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Pat Wynn Brown

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“If you haven't graduated from Hair Theater Beauty School yet, you better enroll now!  Pat Wynn Brown was not only a delight onstage, but her stellar professionalism also shines behind the scenes. If you need a refreshing, interactive and hilarious program, I highly recommend Pat Wynn Brown. Our guests are now demanding MORE MORE MORE!” --
Liysa Callsen,
Holy Family Memorial, Manitowac, WI,
Paint the Town Pink

"Hair Theater" Comedic Performer and Author

Girls just want to have fun and Hair Theater Beauty School is just the ticket! Hair Theater Beauty School is a one-woman, forty-five minute or one hour, humor-memoir, chit-chat performance piece that not only entertains, but inspires and motivates positive life changes and good health. Performer Pat Wynn Brown has the audience laughing their way to renewal and rejuvenation…And no needles! It’s better than Botox!

The Event Planner’s goals for the event are built right into the BEAUTY SCHOOL “lessons” with Head Mistress of Mayhem, Pat Wynn Brown. It’s the most fun and zaniest school there ever was!

BEAUTY SCHOOL uses stories, laughter, antics, singing, dancing, and the crowning of our honored VALEDICTORIAN BEAUTY QUEEN (Event Planner’s pick!) to help our audience members “graduate” to a “new and better you.” (Beauty School dropouts are welcome!)

By the show’s end the entire audience graduates and looks ten years younger as a result of their beautiful smiles.

Hair Theater Beauty School is a funny bone strengthener and health and beauty aid of laughter.  Pat looks to the stars of her youth for much sage advice about life in part of the show. The entire performance will wow your attendees for any type of health event you are hosting and all age ranges. (Men love it too!)

Pat is a three time winner of the James Thurber Humor Writing Contest and a featured humorist in the PBS documentary about the life of Erma Bombeck. She has written two humor books: MOMMA CULPA and HAIR-A-BALOO: The Revealing Comedy and Tragedy on Top of Your Head. Pat’s Hair Theater Beauty School shows are sell-outs across the country and she was named by Sunny 95 radio as “An Outstanding Woman You Should Know.”

She is a frequent M.C. and radio talk show guest. Her memberships and degrees include:  Member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and the National Speaker’s Association. B.S. and M.A. degrees and she is a state certified communications specialist.

Pat’s favorite response after a Hair Theater Beauty School show is: “I needed that laugh more than you will ever know. I laughed so hard my face hurt.”

Most Popular Topics:

General Entertainment for Women’s Days and Wellness:
If Your Hairdos Could Talk

If your hairdos could talk, what would they say about the YOU under your ‘doo? Remembering those childhood hopes and dreams. Laughing our way through our hairdo histories. Resolving to live our best lives.

Cancer Survivor Events:
Much Ado About Hairdos

Surviving cancer is more about thriving and laughter is the key ingredient for the recipe of a full life. Pat is a (malignant melanoma) cancer survivor and is a proponent of “Good HERE Days” through living, laughing, and learning. When Pat was diagnosed, the first thing she thought about was losing her hair, the second thing she thought about was her mortality… in that order. She did not lose her hair but now she helps women who have through a charitable wig fund.

Heart Health:
Hair is at the Heart of it All

If we paid as much attention to our heart health as we do our hairdos, we’d all live to be 100. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Pat takes us through our self-care paces through her funny real life stories and helps everyone in the audience laugh their tension away, and as a bonus, to become the Supremes. We all need to STOP and take care of ourselves in the name of love.

Backstage at Hair Theater: Lights! Camera! Positive Action!

It is our honor and privilege to help others. Pat does this through a wig fund for women in financial need. She started with $100 in a white envelope. Since 2001, over 500 women have been helped in Central Ohio to the tune of $120,000. Pat reveals how her own humbling wait in line for money guides her charitable work. Her credo: one person can change the world.

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