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“As the organizer of the event, I am always nervous that someone won’t have a good time. My fears were entirely put to rest when fifteen minutes into the presentation EVERYONE (even the wait staff) was engaged and laughing. I am going to recommend Laurie to everyone in the healthcare field!" -- Michele Bruno, DDS: Aurora, IL

Life in the Espresso Lane

With a perfect blend of humor and content, Laurie Guest is a speaker you can count on to set the tone of your meeting.  She has over 24 years of experience in healthcare which led to numerous publications about superior customer service as well as industry recognition for both her expertise and speaking skills.

For over eighteen years she has energized thousands of people not only in healthcare organizations but also in a variety of associations and industries such as banking, education, manufacturing and retail. She knows how to turn a regular meeting into a memorable event.

As a speaker, author, and retreat leader, this “Guest” speaker has the unique ability to combine relevant information with creative delivery techniques and a down-to-earth approach so that each attendee believes she is speaking directly to them.  Her pre-event homework and ability to customize the message to meet your objectives is what sets her apart from many other speakers.

Laurie is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association to recognize demonstrated commitment to the speaking profession through proven platform experience. Less than 10% of speakers worldwide have this designation.

Known as a fast-talking funny lady from the Midwest, what audiences comment on most often is Laurie’s genuine personality, approachable demeanor and witty repartee that makes people laugh.

Laurie lives in DeKalb, Illinois, and takes her role as wife and mother of two very seriously.  She says, “At work I am known for bringing creative, unique programs to the platform.  At home, I am known for bad cooking and endless talking – reason enough to earn a living on the road.”

Most Popular Topics:

Life in the Espresso Lane  (most popular keynote)
7 ways to thrive in a fast-pace world

What if you could give yourself an instant pick-me-up by just changing your thinking – even in stressful times? If you find yourself zapped after encounters with customers or coworkers, would you like some simple yet powerful ways to instantly become engaged, motivated, and energized? You’ll learn practical mental lattes – ideas you can serve yourself any time you need to get your perk on.

This fast-paced, fun, and interactive program will give you tools to blend for your own energizer. You’ll leave with new pep and excitement for the day. When you savor this “cup of sanity,” Laurie’s humor and wisdom will make you want to visit her ideas daily.

You will learn:

  • One action that will make you indispensable at work
  • What mistakes can teach you – and it’s not what you think!
  • Behaviors that can make you positively stand out from others
  • An approach to build rapport with others
  • Ideas for keeping your personal life in balance
  • Techniques for getting your ideas accepted


Humorous Keynote.  Designed to set the tone of a meeting, build energy and enthusiasm in the workplace, motivate for personal improvement.  Can be easily customized to meet your objectives.


I Want to See the Jalapeno Coming?:  A Hot Recipe to Attract New Customers

The key to any business’ success are the 3 Rs: Reorder, Revisit and Refer.

This “R-Formula Recipe” is simple to understand but the ingredients for ensuring repeat and referral business are not always applied with every customer interaction. How does your organization rate when it comes to service? Are you hot tamales or have room for improvement? How do you know?

What if an independent party could tell you your scores? Would you be interested in what they have to say? What if you learned concrete actions you could take to raise the satisfaction level? But more importantly, would you act on the ideas presented? Believe it or not, some people don’t. And their businesses languish.

In this lively session, you’ll learn what your organization can do to be outstanding. You’ll hear about nuances that can ensure customer loyalty. And you’ll be surprised at some of the revelations.

You will learn:

  • How organizations create loyal customers – and what others do to undermine their customer connection
  • How your organization can get candid ratings on your customers’ experience
  • What specific actions you can take to cement your customers’ enthusiastic support


Workshop style presentation focused on sales and customer service. Needs to be done in at least a two-hour format.


Managing the Red Carpet: A show business guide to customer service

Your customers deserve – and may expect – red-carpet service. You want to treat them like the honored guests that they are. But how? Are there new ways you can show you value them?

