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"Pasha was incredible for all of us to be open and let our inner self out. She is a warm spirit and good for us!"

"I liked the way Pasha worked with us to find our inner peace and to be grounded with nature. She is a sweetie and wonderful. We all love her." Breast Cancer Survivors' Retreat participants, Winchester,VA

Creative Cancer Recovery - Women's Wellness

Pasha Hogan brings exuberance and zest to all of her programs as she teaches women how to celebrate the beauty in all of life – the good times and the difficult times. She is a workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, personal growth consultant and Reiki Master. Pasha holds a degree in Business Studies from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland and worked in the corporate insurance sector in New York, London and Dublin for ten years. After much soul searching, she decided to leave the corporate world behind and enrolled in a Psychotherapy and Counseling program at the Tivoli Institute Dublin, Ireland, which would serve as a foundation for her life’s work. She went on to Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland and completed training in Arts & Empowerment Facilitation. Pasha had a private psychotherapy practice in Ireland before moving to the United States. Pasha has always been interested in the integration of body, mind and spirit and is a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and disciple of yoga. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, India and Asia honoring and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

As Pasha knows intimately, non-negotiable life events bring us to the well. In order to transform our deepest wounds into our greatest possibilities we need to fully accept them and accept where we are in our process. Only by fully embracing what they have to teach us can we transform their energies to transform ourselves.

For Pasha, it was breast cancer that got her attention and that took three diagnoses. “The first two times I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 and 29 years old I was too terrified to stop. So I kept on running. I was running so fast I had no idea what was about to hit me when I received my third diagnosis at the age of 31. I didn’t see it coming — we usually don’t. The third time I stopped. And it saved my life.”  She tells the story in her  book, Third Time Lucky, A Creative Recovery.

Her captivating story depicts how the devastating news of a third cancer diagnosis, at age thirty-one, catapults her into the unknown territory of learning to love herself genuinely and honestly. As she confronts the ravages of cancer, identity and career crises, and depression, Hogan realizes that these challenges present the opportunity to leave behind “normal” life and embrace the longings of her heart and soul—to live a creative, full life as her true self. It is the real-life account of a young woman’s struggle and triumph over issues that affect every modern woman: sexuality, body image, empowerment, and the journey toward truth. In Third Time Lucky, she invites readers to transform their own questions from, “Am I enough?” to “Am I enough of who I really am?”

Life is calling all of us. Pasha has the gift of creating the safe and sacred space necessary to enable women to journey deep, discover and develop the powers of the deep feminine — powers of intuition, attention, receptivity, wonder, gentleness and the ability to create and cherish all of life. She encourages women to respond to this call so we can integrate all parts of ourselves, restoring harmony and balance, moving forward into life!

Through her workshops, speaking engagements and private practice, Pasha’s mission is to empower individuals to live passionately and transform life challenges into profound learning and healing experiences.

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