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Grit, Grace and Gratitude

Kim Becking, breast cancer survivor, author

March 31, 2016 Vol.14, Issue 4 As longer days return and the flowers burst through in all their glorious shapes and colors, it’s tempting to focus on summer fun. And . . . it’s also time to get those fall women’s wellness and breast cancer awareness event speakers lined up. October dates are particularly hot…. read more

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Humor to the Rescue

Frank King, speaker on mental and heart health

March 4, 2016 Vol.14, Issue 3 There are some things in life that are more difficult to talk about than others — suicide, depression and mental illness among them. Yet they are social issues that affect our families, communities and institutions. Mental health issues affect people at home and at work, and on a larger… read more

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Smart Fats for a Healthy Heart

Feb. 9, 2016 Vol.14, Issue 2 Happy Heart Health Month! The Internet has made it easy to find information — and it’s often overwhelming, especially when it comes to the latest and greatest diet and nutrition “help.” There’s so much hoopla and promotion out there — at least in my Inbox — that I exercise… read more

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Saving the Meeting with Laughter

Jan. 22, 2016 Vol.14, Issue 1 After a whirlwind holiday season, and now getting beyond the New Years resolution stage, I am glad to be returning to some sense of normalcy. For me that means back to business and a somewhat regular schedule. After my hip replacement in September, I’m back to yoga three early… read more

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Talking Turkey About Family Health

Nov. 19, 2015 Vol.13, Issue 11 You’ve probably sat in a health provider’s waiting room filling out paperwork, and all of a sudden you’re faced with unexpected questions about your family’s medical history. Do you have all the answers? I know that I’ve usually come up short because no one had told me (beyond the… read more

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Retreat Re-Entry: Making It Count

Nov. 5, 2015 Vol.13, Issue 10 It’s hard to keep an active person down, but surgery will do it. I didn’t mean to disappear from your In-Box, but I forgot what it takes to heal from surgery. Lots of rest. I got a new hip in mid-September, which I was very excited about — Hip,… read more

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Movin’ & Groovin’

Polly Pitchford, motivational speaker, FL

Aug. 27, 2015, Vol.13, Issue 9 Exercise as a pathway to health — as well as weight loss — is often in the news headlines. I was already planning this article about Polly Pitchford’s new presentation  — The Evolution of Exercise — when I spotted this headline on the American Cancer Society website:  “Exercise May… read more

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Which Diet is Better, Vegan or Paleo?

Zonya Foco, conference keynote speaker

July 31, 2015, Vol.13, Issue 8 One of the qualities I most admire in a speaker is curiosity and the willingness to dive deeper into a topic. That may even mean becoming the subject of her own research, and that’s exactly what Zonya Foco did to prepare for her hot new topic, Diet Smack-Down: Vegan… read more

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The WOW Factor!

Jana Stanfiled, CSP

June 12, 2015 Vol.13, Issue 7 How is your spontaneity factor? I mean, really, where are you on the trust scale when it comes to leaving your meeting in the hands of your speaker to create something truly unforgettable on the spot, in the moment? Something that involves your audience’s participation, even possibly asking them… read more

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Healthy Mind: Sharing from the Heart

May 28, 2015 Vol. 13, Issue 6 In Mid-May I was invited by the New York City chapter of the National Speakers Association, to be on a panel of experts for their Professional Showcase and Industry Expert Panel. First of all, I was truly flattered and honored to be invited as an expert. Being the… read more

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