Yes! During this exceptionally creative session, you’ll watch examples of red carpet service in famous movie moments and understand how to link the message to your situations.

In this unique, entertaining and practical program you’ll discover ways to create exemplary service for your customers and learn award-winning ideas for achieving your business objectives. This interactive and entertaining program is packed with action steps that will energize your cast and connect them with your customers.

Topics include:

  • Identify misleading silent signals
  • Determine your E-Zone levels
  • Learn the 8 taboo words to remove from your vocabulary
  • Generate the power of the invisible impact
  • Invent a showtime culture


Customer service program. There are many additional service options available with this program including auditing your organization’s service in advance and providing a confidential report with recommendation for improvements.


Are We Having Fun Yet?? — How to Shake Your Attitude in the Workplace

Is the workplace draining your energy? Do you wish for more fun on the job? Are you ready to improve your relationship with co-workers? If you answered “yes,” then this dynamic program is a perfect match for you.

Too often our busy, stressful days keep us from really enjoying our journey. In this session, you’ll learn simple ideas to improve your outlook toward the daily challenges at work. You will have the chance to win cash and prizes, so bring your attitude and let\’s shake it up!

You will:

  • Learn how to build a group that leads to a great team
  • Know how to talk so others understand
  • Increase awareness of your strengths and weaknesses


Original interactive game is included in this program. Specific room set-up is required and discussion in advance with meeting planner on the outcome of the game is important. This program is a perfect match for groups that want small group discussion and lots of interaction between audience and presenter.


Swizzle Stick Strategy: 5 Ways to Stir-Up Your Business

You know there are more ways to attract and serve customers, but you’re coming up dry. What would create more enthusiastic customers? What could you tweak or create to get more sales? You need to stir up your thinking. You want to shake up your creative solutions. But how?

In this highly interactive program, you will be guided through activities to get you thinking beyond your current offerings. You’ll create a recipe of specific ideas you can stir together to grow your business. You’ll be excited to implement your new plans. Your teammates will toast your brilliance!

You will learn to:

  • Think beyond your present offerings
  • Blast through limiting assumptions
  • Come up with catchy, pithy messages
  • Compellingly names and new offerings
  • Capitalize on a common human desire


This sales and marketing program is very interactive as attendees will participate in molding their current communication into a format that sells their product or service better.


Influential Communication

This highly interactive program will help you find the right words at the right time. You’ll take common scenarios and learn how to phrase your communication to increase your influence with coworkers, customers, or even family members.

You’ll have less stress and more confidence. Your new skills will help you become a better staff member and be more effective on the job. There will be less tension and more cooperation on teams who utilize the tools taught.

  • Learn how to deliver difficult messages
  • Mold communication to serve client better
  • Language scripting for success


Interactive format. Practical tools for immediate use.
A Special version is available for aspiring leaders or middle management.
Best length: 1 hour or more.



All of the programs listed above have version specific to nursing and healthcare support teams. In addition, several additional programs are available only for healthcare audiences.

Best Kept Secrets of Successful Practices

Ever wonder why some healthcare practices are more successful than others? This program gives you insider information on many great tools used by your colleagues. This rapid-fire session is full of ideas that can be immediately implemented. Learn about the incredible tools that can improve communication, staff development, customer service, teamwork, patient service and many more tips for building a successful medical practice.


Tools of the Trade

The medical assistant’s toolbox must be filled with specific attributes for a successful career. This program is a fast-paced, interactive session that will illustrate the fourteen “tools” a healthcare professional must have to differentiate themselves in the workplace.


Lead or Get Out of the Way

This program is especially designed for medical office managers. Whether you have been in the position for 20 days or 20 years, you will find ideas you can implement the very next day! Laurie covers the crucial elements to successful leadership, shares medical practice building ideas in rapid-fire style, and enhances the professional relations skills that are essential to superior leadership.


Taming the Tough Patient

Join this unique and interactive program that takes an entertaining look at a variety of challenging situations in the medical office. Physical, emotional and communicative issues will be addressed including how to deal with the angry patient.


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