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"I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely phenomenal Sally Baskey was last night! It’s been the talk of the company all morning. Her alter ego, “Ida Mae”, was so well received, absolutely hilarious, and impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it. Her memory is AMAZING! We gave her little tidbits of info on about 60 people and I really think she memorized, improvised, and used every single one of them. Sally is absolutely a treasure. She just plain nailed it. I guess I can describe it best as “WOW!!!!” I wish I could hang out with her on a weekly basis! I would lose 10 pounds just from laughing!"

-- Jean Blunden, Communications and PR Director, Staplcotn, Mississippi

Humorist and Motivational Speaker

Sally Baskey is a humorist and motivational speaker whose message radiates around using humor to get through life. Her book, Laughter, My Drug of Choice, shares her philosophy of using a sense of humor to deal with change. Sally’s trademark character, Ida Mae Fudpucker, uses humor to spoof management and the numerous corporate reorganizations that are inevitable, but troubling to employees. She provides the comic relief often needed at your company meetings, training sessions, and conferences.

Sally has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and taught at the Actors Workshop in Dallas before starting a 25-year career with a major oil company where she made an impact on marketing, customer service, human resources, telecommunications, public relations, and employee communications.

With a strength in managing technical areas as a non-technical person, Sally keeps it simple! Her presentations entertain, educate, and influence audiences by showing how humor can help diffuse difficult situations within an organization as well as in life.

Both entertaining and thought-provoking, Sally Baskey will make your audience smile, but more importantly, Sally will make your audience think. You can be sure that Sally will make your meeting memorable.

Most Popular Topics:

Laughter, My Drug of Choice

Have you ever had the feeling that your life is out of control? Life is full of experiences that make us happy, sad, frustrated, mad . . . and sometimes can put us “over the edge.” We learn as we get older that we have little control over our circumstances but we have total control over the way we react to them. Join Sally as she navigates through life using humor to deal with change. It is truly a pain-relieving prescription for dealing with life by self-medicating!!

In this session you will learn:

  • Bad things may come to us in life, but they don’t stay-if you let go
  • The healing power of humor both physically and emotionally
  • Techniques to find humor in difficult situations

Self-Medicate with Humor

Although audiences will smile and laugh during Sally’s entertaining programs, they will also be inspired to find humor in the everyday challenges of life once they leave your event! Attendees will want to implement the many interpersonal skills that Sally presents, an management will discover how, while most productive employees take their jobs seriously, they take themselves lightly. Sally motivates audiences to examine their own communication styles while remaining focused and energized in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Ida Mae Fudpucker

Ida Mae PictureIda Mae Fudpucker is Sally’s original hilariously outspoken character who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her humorous approach in communicating changes and upcoming events to employees and key audiences will be a unique addition to your next program.

Sally uses creative scripting in a presentation that is specifically customized to your audience’s needs, including memorizing up to 200 names. A short, pre-event briefing is all that Sally needs in order to gear Ida Mae’s message to you corporate objectives. Sally can also attend your conference as an observer and then bring Ida Mae “in” to summarize the main points of the event in a humorous, yet memorable, fashion. Sally takes the initiative and delivers an entertaining program that will still communicate how to deal with difficult situations.

Corporations have repeatedly utilized Ida Mae to defuse awkward issues as well as to introduce change within their organizations. You can count on Ida Mae to make your event memorable…and informative as well.


Reflections on Life from the Back of a Harley!!!

When you are riding on the back of a motorcycle, your view is the back of the helmet in front of you.  You can see your reflection, and where you’ve been. You can see where you are at that moment, but you have no idea what is ahead. Isn’t that the way life is?

In this humorous presentation, Sally will use stories and experiences to teach us some of the most basic tools for successfully navigating life’s highway. She will talk about trust, missed opportunities, being “in the moment,” life’s unexpected detours, and how to read the warning signs to name a few.

These tools are valuable to individuals in any profession. Audiences will not only relate to the stories in Sally’s presentation, but will find them valuable in managing both their professional and personal life.


Side Bar from the Sidecar!!!

As an added bonus, let Ida Mae barge in and give her hilarious overview of your meeting or conference as “SHE SAW IT.”  This would be a customized presentation geared to your industry, your audience, and will leave your group laughing and wondering . . . “How did she know?”


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