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"Thank you for setting us up with just the right person for our Purposeful Seminar, 'Living in Color.' KJ created such a positive atmosphere, and my ladies have told me repeatedly how much they loved listening to her, laughing with her, singing with her, and getting to hear her story.  She helped them to feel comfortable to express their passions and encouraged them to follow that passions. She lit up the room for the ladies at the seminar. Her joy was contagious, and we caught it! KJ was exactly what we needed, and your connection made that happen. Thank you very much, Barbara." -- Kay Stuart, Delta Kappa Gamma, Knoxville, PA

Motivational Musician and Speaker

Motivational speaker and singer/songwriter, KJ, has a message that will set the record straight… indeed you do have a voice in your circumstances and that you do have control over your decisions AND… best of all, you can have a wonderful life!

The empowerment tactics that KJ helps to attract for each person’s life offer energy, knowledge and confidence that it all can be a fascinating journey, and that the world can be a good place. We are ALL responsible for our actions in our lives.

Whether it’s making decisions in the workplace, or raising a family to be proactive in making positive choices, KJ stresses the importance of each forward step.

Incorporating timely, oftentimes original, light-hearted music into her programs, KJ offers personal insight into the “whys” and “hows” of creating a healthy, positive life…and the many reasons for doing so!

KJ found her passion for writing and speaking in relation to “mental wellness triggering physical wellness” when she herself was “Tied to Tubes” (she calls it the “Tri-T” moments!) at a well-known research hospital. With the death of her hospital roommate and her few months of being “out of commission” herself,  she realized that life is precious, and decided to follow her own positive path. KJ began incorporating positive messages within her own songwriting and performances and quickly was being asked to speak at conferences and wellness summits to share her message of “Celebrating Seconds. “

As her love for the celtic twist of peaceful life became more evident, KJ also began traveling to Scotland and Ireland to share her messages in schools and communities. This began the “songwriter swap” program she began between many new friends of hers who now visit the US and share stories and songs from the UK.

KJ has spoken for healthcare summits, wellness conferences, agriculture/healthy eating conventions, women’s weekends, youth rallys, as well as bank trainings , lumber and hardwood association gatherings, education workshops, library conference events and many others. Although “finding the diamond in the rough” of what may be given in life is what her underlying message is, KJ tailor designs each conference keynote to have participants feel as though she is having a one-on-one conversation with them in promoting positive initiatives.

Most Popular Topics:

The Beat Goes On: Pumping New Life into the Heart of It All

Do you ever feel like you’re getting stale in what you’re doing? Wondering if you should change your world, change your job, change your location? Any one of these could be the answer but first you need to change the way in which you see yourself! By pumping new life into you, your actions will soon speak volumes!
Songs and audience participation are included in this presentation.

(Perfect for Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Long Term Care, Business )


Staying Positive in a Negative World

Turn off the TV, radio and cell phone. There WAS life before electronics!
Find your inner peace. Touch base with family, friends and nature. Reconnect.
Find the “beauty” that’s been buried under the chaos.
Simplicity IS possible by making SMALL choices that will make a HUGE difference.

(Breathing techniques, light exercises to clear the brain, creating simple mantras together or short songs about life can help) –It’s the “sniblets of change” that make all the difference. Find creative ways to do magical things to relationships to keep the positives flowing.
Songs are included in this presentation.

(Perfect for Women’s Conferences, Wellness Retreats, Church Groups, Educators and more! This is also adapted for teen conferences and camp retreats.)


YES, YOU CAN!…Amazing!

“Why is it that I can jump out of an airplane to skydive but I can’t confront a co-worker with whom I’m having difficulty?” I heard myself say something like this several years ago. And why do many think it’s healthier to tell everyone else about a problem with Gail when the one who does have the problem with Gail hasn’t even bothered to tell Gail?  We’ll discuss the many tools and ways to communicate directly -and yet more kindly – to become healthier people.

In not only confrontation issues but exercises in life that hold us back from success, we’ll learn to overcome fear and learn to take more (appropriate) chances. If you want to be a guitar player and yet you have no hands, you can still find a way. If you want to be a CEO and work from the beach, it’s all possible with creativity and open communication.
Songs are  included in this presentation.

(Perfect for Direct Care Workers, Healthcare personnel, Wellness Retreats, Educators, Businesspersons and more!)


Turning the ‘Stress Mess’ to Success!

As Rumi said, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I’m changing myself!” Although the world of business and community may appear to be spinning out of control at times, there’s no rule that says you must participate in the chaos. In the world of “corporate rules and regulations,” learn to find the best “You” and market that person for all to see and experience. You will leave this session feeling more than uplifted and motivated and open to more dedication of your work.

(Perfect for any industry…banking, healthcare, education, agriculture, business and more!)


Carrying the Torch!

Remember that YOU have the power to carry the torch. No need to pass on problems to perpetuate frustration or anxiety in others, too. It just circles back to you. Discovering problems is insightful, but finding and offering solutions is an even better path! There’s peace in understanding the difference. And those around you will notice. Audience participation and upbeat messages are part of this life-changing keynote and/or workshop.

