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“Can I just say that the one event I attended where Stacy Pederson was the keynote speaker was AMAZING! She was hilariously funny and poignantly real and deeply touching! I have literally been thinking about the things she spoke about for an entire year!! If you are thinking about hiring her, quit thinking and just do it! You will not regret it! (And by the way, she probably has zero idea of who I am, what event I attended or why the heck I am even writing this. Basically, I am just a person who was blessed by her words and her authenticity. I am not paid or even asked to write a single word of this. She is just that good!)” -- Trisha Winslow, event attendee

Inspirational Motivational Speaker and Comedian

Stacy Pederson is an inspirational motivational speaker and clean comedian who gives audiences fun—yet practical—advice on overcoming stress, being innovative, and living a life that matters.

She didn’t come by her life lessons easily. In a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances, life handed her a boatload of lemons and life experiences that led her to reinvent her life.

It started when her first husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She began a heart-breaking journey: over the next eight years she lost her job and became a single parent, her marriage failed, her dreams were broken, and she was financially ruined.

In July of 2011, just as her divorce was finalizing and things were about to settle down, Stacy stepped on a rusty nail. This innocent miss-step and the infection that followed resulted in several hospital stays, near death experiences, and surgeries with lifelong repercussions. From these struggles Stacy realized a deep understanding of the universal need we all have for hope, love, joy, and laughter, and that led unexpectedly to discovering her talent for stand-up comedy.

While it took almost dying to teach Stacy how to truly live, and tragedy to teach her comedy, it’s that authenticity that comes shining through in her presentations. Armed with creative content and a unique speaking style, she pairs comedy and acting with relevant, hilarious, and unforgettable takeaways for your audience. Through Stacy’s story and her authentic and engaging style, your audience can learn how to:

• Laugh More

• Stress Less

• Move Forward From Failure

• Live a Life People Would Die For

Stacy’s humor is witty, creative, clean, professional, and enjoyable for all ages.

Stacy holds a BFA in Theatre and has performed on stage and in film, commercial, stand-up comedy, and radio work.  She is the co-founder of The Academy of Children’s Theatre, (ACT) in Colorado Springs, and the Ministry Center for the Arts, (MCA).

Stacy is married to the love of her life and best friend, Jeff Pederson, and they reside near Colorado Springs, Colorado with their amazing children.


Most Popular Topics:

Dying to Laugh: How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess

Want your employees to be more productive, have less sick days, stay longer for less salary, and outperform your competition? Teach them how to be happy! In, Dying to Laugh, How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess, Stacy utilizes clean comedy and good ol’ fashioned facts for a lighter take on a serious subject. Stacy shares how she went from losing everything, including — almost — her life in a three week time period, to learning how to truly live. Your audience will leave with 7 actionable steps on how to stress less, enjoy life more, and be happy … even at work. This program is practical, poignant, entertaining, funny and will help your bottom line.  It is also a great fit for awards banquet dinners, nurses appreciation, and foundation fundraisers. If given to healthcare workers of any type, Stacy ties in a great big “THANK YOU” since she’s a former patient.


The 7 Habits of Highly Stressful People

We all know stress is bad for our growing bellies, bottoms and shrinking bottom lines. Stacy gives a unique and hilarious take on being a “Professional Stresspert.” Diagnosed with PTSD after almost dying several times, Stacy lampoons 7 stress habits that sabotage everyone’s productivity and quality of life. Your audience will laugh, identify with the 7 habits of highly stressful people, and walk away with some practical “de-stressing” tips based on physiology and mindset, as well as practical tips on getting along with their co-workers or difficult patients. If given to healthcare workers of any type, Stacy ties in a great big “THANK YOU” since she’s a former patient.

Girl’s Night Out — Dying to Laugh

This is 1-hour clean comedy show based on Stacy’s feeble attempts at being a successful working mom and a woman in general. Stacy pokes fun at work/life balance, unrealistic expectations, competitiveness, body image and “having it all.” Stacy also shares her story of how almost losing her life taught her to redefine her priorities in life with three very distinct goals. This is the perfect program for a Girl’s Night Out.

Here’s the Dirt on Grit

This leadership training is designed to help leaders develop “grit” in their employees. Some key components to grit may comes as a huge surprise. Stacy shares tips and perspective on what “grit” is, how you can model it as a leader, and ultimately create a company culture that helps foster it in your organization. What makes Stacy an expert? As her bio briefly describes, Stacy had lost everything at one point, become gravely ill, suffered from severe depression and PTSD, and never quit. She’s walked the walk of what is shared in this talk. AND, yes, there is humor. Leaders will walk away with perspective on what grit is, actionable steps to take for their own personal and professional lives, as well as a strategy plan for developing grit within their own organization. Stacy offers a funny, lighter keynote version of this program on developing grit for employees of all types.


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