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Serving hospitals, healthcare and women's groups

Lisa Mills

100% Clean Comedian and Motivational Speaker

Organizations book Lisa for one simple reason – she’s unbelievably inspiring and undeniably funny! With years of being on the road, developing her craft and discovering what matters most to event planners, Lisa has found the “sweet spot” of balancing a powerful message with a unique blend of show, humor, and motivation.

Years ago, while enjoying a very successful career of building family and community partnerships through social service and nonprofit organizations, Lisa sensed something new was on her professional horizon. During that time, she had the accidental privilege of standing on stage at a women’s conference where she was given the last-minute charge to “make people fall out of their seats laughing.” Not one to shrink from a challenge, Lisa poured out her larger-than-life heart and humor for six hundred women who gave her a standing ovation. She’s been on the road ever since!

That event changed everything. For Lisa, it marked the beginning of building a successful full-time comedy career and speaking business from the ground up. An accomplishment she credits to that one moment of insane courage while standing on stage telling jokes and sharing hope with those amazing women.

Today, as a professional speaker and headlining comedian at events that range from hospitals to universities to military bases and everything in between, Lisa often has the privilege of sharing how that incredible experience changed her life.

Regularly asked how she comes up with laugh out loud material, Lisa responds, “Plain and simple, there is enough laughter in everyday life to keep us all in stitches if we will just look for it!” Her unique blend of slightly skewed, southern-spun humor appeals to a variety of audiences. Convinced that there are more things that unite us than separate us, she brings all types of people together through laughter. Lisa’s hilarious authenticity makes her a definite dynamo to any program.

Lisa is an award-winning, 100% clean comedian, motivational speaker, actor, and author. Her acting debut was working alongside network television’s favorite military gal, Catherine Bell on the Lifetime Channel’s hit show, Army Wives. As an in-demand keynote speaker, she is known for her message of “Transforming Ordinary into Extraordinary: The power of connection to impact, inspire, and influence.” Her always funny, laser-sharp wit has been featured on the Lifetime Network, NOW Network, Impact Network, Netflix, the Dove Channel, and iHeart Radio. She can be seen headlining venues around the country while touring and promoting her latest book, Lord Did I Really Shave My Legs For This?

Lisa Mills resides with her beautiful family just outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Most Popular Topics:


*Making the Most of Today to Get the Best of Tomorrow

At some point, personally or professionally, we’ve all wanted to hit the brakes and start over. However, the key is to make the most of right where you are today. In this hilarious and powerfully moving program Lisa will share how her unique experience of growing up in a trailer park led to years later, sitting in a makeup trailer on the set of a hit television show. She’ll discuss how the fifteen years in between, while pursuing excellence in a traditional career, led her to uncover how to connect better, work smarter, deal with difficult people, and stand out in a crowded market. Join Lisa and have a BLAST while discovering how accomplishing each one of these in your everyday life can move you forward and lead to opportunities of a lifetime!



*Healthcare Program – Great for healthcare associations, hospitals, nurses, departments of public health, healthcare executives, administrators, support staff, etc.

Today, the world of healthcare providers consists of an array of professionals all working toward leading and serving in a way that brings excellence to the forefront of their mission. Many of them face daily obstacles that have very little to do with health in a traditional sense. Embracing constant changes, developing strong teams, becoming more methodical and detail oriented, while also remaining genuinely compassionate toward those they lead and serve can be overwhelming. Through the principles of comedy and the power of connection Lisa will share four valuable strategies for exchanging this work-life stress for work-life success. Join her and laugh your way to discovering four secrets that will encourage, empower, entrust, and expose the star player within every member of your team!



*Cultivating an Environment Where People Readily Give Their Best

We all want to feel valued and yet, many of us feel overworked and under-appreciated. Lisa will share four powerful secrets hidden within the art of comedy that will help you balance competing priorities, build stronger teams, increase productivity, and develop remarkable customer service. This engaging, interactive program is one they will never forget. Join Lisa as you laugh your way to discovering the four secrets to unlocking your inner Monday morning star player!



*Social Services Program – Great for community action agencies, crisis centers, family, child and school social workers, social service directors, assistants, and support staff.

After years of working with social service programs and community nonprofits, Lisa has discovered one simple truth: The “why” is what drives these teams to pursue excellence. She will share how better understanding the “why” of an organization will allow your team to build solid family and community partnerships that will bring its mission to life. Using the principles of comedy and the power of connection she’ll also dive into six valuable strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of work-life success. Join Lisa and laugh your way to discovering these strategies that are sure to strengthen your teams, create higher productivity, develop personal job satisfaction, and enrich your organization’s customer service experience.



*Discovering the Recipe for Five-Star Customer Service

Just like creating a gourmet meal, there are several ingredients needed when creating exceptional customer service. While each one of these ingredients are important, Lisa will share the ONE ingredient that is essential. Join Lisa as you laugh your way to discovering the difference-maker needed to consistently create and implement five-star customer service!



*Humorous / Inspirational / Motivational / Entertainment-based: this hilarious, one-woman show style presentation is great for nonprofit, corporate, and faith based groups of women.

Join Lisa on an adventure as she shares, through her unique southern charm and laser-sharp wit, everything from showing up at potluck dinners with a half-eaten bag of Oreos to spending the first year of marriage without sleeping just to keep her husband from finding out she snores. This program features Lisa’s 100% clean stand-up comedy that touches almost every aspect of a woman’s life including, family, marriage, parenting, careers, friendship, finances, and health. It is perfect for the group who just wants to feel validated, appreciated, and inspired while laughing themselves silly.

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