the door with a tiered table overflowing with books enticing me with their promise-filled titles: The 3-Hour Diet, The Rules of ‘Normal’ Eating, Never Say Diet, Hunger Free Forever, Good Calories, Bad Calories, and to prove that some things never go away The Atkins NEW Diet Revolution. Didn’t Dr. Atkins die? Hmmm – that gives new meaning to the term ghost writer.

Seriously, however, as I know you know (because you’re my very smart readers and clients!), not everything that’s related to diet and nutrition has to do with dieting for weight loss. And, you might have to look beyond the display table for some of the best books (and speakers). But, never mind, you don’t have to search at all because we do it for you. In this issue, I’m pleased to introduce you to Dr. Kim Dalzell who is a pioneer in the field of holistic nutrition and cancer.

Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD, NMD:
Stepping Up to Find Nature’s Answer to Cancer

“Despite the advances in conventional medicine, a cancer diagnosis still causes everyone to ask, ‘Why?’” Kim Dalzell says. “The scientific community has only recently and somewhat reluctantly acknowledged that nutrients in food can affect cancer, although researchers in nutrition and oncology have determined (from population studies, test tube experiments, and clinical trials) that certain nutrients are linked to specific cancers. Still, many physicians are unwilling to entertain the notion that diet can positively impact disease.”

Kim Dallzell, cancer nutrition speaker, author, expertKim is on a mission to change that. Kim’s passion for helping others with cancer arose when she was assigned to a cancer unit in a complementary  hospital, “I was highly educated with a BS and MS in nutrition and years of clinical oncology experience, and the first patient I saw caught me short with his sophisticated questions,” she said.  ‘”Wow, I realized these are empowered patients and I was not prepared for them. After excusing myself to go find the answer, I made a commitment to step up to the challenge.”

And she’s been doing that ever since.  She went back to school and earned her PhD in holistic health, gaining knowledge about topics like Chinese medicine, environmental factors, and herbal medicine. “That’s what really sets me apart,” she said. ” I have a very well-rounded approach.”

After finishing her PhD, she again began working with cancer patients. Again they challenged her, asking “What should I eat for my kind of cancer?”  She said there were 92 books out on cancer and nutrition at the time and not one addressed step-by-step nutrition plans for specific cancers. After reviewing a tidal wave of cancer and nutrition research, Kim concluded that cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease and that it could be prevented and treated through a multi-targeted approach including a natural diet.

“Our bodies can regenerate and rebuild if we change our toxic environment by applying the laws of nature to our nutritional habits,” she says. “Combined with traditional medical treatment, this one-two punch has laid the groundwork for healing miracles, turning hope into health.”

Challenge Cancer and WIN! by Kim DalzellThe result, her book Challenge Cancer and Win! is an easy-to-read, yet authoritative primer on nutrition. As well as nutrition basics, supplement recommendations, and step-by-step action plans for specific cancers, it has advice on handling the side effects of cancer treatments, and details about foods that support and build the body during chemotherapy. “Think of food as kitchen-therapy . . . a smart addition to chemo-therapy,” Kim says.

She credits the book to her patients.  “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done because I listened to my patients,” she said.  “In fact, I believe healthcare providers need to step up. If they do, they will be rewarded by how they serve their patients.”

Prompted by one of our clients who wanted to know if Kim’s philosophy was strictly vegetarian before they hired her to speak, Kim told me, “Absolutely not. I believe in the value of whole foods from nature, and balance, and ‘do-ability’… and that there is always room for a little chocolate at the end of the day. My patients continually tell me that they appreciate my practical and holistic approaches to health.”

In her speeches, Kim excels at providing the “rationale behind the recommendation” when it comes to holistic health. She delivers expert, edgy nutrition advice in an engaging and responsible manner. Kim brings her audiences lessons learned from life and Mother Nature, designed to spur on dietary and lifestyle changes to cultivate whole new levels of healing and health.

She is a registered, licensed dietitian with a PhD in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, an MS in clinical Nutrition from Texas Tech University, and a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Arizona State University. As a recognized leader in the field of oncology holistic nutrition, she has addressed public and professional audiences with such esteemed colleagues as Dr. Donald Hensrud (Mayo Clinic), Dr. Barrie Cassileth (Sloan-Kettering), Dr. Stephen Sagar (Juraviniski Cancer Center, Ontario), Dr. Elson Haas, and Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman.

Kim is a spokesperson for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (a national network of cancer treatment hospitals and facilities on the cutting edge of oncology treatment). Challenge Cancer and Win! has been translated into Japanese. Her other publications include her newest book, Give It To Me Straight! Q&A for No-Nonsense Nutrition, and two audio CDs – What’s Eating You? and Powered by Produce. She is also the editor of the Cancer Fighter’s Cookbook for the Cancer Resource Center. She is the medical advisor for Lifetime Television’s Women’s Health Corner Show and writes a nutrition column for the quarterly Breast Cancer Wellness magazine. She’s also written for the publications Cure, Coping, Myeloma Today, Chicago Tribune, D Magazine and The Ireland Report.

As a respected pioneer in the holistic oncology nutrition field, award-winning author and international nutrition consultant, Kim has motivated thousands of cancer survivors and health-conscious consumers to use the healing potential of nature. Many say they would not be here today if they had not integrated her strategies into their cancer treatment plans.

To learn more about Kim Dalzell and bringing her to your community, please visit our website or give us a call at 503-699-5031. I’m confident she will make a difference.

February 1, 2008 — “Wear Red” Day

I’ll be getting out my red sweater for “National Wear Red Day,” Friday, Feb. 1st. What will it be for you? — Red tie, red socks, red dress, red bra, red ribbons, red lipstick. Go Red!

By wearing red next Friday, thousands of women, companies, organizations and cities across America will join in making a dramatic statement of support for ongoing research and education about women and heart disease. Too few people realize that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women (and men), but the good news is heart disease can often be prevented. Spreading the Go Red For Women message “Love Your Heart” raises awareness of heart disease and empowers women to reduce their risk.

Go Red For Women offers a program toolkit that provides employees, members and associates with all of the information they need to educate themselves and their loved ones about heart disease, and gives them tools on how to take action and live a healthy lifestyle. Click here for tools you can use.

Fun to Read —
Read for Fun

You know I always try to end this e-news with something light, fun, newsy, even a recipe. Well, surprise, this time it’s a book recommendation – and it’s not Eat, Pray, Love, which I’m sure you have already enjoyed or have on your list. Did you see the author, Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah? I thought she was fabulous and she’s coming to Portland to speak in April, so more about that then.

This book is, Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish, that my friend Winalee brought me last fall. It’s kind of like a Girl’s Night Out on steroids when five women honor a dear friend’s final request – a traveling funeral. They are the pallbearers, carrying Annie’s ashes to the special places in her life. At every stop there’s a surprise encounter and a small miracle waiting. As they whoop it up across the country, they share their deepest secrets – tales of broken hearts and second chances, missed opportunities and new beginnings. This is just a totally enjoyable take on one of the toughest times in life, the death of a dear friend. For me, it was a wonderful relief from all the self-help books I can’t seem to resist. I highly recommend it. Look for the blue cover with the red Cadillac convertible. Oh, and I’ll be headed back to the bookstore as I just checked the author’s website, and she’s written two more books since this one.

Until next time, be good to yourself, enjoy a good book, just for fun — for your good health and those you love.

Yours truly,

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in this e-news is designed to help you make informed decisions about speakers and the programs they offer. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect you have a medical problem, seek competent medical help.

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