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“Lauren Miller is one of the most incredibly powerful human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I use Lauren’s work daily. She is a voice to be reckoned with. There are speakers and then there are SPEAKERS. Lauren has that spirit behind her voice and work. If you are serious about transforming from the inside out, Lauren Miller’s work speaks for itself. Lauren has the “it” thing about her. Charisma is something you can’t acquire either you have it or you don’t have it. Lauren HAS IT. That thing that touches the deepest fibers of your soul...incredible!” -- Les Brown, World Renowned Speaker/Author

Breast Cancer Survivor, Stress Relief Solutions

Lauren E.  Miller is a Stress Relief and Personal Excellence Educator; Founder and Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, international award winning author, speaker, trainer and coach.

Through product resources, mainstream media, one on one coaching, workshops, seminars and 30 day, 3 minute-a-day programs, Lauren equips people world wide with effective, results-based skill sets and systems which produce positive behavioral shifts, expanding people’s ability to excel in life without all of the stress and anxiety. Purpose driven, confident living, goal achievement,  and work-life satisfaction are among the many positive outcomes her clients experience.

Lauren received her BS degree from CU Boulder in Journalism/Psychology, postgraduate in Education. She is currently enrolled in Rutgers Master of Education in Adult Education Program, 2nd degree black belt from the World Wide Tae Kwon Do Federation, Certified Master Business Success Coach, NLP/EFT Master Practitioner (two energy psychology modalities that result in profound positive behavioral transformation). Lauren is a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of The Women of Global Change.

Lauren has received National and International recognition including Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, Success Magazine, CSNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime, Discovery and the International Journal of Healing and Care. Lauren co-hosts a weekly health and wellness radio show and is a contributing writer for Colorado Biz Magazine and’s Personal Excellence & Wellness Magazines.

With 20 years of volunteer work in adult and youth ministry Lauren is an active participant with Compassion International and has sponsored several children for over a decade. As a conqueror of two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is grateful for the gift of each new day. Residing in Colorado, Lauren enjoys living life to the fullest with her husband and three children along with dancing, fly fishing, camping, hiking, Colorado sunsets and laughter.

Most Popular Topics:

Walking Through the Fire with Family, Friends and Faith

In her signature speech, Lauren shares her touching and uplifting personal story in which she faced pain, disease and loss to be lead to a higher place through support of her faith. Be present as she moves you from fear, doubt and worry into a state of love, joy and gratitude.

  • Live life from an inner confidence, knowing that no matter what unfolds, you can handle it
  • Embrace vulnerability to make meaningful connections in life
  • Hold faith the size of a mustard seed in order to move mountains


Shifting Relationships and Teams from Competition to Collaboration

You are guided to hold positive perceptions and to take powerful action in order to enhance interpersonal communication and connection. This talk holds immense value for leaders and those working on teams.

  • Maximize job performance
  • Increase productivity, innovation and team building
  • Increase positive communication with feelings of connection, validation and appreciation


Releasing Life’s Stress in Less than 5 Minutes

You learn and apply universal stress relief practices that can be accomplished in under five minutes. With tested, tried and true tips, you release daily stress in order to experience individual and organizational empowerment.

  • Decrease stress related illnesses; improve overall enjoyment of life
  • Release the fears and phobias that hold you back at work and at home
  • Going for what you want in life without being attached to the outcome


Releasing the Stress Around Breast Cancer

Learn how to anchor a positive self-image. Lauren shares her journey through stage-3 cancer in order to inspire audiences with a great comeback story and the tools she used to thrive while trying to survive. Targeting cancer survivors, this talk also uplifts any who faces life’s stressors and triggers.

  • Rediscover your sense of humor
  • Gain insight and tools into the “Art of Instant Stress Relief” with or without cancer
  • Utilize 3 tips that will enable you to dance through any storm in life


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