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“Dr. Romie brought the topic of meditation and mindfulness to this group in such an authentic and meaningful way. In her down-to-earth manner, she brought this topic to life with her personal story, inspiring messages (self-care is not selfish), and by giving these women real tools and steps. She has the expertise and knowledge of arguably anyone in this field, but she also has the passion to give people real, actionable ways to incorporate mindfulness in their life. For those like me, who are just beginning to understand the power of mindfulness and meditation, Dr. Romie is the perfect gateway into this world.  With a generous spirit and caring approach, she and her messages will stay with me forever."
Julie Vessel, Advertising Executive and Life Coach

Medicine Meets Mindfulness for Stress Management, Leadership & Innovation



Dr. Romie Mushtaq, MD,  combines her unique expertise in neuroscience & mindfulness as a highly sought-after speaker to teach stress management and mindful leadership to Fortune 500 companies, universities and associations around the world.

Dr. Romie is a traditionally trained neurologist with additional board certification in Integrative Medicine. She completed her medical training at the Medical University of South Carolina, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and University of Michigan.

After suffering from career burnout and undergoing life-saving surgery, she traveled around the world learning mindfulness-based techniques, and she now helps individuals achieve brain & mental health holistically at the Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Romie’s expertise has been featured on TED talks, INC, Fox Business, NBC, NPR, Fox News, The Huffington Post, and dozens of other national media outlets. She is currently writing her first book on bringing Western Medicine & Eastern Wisdom together for a “Busy Brain Cure.”


Dr. Romie Mushtaq has been appointed Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality. Evolution Hospitality is a privately held hospitality company headquartered in Orange County, California. In 2015 Evolution became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aimbridge Hospitality, one of the largest privately owned management companies in the world.
As Evolution Hospitality’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie is responsible for leading the organization to better wellness bringing together her authority in brain health, integrative medicine, and mindfulness. Her initiatives have included research on the effects of digital device use in hospitality employees and implementing a corporate wide meditation program — both of which are groundbreaking in not only the hospitality industry, but in Corporate America.


Most Popular Topics:


The mind and body’s response to stress can create a myriad of health related issues from anxiety and poor memory to difficulties with job performance. Dr. Romie will teach her three-step program that will help audience members improve mental and physical health by creating a personalized prescription for health.

This program is based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. This program discusses science and medical evidence behind how shifting your mindset and mindfulness techniques will help you cope with stress.

While this program is offered as an interactive 60 minute keynote address, it is commonly requested for half and full day workshops. Half and full day workshops include meditation sessions and interactive group exercises.



During change or times of uncertainty or competitiveness for talent in the marketplace, stress can impact both personal health and team morale. During this interactive lecture, Dr. Romie will help attendees learn how stress negatively impacts your individual health and health of the organization.

Specific topics to be covered include defining mindfulness, interactive meditation practices for the audience, and discussing core principals mindful leadership. Dr. Romie discusses how the brain works, and how using principles of mindfulness will help foster confidence and calm in a leader’s mind. She will also discuss up-to-date organizational psychology research on impact of mindfulness and meditation on corporate culture.

After hearing this program, participants will be able to improve emotional resilience, self-awareness, and relationships. This program is an interactive workshop which includes learning the foundation for a home or workplace meditation.



Innovation is a key ingredient to success in a competitive marketplace. The creative mind often shuts down in the face of multitasking, over-analysis and stress.

Dr. Romie trains employees, corporate executives, and technology gurus how to leverage the power of brain science and mindfulness to tap into creativity and imagination.
In this interactive lecture, Dr. Romie shares how rewire to the multitasking mind to boost productivity, creativity, and a peace of mind. This program is an interactive workshop which includes learning the foundation for a home or workplace meditation. It is an interactive workshop which includes mindfulness-based creative brainstorming and guided meditation session.



After Dr. Romie authentically shared her journey healing from career burnout in her TEDx talk, she is highly sought after from serviced based professionals in hospital systems, medical schools, law professionals, and nursing groups to teach the “Heal The Healer” program. Dr. Romie shares the root cause of compassion fatigue and career burnout and the healing profession. Audience members will learn mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to prevent and heal from career burnout and leave feeling reconnected to life purpose.



An empowHERed leader recognizes her own talents, wisdom, and skills while standing with a core of compassion. Empowerment is one of the most overused yet misunderstood terms in leadership and advocacy of women’s rights. From board rooms to the playing field, critical conversations about empowering and training of women leaders. Dr. Romie brings her unique authority on neuroscience, neuropsychology and mindfulness to break down the steps of empowHERment. In this interactive and dynamic lecture, attendees will learn the following:

1) what does the latest research in gender neuroscience teach us about women leaders standing in “HER power”
2) neuropsychology of empowHERment for for fellow female leaders
3) utilizing mindfulness techniques to empowHER yourself and women on your team
Attendees will leave not only understanding how to stand in their own powHER, but also how to effectively use empowHERment techniques for other women in their personal and professional lives.



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