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"When the conference was over and the evaluations collected and tallied – on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being “excellent,” Tami’s scores were ALL 4’s. Comments included, “I could listen to Tami for 8 hours,” “please bring Tami back,” “would like more time for Tami West to speak,” “Tami was the highlight of the conference,” “Tami was absolutely inspiring! And funny! I would love to hear her again,” “Tami West – GREAT,” “Tami West was FANTASTIC.” Those comments pretty much say it all." -- Connie Holder, President – TN Association Medical Staff Services

Motivation, Inspiration, Education

Dr. Tami West cannot diagnose or treat your skin rash. She’s not that kind of Dr.

She can’t refill your thyroid medicine or your antidepressants. Not that kind of Dr. either.

Nor can she perform your colonoscopy. DEFINITELY not that kind of Dr!

Tami’s experiences working in hospitals, physician’s offices, research labs, public schools, and corporate sales provide her insights that she uses to help others find solutions to their challenges. Her undergraduate degrees in science and education, as well as her doctoral research in human development, uniquely equip her to address the complex factors underlying the successes of organizations and individuals.

Her most recent book (2017), based on her doctorate work, is The Stress Club: Stop participating, take your power back, and start living your own life.  Dr. West’s other publications include Life Without the Monsters, A Woman’s Guide to Personal Achievement and Professional Success, and Discovering Happiness in a Stressful World.

So what kind of Dr. is she? The kind who became a PhD just so she could understand why we’re all so stressed out!

The kind who wants to help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. The kind who has this prognosis for you all: Life can and should be fabulous! And for that she has a prescription!

Always real, completely transparent, totally sincere, and sometimes a little surprising, Tami will make you laugh, cry, and shine a refreshingly new light on life’s challenges.

Most Popular Topics:

The Stress Club: Take Your Power Back!

The American Institute of Stress has reported that America is “on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis.” Stress-management advice, training, and products are abundant, yet statistics continue to worsen. There’s a reason why stress-management techniques aren’t working: It’s risky not to be stressed because you’ll be kicked out of the club! The Stress Club opens eyes to these pressures and teaches you how to disconnect from stress forever. This session, based upon Tami’s research, is guaranteed to make you laugh AND forever change the way you think about stress!

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Maybe you think you are competent, approachable, outgoing, or driven.  But who do others think you are? Often times a wide gap exists between how you want to be seen and how others see you. This is not just any communication session. This is THE communication session! Learn what language really is, how and why you use it the way you do, and how to make changes to boost your image and enhance your relationships with others. Double the learning. Double the fun. Double the potential for change!


Life Without the Monsters

Monsters (mon’sters), noun: Self-imposed barriers that inhibit personal growth. We already possess the 5 most powerful weapons to fighting and overcoming our monsters – most of us just don’t know it! In this entertaining presentation, Tami unlocks the secrets and equips the audience with practical advice that can be employed immediately.


Plays Well With Others

Wouldn’t it be nice if people wore signs so that everyone else would know how to interact with them? Unfortunately…… they don’t. We work with passive people, aggressive people, loud people, inconsiderate people….. the list could go on forever. During this session, participants will learn to become people who play well with others because they want to. They’re tired of battles. Tired of low productivity. Tired of the mental strain.


Stop Cleaning Your House! (and other ways to achieve your goals)

I wish I had time to take a class.  I know serving on a board is a great idea, but I just can’t fit it in.  I’m having trouble balancing my work and my personal life. This is not a time management session but rather a self transformation session. Time management classes and tools are fabulous, but most people do not implement what they’ve learned.  This session will transform the way you view your time.  THEN you can implement all those tools that will help you to achieve your goals!


The Woman’s Retreat

All over the country corporate woman are given the opportunity to attend professional woman’s conferences. This one is for you! You will be entertained, inspired, motivated, and changed. Tami will share her experience and expertise as a working woman to help you with communication, stress, emotions, work-life balance, and more. Plan to laugh, cry, and grow as a professional like you’ve never grown before


Finding Balance: The Ultimate Secret

As a mother of 8 in a unique blended family, Tami understands the quest for balance. For any woman who feels a bit “out of balance” and who wants to make positive changes in her life, Tami helps you define exactly what kind of change you are looking for, and then guides you through the steps to actually do it. You’ll leave this seminar a changed person – one who understands how amazing it is to be a woman.


Managing Emotions At Work

Does this sound familiar? It makes me so mad when… My boss micromanages me! My employees are so negative! My co-workers don’t pull their weight! I am given 5 projects at once from my 3 bosses! According to a recent study, work stress is associated with health problems more often than any other type of life stress – personal or financial. In this eye-opening presentation, Tami will show you how to identify and overcome 5 emotional traps that may be keeping you from excelling at work.

What Type of Coffee Are You?

Have you ever received an assignment from your boss without so much as a please or a thank you? Do you have a colleague who talks and talks and talks and drives you crazy? What about the “life of the party” who never seems to get anything done? The list of irritating behaviors can drag on and on because we all have different personalities. In this session you will take a simple, fun quiz to identify your predominant “Coffee” style and then learn how to communicate better with styles different from yours.

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