(Perfect for Wellness Groups, Women’s Groups, Healthcare, Agriculture, Banking, Business professionals and more!)



How often have you tried to explain who you are to someone else? How often have you wanted to know more about someone quickly so that maybe you’d have a better working or personal relationship with them? Stick it there! Learn to be more precise in how you speak to get your point across. Gather all of your thoughts in your head and express only what you’re wanting your listener to hone in on. Too much gab is too much to absorb!  Audience members will design his or her own bumper sticker, to narrow down what is truly important in their lives of communication and will become better at reeling in conversation from others.

(Perfect for Wellness Groups, Women’s Groups, Camps, Business and more!)


What We All Need… Is ‘BELIEVE…’
Believe In Something Positive and the Rest Will Come!

Changing your thoughts, your direction, your inner world is yours to claim! And you can make it fun and easy! It’s an exciting life to live when you take control of your thoughts and your actions. Think BIG with your ideas. Limitations are your own. Meeting with like-individuals inspire creativity and motivation. And even the sky isn’t the limit!
Songs and motivation tips included.

(Perfect for Teen Retreats and Conferences, as well as Wellness, Business, Healthcare, Agriculture, Church, Women’s conferences)


From Rest Room Floor To So Much More!

As one who experienced the darkest of times and found a newfound strength within the struggles in claiming a new healthy life within the hospital and sheltered home world, KJ shares the fear, the humor, the release and the positive motivation to get to the other side of serious illness. Many uplifting life stories, techniques and humorous tunes will delight audiences and challenge others to claim their own lives again, no matter what the circumstance.

(Perfect for Wellness, Healthcare, Church, Women’s Conferences and more!)


A Garden of Opportunities!

Celebrate the daily “moments” of life offered in the workplace, at school, at home, on the road…wherever life takes you. KJ emphasizes that none of us should take life—and ourselves and those around us — so seriously that we forget to breathe! Life is the ultimate garden. It’s filled with ideas that come from seeds, harvesting of goals that come from hard work. And even the manure – especially the smelly manure in the hard times of life – offer nutrients to kick life into gear! Original music, storytelling and fun positive tips will leave audiences with new life and energy to handle problem-solving in numerous situations in planting the seeds of rejuvenation in all of us.

(Perfect for Teen Conferences, Women’s Groups, Master Gardeners, Agriculture Associations)


In Sing-k! Music to LIVE by!

Celebrate learning anything – or EVERYTHING! – through words and notes that are sung, danced, chorded and tapped! Balance work with FUN as education comes to life! Identify and demonstrate several ways of learning by using what’s around you. Demonstrate easy steps to enjoying more of what you do, prompting students to enjoy learning more, too! Walk away with more confidence in not only educating, but in allowing yourself to be human and more accessible.

(Perfect for Wellness Groups, Early Childhood Educators, Women’s Groups, Also adapted to Youth Groups and more!)


Wiggles & Giggles…and Middles that Jiggle!

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Life should be celebrated as a gift! “FUN your way” into new techniques of being YOU that will make each day a pleasure and a rewarding one for you and those around you. Balance — in laughter with education — and giggle and wiggle your way to learning more about yourself to be better to yourself and others. Find fun ways to be healthy from the mind to the body! Identify and demonstrate stress points and find ways to MOVE them away. Discover physically-rewarding ways to live to mentally-rewarding outcomes!

(Perfect for Wellness Groups, Educators, Women’s Groups, Healthcare Workers, Long-Term Care Workers, Business professionals and more!)


Birth to Five…Music to Thrive!

Celebrate the music within each one of us… beginning at birth!
Magical internal music of heartbeat and pulse and the expansion through feet, hands, face and more is encouraged in melodic play. And as age progresses, “Say it, play it!” in any childhood language. Call and Response… and Movement with Song encourages even the most unresponsive child to participate…and create…and learn.

“Birth to Five… Music to Thrive” recognizes the importance of communication
in the early years through self-expression and motivation. Encouraging music and play… throughout the day…bridges imagination to reality to create a safe place for learning.
(Perfect for Early Childhood Educators, Aides, Camps and those working with young people!)

EnvironMentally-Friendly Instrument Creation —
Music and Art Workshop for the Healing of Mind!

Invent a new drum, shaker, banjo, fiddle, whistle or anything that makes you smile – made from items that can be recycled or mostly recycled anyway!! And you can name it at the end and describe to the audience how it is played! Participants bring empty soda bottles, empty tissue boxes, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, plastic jars, old butter tubs, newspapers, dried flowers/pine cones/walnuts/leaves (for beauty), rice or seeds (for noise), rubber bands (for strings) or even mud (for texture)! And then bring anything to jazz it up with color such as paints, pens or markers!

The goal is to Think Outside The Box! (your own “safety box” that you – and most folks – may fall into over time).  Releasing that inhibition to become an even more creative individual is what this is all about! It begins with an exercise like this and leads to SO MUCH MORE!

(Perfect for all ages and activity-based conferences and workshops!)



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