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For Your Well Being: Exploring We Will Go

August 18, 2005, Vol. III Issue 17

Dear Friends,

Whew! What a ride! Jim and I are married! Our wedding was beautiful,magical, fun  and totally infused with the love of friendship and family. It was beyond my wildest dreams. And beyond the wedding, marriage is quite a new experience after 55 and a half years as a single woman. And I have instant grandchildren – four of them! We’ll be posting wedding photos on my website. Stay tuned.

I’m off to our honeymoon today in Hawaii, so again, needless to say, I put this issue together ahead of time! I got a laptop as a wedding gift from Jim and I am thrilled (except for the learning curve of the new MAC operating system). So, I will be checking email but I will also be lying around, maybe scuba diving or kayaking, nothing strenuous especially mental, guaranteed.

In this issue, I’m pleased to bring you our speaker and guest columnist, Barbara Badolati. Barbara and I have so much in common. Our first names, our love for Nia and mind-body-spirit health, and our common synchronicity with the “For Your Well Being” theme. She calls her monthly e-news, “Your Well BEing Message.” As I venture out on my honeymoon this week, this article that she wrote resonates for me. I hope it does with you as we approach that one last long summer weekend.

Yours truly,

Exploring We Will Go
by Barbara Badolati

Recently my husband and I traveled to the Southwest United States. Our plan was to visit all seven of the Natural Wonders of the World. So, we decided to begin in our own backyard and “take in” the Grand Canyon.

HA! “Taking in” a natural wonder is quite humbling to say the least. It was not only the seeing, it was the sensation of this awe-inspiring, magnificent masterpiece of creation standing right there before me (or I before IT) that had me in utter amazement one moment and giggling with astonishment in the next.

After six million years, this still evolving gorge is 277 miles long, a mile deep and, at its widest, 18 miles across. The Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking and incredibly beautiful.

Many of us explore our world with vacations and trips, in solitude or with loved ones. Although we have intentions that everything will be smooth sailing, at times we end up on rocky roads. We place expectations on others, or even within our own minds of what we want our vacation to be. I’ve learned not to expect things precisely as they are at home. After all, I left home to explore things which are different. How about you?

Singer/Songwriter Jana Stanfield has a line in one of her songs, ‘I’m not lost, I am exploring”. Of course, she isn’t just referring to car travel, but rather the journey of our lives. For me, however, the song came in handy during our trip. My husband likes to map out the route ahead of time, stay on course and know where he is going to the exact mile marker. I, on the other hand, like to heighten my intuition when seeking direction, trust the road signs for guidance and be open to a detour which could be a divine intervention. When embarking on an adventure with fellow voyagers, explore the differences and see if you can strike a balance or a compromise. Fred gave me room to wander and I cruised into the gas station to purchase him a map.

As we hiked and drove around the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, we came into contact with many people visiting from all over the world. This made me realize how fortunate we are to have such a national treasure, and what a gift it is to share. It was also a gentle reminder that we are just as much alike as we are different. Open your senses to unique facial features, the musical sounds of languages, and the universal joy of a smile, which is the shortest distance between two people.

Ask the locals anything. They are happy to tell you their favorite restaurant, or a scenic route, or a “best-kept secret”. Sometimes you may not even have to ask. While riding in the airport shuttle, a Phoenix resident struck up a conversation and gave us directions to a fabulous Mexican restaurant. It was conveniently located, authentic, reasonably priced and served luscious margaritas! There is no way we would have found it on our own. I believe we are always being guided, yet when on holiday it can be more obvious since we are not in our everyday modus operandi.

The same holds true when others visit our hometown. Share what makes your town or city so special. And if the opportunity presents itself, offer to take a photo or two. It was so nice to come home with several pictures taken of Fred and me together. This is a very nice gesture and offers a pleasant exchange between strangers.

Send out heart energy to those in customer service, the wait staff, bellhops, flight attendants, housekeepers, and sales associates. Although they are hired to be of service to you, they are not on vacation, are probably making minimum wage and have the same everyday stressors that you and I have when we’re back home on the job. A little conscious appreciation and understanding can go a long way in how well you are treated and the lasting impression you leave.

And finally, truly leave work and home behind when you’re away. I challenge you to go the whole time without cell phones or checking your e-mail. Give your itinerary with corresponding phone numbers to someone on the home front. They will find you if they REALLY need to. Otherwise, go and be free!

Barbara Badolati travels throughout the world educating and empowering people toward greater health and Well-BEing. For more information, look Barb up on our website.

I’m Not Lost, I Am Exploring

That’s it for me this issue. We have lots of good things in store for you this fall, but I have to admit I’m looking forward to taking an entire week OFF.

Until next time, take care of yourself and put a little honeymoon energy into your life, for your well being and those you love.

Yours truly,

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