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"The Lennox Women’s Business Council was looking for an exciting and entertaining motivational speaker for our Positively Professional Speaker Series. Tami hit a HOME RUN for us! She is high energy, funny and truly very original. Tami’s humor was right on…and her message hit home with our audience. She exceeded our expectations and did a great job delivering a valuable message in a fun and exciting way." -- Amanda R. Widell, Lennox Women's Business Council, Lennox Industries

Humorous Motivational Speaker

Take Tami Evans along on your health and wellness journey, for a humorous and powerful experience. Better yet, have her lead it. A genuine and funny motivator, Tami Evans is a professional speaker who specializes in quick and useful content with a lot of humor! Her programs are fast paced, interactive, and filled with lots of learning and laughter.

Tami is an energetic communicator and performer, with both corporate and independent experience. She holds an MFA in performance, and BAA degrees in Broadcasting Communications, and Theatre. She firmly believes laughter is a vital part of learning and living.

She has worked as a:
·      University Professor
·      Communications Specialist
·      Professional Actress in NYC
·      Fashion Designer for Banana Republic
·      Personal Assistant to Nell Carter
·      Every kind of Waitress you can imagine
·      Stand-in for Melanie Griffith (pre-Antonio)
·      and as an accidental illustrator, she has now had three books published!

Awarded TOP 5 New Speakers 2012 by the National Speakers Association, Tami was also recently honored with the distinction “Best Avocado Sandwiches on the Planet” by her young son.

From beautiful Michigan (show me your Hand Map!) Tami now lives just outside New York City.

Most Popular Topics:

When the Chick Hits the Fan: Leveraging Levity for a Lighter Life

Just when you think you have the health/life balance thing all figured out, along comes career chaos, motherhood madness, and skinny jeans. How the hello kitty are we supposed to keep it all together?

Wait! Don’t crawl under the covers! Instead, slap on some lippy and a pair of cute shoes and join us as Tami Evans shares stories and insights to help know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em and know when to break out the triangle drinks.

Recently seen chair-dancing with “The Doc” himself on the Dr. Oz Show, Tami travels the country working with people to activate a happier, healthier and more productive life!  Tami will have you laughing as you learn how to leverage the power of positivity in every aspect of your life!


Rules for Travel on the Road to Wellness: Making the Most of Your Personal Health Journey

We are travelers! Whether you collect passport stamps or never leave your zip code, we are traveling our road to wellness every day. The choices we make and the paths we choose can help make the most of our own life adventure.

We are on a journey every day, but when it comes to our health, often we are expected to know where we are going, how to get there, and even to help guide others — not to mention occasionally sharing that ride with someone who doesn’t believe in stopping to ask directions!

Tami Evans introduces the 4 Rules of Travel on the Road to Wellness:  Pack Well, Don’t Get Lost, Be A Good Tourist, and Enjoy the Ride!

This fun and functional program covers:

  • Organization skills – to help prioritize YOUR needs in the face of so many others counting on you.
  • Communication and conflict resolution – to allow you to stand up for yourself in the face of pressure to “go with the flow”.
  • Goal setting – to help you create a Life Map that will guide your choices and decisions and make it easier to ditch daily temptations.
  • Tools to lighten up and enjoy the ride – humor is the key to finding the best way to bundle all your stress and negativity into a tidy pile of baggage you leave behind on the platform as you board the Train of Transition and embark on your successful new adventure!
  • Join Tami for tools and ideas, and a lot of laughter, to help make the most of your own personal Journey to Wellness!


Half Full Of It:  Activating Optimism and Other Hard Core Soft Skills

Life skills are the new black and if you want to make the most of every aspect of your day, you had better know how to wear them!   With all the demands we have on a daily basis, it is easy to let these things slide. It is only after we realize how far we are from where we want to be that we realize something needs to change.

Are you a bit rusty on relationship skills, a little crunchy on communication concepts and pooped-out on positivity? Spend some time understanding what you want out of life and appreciating the amazing progress you have already made. Tami will help you laugh your glass half full, and set you on a renewed path for a happier, healthier and more productive life!


G.L.O.W: Gratitude. Laughter. Optimism. Wellness.

Improving your health? Living a better life? Surviving stress, responsibility and public displays of twerking? All of these have one thing in common: they require you to choose to be fully engaged and interactive in order to be successful.

Tami works with you to create a healthier and happier life by implementing G.L.O.W.

Four steps to reinvention rock stardom:
Gratitude – Go on a Thank-You-Thon and watch every relationship improve immediately.
Laughter – Greet each situation with “Lighten Up, Let Go & Laugh” and take the stress out of risk taking.
Optimism – No Pollyana here, we’re talking about the Power of Positivity, and how it can improve the way you approach every decision in your life.
Wellness – You are creative, resourceful and whole and you have the power to live a life that is fulfilling.

Wherever you are on your journey to better health, Tami is a fun and friendly tour guide who can help you appreciate where you are while you are trying to get where you want to go.  As a life-time joiner (never a life-time member) of Weight Watchers, and a later-life coach to a 5K fanatic, Tami has a wide range of health and wellness experience she draws upon and is not afraid to share some of the more “memorable” flops from her own journey.

Join her to laugh your way to a better understanding of where you want to go, and deeper appreciation of the amazing life traveler you already are!

Ready?  Set?  GLOW!


Passport to Excellence™; Leadership Communication Intensive

Are you prepared to be Brilliant?

Communication is the cornerstone of success in your professional world and your personal life.  Tami helps you and your team, develop a solid foundation of communication skills.  Then she provides you with helpful tips and tools that allow you to build powerful connections, plan solid “life maps”, and incorporate a lot of laughter into the journey of reaching your fullest potential.

The time your team spends with Tami prepares them to evaluate where they are, identify where they want to be, and give them tools to chart their course for future fabulousness. Your participants will be able to use this content in their professional and their personal lives, and without exception, will be better communicators because of this program.

Live. Laugh. Learn.  Sounds like a pretty good day!

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