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“Mack was absolutely fantastic--extremely gracious and funny.  I felt like I could sit there for hours and was disappointed when his talk came to an end. We seek out inspirational speakers that are cancer survivors and have learned the use of humor to get through the tough times.  Mack did not disappoint (and) I would absolutely recommend him to any group. ”
Julie A. Scott—Meeting Planner, Oncology Conference (primarily nurses), St. Luke’s Medical Center, Boise, Idaho

Comedian, Two-time Cancer Survivor Speaker

As the funniest two-time cancer survivor in the country, comedian Mack Dryden speaks to dozens of healthcare groups every year and not only lays ‘em in the aisles with his intelligent, clean, rib-splitting humor, but inspires, motivates and educates as well in his speeches.

From oncology nurses to dietitians, from hospital administrators to breast cancer specialists and survivors, Mack leaves a trail of thrilled audiences and rave reviews as a keynote speaker. His entertaining style and poignant message resonate particularly well with women’s groups, because, as he says, “Women don’t have the inhibitions men do when it comes to laughing and showing emotion, so they’re a humorist’s dream.”

In addition to sharing the inspiring and hilarious stories of both of his cancer journeys, Mack Dryden, speaker, is an expert on setting and achieving goals. He walks the walk, having grown up in a small town in Mississippi and worked his way up to performing in movies and dozens of TV shows, including The Tonight Show, and writing on the staff of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He was a super achiever before his show biz career began, having earned a black belt in karate and won two Associated Press writing awards as well as a prestigious fiction writing contest.

As he overcame numerous obstacles on his journey, including battles with two different types of cancer, a harrowing stay in an African prison, and one “near-fatal marriage,” Mack created a guide he’s used to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds to attain his many difficult goals, and now travels the world sharing his secrets and practical goal-achieving tools with thousands of people to inspire and motivate them to reach higher than they ever thought possible in his keynote speeches. He gives them not only inspiration, but effective tools to lower stress, set goals, and pursue them relentlessly with renewed energy and focus.


Mack Dryden’s Most Popular Topics:

Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals

In his uniquely humorous and engaging style, Mack will give your group all the laughs and motivation they need to re-invigorate their lives, bounce back from defeat (“Falling on your face is still moving forward!”), and reach for loftier goals than ever. His practical seven-step formula for achieving personal and professional goals has garnered nothing but rave reviews, and Mack always writes an appropriate amount of special custom material for every client free of charge!


Celebrating Cancer Survival: Live Happy, Laugh Loud

The funniest two-time cancer survivor in the country inspires and motivates with his hilarious stories of beating the Grim Reaper twice in his uniquely warm, family-friendly style. Cancer survivors and care-givers howl with laughter and leave refreshed, thoroughly entertained, and re-energized to pursue new goals and lend support to victims of this cruel disease.


Speak Effectively—and Learn Humor Secrets from a Pro

Mack’s hands-on breakout or general session is as effective as it is entertaining, whether it’s one-on-one training for a single executive, or for a class of fifty managers who want to improve their presentation skills. Mack can teach an in-depth three-hour course, but his students can double their effectiveness on the platform after an eye-opening one-hour breakout in the hands of one of the smoothest and most experienced communicators in the business. Mack will put however much emphasis on “The Effective Use of Humor” segment as the client desires, while keeping the entire seminar light and entertaining.


Fall Down Funny Standup Comedy

Mack’s relaxed stage presence, years of experience, and rib-busting, clean comedy ensures that he’s a huge hit everywhere he performs.


The Perfect Host

When your awards show, general session, or other event needs a professional to keep it light and lively, Mack is unsurpassed in providing exactly the right balance of taking care of business and getting the laughs.

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