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Kris King

Inspiring Leader, Breast Cancer Survivor

When Kris King stared down at the last two chemotherapy pills that had been sustaining her, she realized it was time to celebrate. With her chemotherapy over, she decided to fill the void left by her daily meds with a healthy dose of happiness.

Kris embraced her role as a devoted wife and mother of three young boys, but this would not be the only time she would face a battle with mortality. Just seven years later, she lost her son, Matthew, one week after his 21st birthday.

After years of reflection, growth and prayer, Kris eventually learned to overcome life’s major setbacks, developing the ability to find joy, even in the face of adversity. She shares her tools for living a fulfilled life in her new book, My Heart Has Wings: 52 Empowering Reflections on Living, Learning and Loving (Bridgeway Books, February 2009).

Whether planning a family dinner to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy or planting a memorial garden for her deceased son, King’s inspirational methods for healing remind others that happiness can be found anywhere.

“I believe we don’t have to live in constant pain when bad things happen to us,” says Kris, who founded WINGS, a company dedicated to personal growth. “We can always choose to be happy.”

Today, Kris credits her transformed thinking for making her realize that circumstances do not determine happiness. While attending a series of personal effectiveness seminars, she discovered how her victim mentality was distorting life, focusing on what was happening to her rather than what she could do to ensure her happiness and survival. In My Heart Has Wings, she takes readers through a personal quest for happiness and encourages similar self-reflection through a series of chapter-end questions.

For over 20 years, Kris has helped individuals heal and achieve personal goals. Through seminars ranging from personal effectiveness to team development and leadership training, Kris leads others to personal and corporate success. Using the skills she developed from coping with her personal struggles, her clients are able to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, structures, behaviors and patterns. As owner and CEO of Wings Seminars, she led her team in consistently achieving an impressive 97% “excellent to superb” quality rating by over 20,000 participants who have attended Wings Seminars. They’ve also retained a 90+% referral rate.

As a uniquely graceful, authentic, and inquiring change orchestrator who has helped launch the careers of leaders in the field of Transformational Education, she has facilitated thousands to live expansively, achieve their goals and become exceptional leaders in their personal and professional lives. Her outstanding ability to connect with a diverse cross-section of individuals and audiences has created an impressive resume of expertise and depth.

Kris walks her talk and she gets results.


Staying Healthy in Times of Change

Vision Based Living

Stepping Into Personal Authority

Lessons from the Past

Keys to the Future

The Power of Positive Intention

Improving Internal Dialogue…Healthy Self Talk

Creating Lasting Change

They’re Mad…Now What Do I Do?

The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be



Flat Chested and Ecstatic

When life-threatening illness strikes, it can be the gateway to a whole new life. These are empty words unless they’re spoken by someone who has endured the retching physical, emotional and spiritual trials. Kris King shares her story candidly, as only she can. More importantly, she brings a message of hope and power about the conviction it brought her to choose to flourish in the world. Living through it taught her about living, loving and being herself, as today she inspires people to re-discover that very same power in themselves.

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