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“The information was simple, hands-on, clear, and down-to-earth. I appreciated how her teachings of intentionality and attentiveness can be applied to all other things in life.” -- Attendee at Mikey Hoeven's 2011 Women's Wellness Conference, Bismarck, ND

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Michelle May, M.D., a physician, author, and recovered yoyo dieter, delivers her crucial and timely message with passion, energy, humor and insight that transform the way her audiences view health and weight management.

Michelle’s interest and expertise stem from her personal struggle with chronic dieting and negative body image and her years of clinical experience with patients battling their weight and its consequences. First, she resolved her own weight issues and now she shares a compelling, compassionate and constructive approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their lives.

Michelle is the Founder and CEO of the proven Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshops that guide participants to eat instinctively again, live a more active lifestyle, and balance eating for enjoyment with eating for health. Am I Hungry?® received the Excellence in Patient Education Innovation Award and is available through corporate wellness programs, medical offices, hospitals, fitness centers, insurance companies, and community programs. She has trained and licensed Am I Hungry?® Facilitators worldwide. As a physician, author, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant, Dr. May has shared her powerful and innovative approach to mindful eating and non-diet weight management with thousands of individuals, workshop participants, healthcare professionals, and organizations across the country.

Michelle is the award-winning author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How To Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle. The book has been awarded seven awards for publishing including Best Health Book, Best Body-Mind-Spirit Book, Best Nutrition Book, and Best Self-Help Book. called Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat one of the Top 10 Notable New Diet Books for 2010 (though Dr. May insists that it is actually a how-not-to-diet book). Her first book, Am I Hungry? What to Do When Diets Don’t Work was the basis for the American Academy of Family Physicians’ national wellness campaign, Americans in Motion. Michelle is also the co-author of ‘H’ is for Healthy, ‘F’ is for Fitness, and three other books that encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors in young children.

She was featured in the Discovery Health Channel specials, Adult Obesity: Reversing the Trend (sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control) and Healthy Steps to Treating Childhood Obesity. She has also appeared as a guest for numerous television and radio programs including Dr. Oz, Oprah and Friends Radio and has been quoted in Body+Soul, CNN Health, Fitness, Fox News Radio, Glamour, Health, Parade, Parents, Self,, USA Weekend, US News & World Report, Vim & Vigor, Washington Post, WebMD, Weight Watchers, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, and many more. Her personal story appears in Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul. As an expert in the cognitive-behavioral approach to weight management using mindful eating strategies, she also advises corporations and organizations on a sustainable approach to nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles.

Dr. May is a Board Certified Family Physician with 14 years of clinical experience in Phoenix, Arizona. She has “retired” from practice to focus on mindful eating. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University and her Medical Degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She completed a three-year Family Medicine Residency at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona where she served as Chief Resident. She is well respected by her physician colleagues who elected her to serve as President of the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians.

Michelle must practice what she preaches in order to balance her personal and professional life while maintaining her own optimal health. She cherishes her relationships with her two children, Tyler and Elyse, regularly enjoys hiking near her home in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a certified yoga instructor. She and her husband, Owen, a professional chef, share a passion for gourmet and healthful cooking, recipe development, wine tasting, and traveling.

Most Popular Topics:

Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly

Audience: This keynote presentation is perfect for corporate and association audiences, wellness or women’s conferences, and spouse programs. Continuing education credits available. 

To live vibrantly, we must fuel our bodies mindfully – yet most diets are restrictive and unsustainable leaving us feeling guilty and disappointed. This interactive, entertaining keynote delves much deeper than the obvious advice to “eat less, exercise more.” Using humor, personal anecdotes, and uncommon insight, Michelle shows you how to make healthy lifestyle changes that nourish your body and fuel the fulfilling life you deserve.
Your audience will learn:

  • How to break the Eat-Repent-Repeat cycle
  • Simple, yet powerful strategies for knowing when, what and how much to eat
  • How to recognize and cope effectively with triggers for mindless and emotional eating
  • How to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment – without deprivation or guilt


Fueling a Vibrant, Healthy Workforce (or Community)

Audience: This keynote presentation is perfect for corporate wellness programs, food industry, health care professionals, and policy makers. Continuing education credits available. 

Organizations interested in tackling obesity and promoting healthier lifestyles need engaging, positive, and practical strategies to effect behavior change. To stem the impact of obesity, it is critical to move beyond advice-giving and address the core issues that affect diet and exercise choices. This presentation explores innovative approaches to help individuals develop mindful eating patterns that don’t result in weight cycling. This interactive, entertaining keynote is punctuated by real life, practical examples illustrating how to implement the strategies in a variety of settings (customized to the audience). Dr. May delivers this crucial and timely message with passion, energy and insight that leave a lasting impression. Your audience will learn:

  • The bio-psycho-social drivers of eating important for the development of effective messages and programs
  • Six crucial decision points that impact the way people manage their weight
  • Why mindful eating is a powerful and universal solution to the complex problem of obesity
  • Specific strategies to encourage sustainable healthy eating habits and active lifestyles


Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Audience: This keynote presentation is ideal for the food, beverage, and restaurant industries.

After decades of a difficult love-hate relationship with food, consumers crave a positive, rational approach to eating. Unconventional strategies that promote mindful eating and fearless enjoyment of food offer a powerful and universal solution to the complex issues contributing to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. This interactive, eye-opening keynote deconstructs the Eating Cycle and explores the bio-psycho-social drivers of each decision point. Dr. Michelle May is not only an award-winning author and mindful eating expert, she is an industry-insider. With her family immersed in the restaurant business for the last 25 years and a professional chef-husband, she offers uncommon (and unconventional) insights. Your audience will learn:

  • The bio-psycho-social drivers of eating important for the development of products and consumer messages
  • How to effectively engage consumers to make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices
  • Strategies for communicating messages that promote mindful eating and fearless enjoyment of food


A Family Centered Approach to Lifelong Healthy Habits

Audience: This keynote presentation is perfect for policy makers, educators, health care professionals, and parents. Continuing education credits available.

The alarming trend of unhealthy dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles puts families at significant health risk. In this interactive, entertaining keynote, Michelle shares specific strategies for encouraging families to incorporate healthy behaviors throughout their lives.
Your audience will learn:

  • How to guide families to take charge of their lifestyle choices
  • How to effectively engage parents and children in a healthy, active, balanced life
  • Strategies for communicating positive lifestyle messages that result in meaningful, sustainable behavior change


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