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Beyond the Stage . . .

Beyond the Stage . . .

Sept. 11, 2014, Vol. 12, Issue 16

Have you ever wondered what you could offer your attendees to support your speaker’s message — possibly a follow-through program that would support behavior change and give you quantifiable results, as well as brand identity for your hospital, association, or company? Sure, you’ve sent your attendees home with books, CD’s and DVD’s, and I’d like to think that some of those do get read, listened to, and watched. But, let’s be honest, lots of them, end up on a shelf or at the Goodwill.

I know that I do better when I’m involved in any kind of program — something that’s got a daily rhythm for a certain time frame – than I do when I am just trying to do something on my own (note the operative word there, trying!).

That’s why I’m intrigued and excited to share with you a new program on a web site called, Avanoo (pronounced:  Avenue) –You may have heard of it as the Placebo Effect, but the name was recently changed. The site features programs by lots of popular authors. I’m going to feature Kelly Swanson’s participation here as she’s the one who brought it to my attention.


Beyond the Stage . . .

Moving the Message into Action

In Kelly Swanson’s most popular program, “Who Hijacked My Fairytale?” she takes women on a whirlwind trip — Kelly identifies with women who get stuck KellySwansonwMikein a pot hole along the yellow brick road of life — the place where the life they’ve envisioned meets the life they have. Kelly is the poster child for a woman struggling to find balance in life; one who has let excuses stand in the way but is looking in the mirror and deciding that it’s time to make a change. She invites women to make that change with her, along with a plus-sized dose of wacky Southern humor and an even bigger helping of encouragement. It’s not about looking like a princess; it’s about feeling like one – and taking small steps every day for a healthier, happier and more powerful life.

Kelly’s 30-day Avanoo program is the perfect follow-up for her audiences. It’s called “A Wild and Wacky Journey to a Happier Ever After.” Kelly created this 30-day video program in conjunction with Avanoo to reinforce the messages she brings to your event. It brings your participants a daily, two-minute video consisting of a story and an action step to help them, especially after they have been inspired by hearing her speak, continue to change their lives.

“These are my stories, my humor, my messages, my voice, my content,” she said. “This is your chance to sit with me virtually and work through what I am teaching from the stage.

“Simply put, this is your chance to take me home with you,” she continued. And this way, you can invite me over without having to cook or clean. You are bringing me into your KellySwanson_nearcloseupgroup as a speaker to do what I do best – make them laugh, encourage them, inspire them, motivate them, teach them, challenge them, and give them the tools to change their attitudes and change their lives.  People book me for more than the information I bring to the event. They book me for the experience I bring to the event. They book me for the relationship I am able to develop with my audience – the trust, the rapport, the laughter, the healing, and the connection I make with my audience that lasts beyond the event.

“This video program is a way for me to prolong that experience. One of the things I hear most from people who attend my programs, is how much they wish they could take me home with them, to continue the conversation, to meet with them on a daily basis, to have me help them work through their issues. That’s what this is. Avanoo is the platform where this experience takes place. I handle the content, and Avanoo handles the platform technology which, by the way, offers customized landing pages with your company logo and message.”

If you are interested in this program to help your attendees grow and create transformational change, then this will reinforce the messages Kelly brings to them via her personal experience, and will help them break the old habits and move into the new ones.

If you are looking at this program as a marketing tool and a means for YOU to go home with them on a daily basis, then you have the powerful benefit of having your name and your personal message attached to it every day. As you know, buying is emotional. What better way to really bond with your market, than to have your name attached to a funny, motivational, life-changing program? This is way better than putting your name on an umbrella.

If this interests you, let me know, and I’ll send you an overview of the program. Email me at or call me at 503-699-5031


9/11 – A Moving Experience Remembered

Just like you, I remember exactly where I was on Sept 11, 2001. I was waist high in boxes, packing to move! Does that sound familiar? I had moved in 1998 from Michigan to Oregon, and rented an apartment in Lake Oswego that I absolutely LOVED. I had brought my cat and dog, and they were welcomed . . . until the complex was sold to a company that decided to ban dogs. My pets, P.C. and Cinderella, were family, so there was no question that we were moving.

As usual that day, I had the TODAY show playing in the background as I packed. When the news came on, I sat down, horrified, disbelieving what I was seeing on the screen. And feeling totally disconcerted, as I was in the midst of undesired, unexpected, upheaval myself. Nothing in comparison to those families, but disconcerting for me, nonetheless. And yet life continues, as we go through the motions of everyday routines. I remember that day included a wellness appointment at the vet for P.C., and it seeming so odd to be doing something so routine, in the midst of so much world upheaval.

It’s not a day we celebrate; it’s a day we remember, and put things in perspective. I’m scheduled to go to New York City next spring, and hope to experience the 9/11 Memorial there in person.

Until next time, take care of yourself, and hug those you hold dear, for your well being and theirs.

Yours truly,


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