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“I want to thank you for the most wonderful job that you did for Columbus Regional at Spirit Girls Night Out. From beginning to end, you flat out delivered! Your willingness to work before the event (even en route to our city) with our media partners was awesome, and your media segments generated excitement about our event. What is truly noteworthy about you is that you not only commanded the stage during your performance, but you personally appeared and interacted with our audience during the event. Many of the women who attended the event commented on your wonderfully witty and personable manner. You warmed their hearts and inspired them before the performance even began! Your presentation of "Who Hijacked My Fairytale" had a truly raw and honest quality that was endearing and motivating. It was when the hands of many of the audience were raised and swaying, that I knew you had pulled on some heartstrings and touched some lives. The occasional "amens" after your "bless your hearts" and "I'm just sayings" only added to the inspirational and revival like atmosphere you created. Thank you again for sharing your stories with our audience and giving our event a fairy-tale ending.”
-- LeDare Windham, Spirit of Women Coordinator, Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Columbus, GA

Outrageously Funny Motivational Speaker

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and cast member of The Fashion Hero television show airing on Amazon Prime. She is also author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, The Land of If Only, The Story Formula, and The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, keynote speaker for the International Toastmasters Convention, and has keynoted major conferences and corporate events from coast to coast.

Kelly’s wacky wit and powerful stories have charmed hearts and tickled funny bones for over 15 years.

Kelly knows what makes women tick and she’s created a hilarious one-woman show for women’s health events, that will get your audience members happy and motivated, while putting the shine on your organization.

Kelly is a frazzled overworked underpaid mom, with an eleven-year-old who has been afraid of the dark ever since she mixed up his Veggie Tale videos with her Law and Order videos. She was the kid you threw things at on the bus – who spent her whole life trying to get a seat at the cool kids’ table, only to realize that the very things that made her weird would turn out to be the very things that would make her happy. She’s married to a man who has been in the same mood for 47 years. (Kelly has been in 47 moods since she started this sentence.) She has a plus-sized passion for making people laugh – often using her own life as material, or another one of her wacky southern characters who surprise and delight you at every turn.

Kelly sees how women get stuck in a pot hole along the yellow brick road of life – the place where the life they’ve envisioned meets the life they have. She shows them that the first step out of that pot hole is to acknowledge that to some degree it was their choices that brought them there – just as it will be their choices that get them out. The second step is to believe that they deserve better. And the third step is to take action.

So where does women’s health fit into the equation? Everywhere. Sometimes our health is the pot hole. And sometimes our health is standing in the way of our ability to find that happier ever after.  Kelly is not the poster child for women’s health — and therein lies her power of influence. She is the poster child for a woman struggling to find balance in life — who has let excuses stand in the way of her happily ever after – who is looking in the mirror and deciding that it’s time to make a change. And she invites her audience to make that change with her. She comes to you hilariously broken – with a plus sized dose of wacky Southern humor and an even bigger helping of encouragement. She wants to show you that it’s not about looking like a princess; it’s about feeling like one.

She’ll make you laugh yourself silly, and just when you least expect it, she’ll bring a tear to your eye. Whether you’re reading her latest book Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?, watching her DVD, listening to one of her CDs, reading another one of her quirky and truth-filled articles and blogs, or seeing her live – Kelly is often the very thing you need to help you get from where you are stuck to where you want to be – laughing the whole way.  Plus she will showcase the healthcare provider’s valuable role in helping women rewrite their fairy tales – one dream at a time.

Most Popular Topics:

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?
Finding the balance between the life you envisioned, and the life you got

We all reach potholes in the yellow brick road of life – where we get stuck between our vision and our reality. It’s not the obstacle that brings us down, but how we choose to react to it. This hilarious and powerfully moving program follows motivational speaker Kelly Swanson’s twisted journey to happier ever after. You’ll laugh, get a renewed sense of purpose for who you are and what you do, and learn Kelly’s See/Believe/Do approach to getting from where you are stuck to where you are going – laughing the whole way. Attendees will learn to:

  • Assess problem areas
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Review negative mindsets and behaviors
  • Learn to think more creatively
  • Learn to motivate themselves to deal with stress and change
  • Learn to motivate others to form stronger teams


Laughing Your Way To A Healthier You —
Learn to love the body you have, while working for the one you want

For many of us, it’s not in knowing what to do where we fail – it’s in actually doing it! All the knowledge in the world will not help us reach a healthier state of being without being motivated to do it.We need to learn to love ourselves at every stage – because when we love ourselves we make better choices. So join us as Kelly Swanson takes us on another hilarious and powerfully motivating journey to a happier healthier self. Kelly will make you laugh a LOT (which burns calories by the way), cry a little, learn to love ourselves again (bulges and all), and cultivate a  healthy attitude and a fresh perspective on how good health can make us happy. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Motivate themselves to set realistic goals and reach them
  • Love the body they have while working for the body they want
  • Review the negative attitudes that are holding them back
  • Develop a fresh perspective
  • Understand the connection between good health and living the life they want


Stand Up and Stick Out In a Crowded Market
Because Nobody Notices Normal

It’s not about being better that gets you the business – it’s about being different. In a crazy crowded world of noise and confusion – where the customer has a lot more choices – you had better find a way to stand up and stick out among the competition. Join Kelly Swanson as she takes you on another one of her hilarious and powerfully moving journeys to a happier ever after – by helping you find out what makes you unique, and helping you jump outside your comfort zone. Whether you are in sales, in marketing, in customer service, on the front lines or the back, own a business, want to write a book, or simply want to start living by your own list instead of someone else’s – this is the program for you. Attendees will:

  • Learn how to believe in themselves again
  • Find the qualities that make them different, and set them apart from their competition
  • Learn how to control their fears instead of letting their fears control them
  • Learn how to ask for what they want
  • Find the many hidden opportunities to be different
  • Learn Kelly’s Six Secrets that motivational speakers know about influencing others


The Glory’s In Your Story
Using Story To Create An Emotional Connection

Research tells us that facts tell, emotions sell. So your ability to make an emotional connection will directly affect the outcome of your success. No matter what your job, you will have far more impact and power of influence if you know how to create an emotional connection with your listener. One of your greatest tools is the story. Join us as motivational speaker Kelly Swanson takes us on another one of her hilarious and motivating journeys through the path of the story. Sit mesmerized as you meet the characters in her town, and experience for yourself what stories do that information can not. And, once again, laughing the whole way. Attendees will:

  • Learn the power of stories
  • Study the connection between the story and the listener as opposed to the connection between the information and the listener
  • Learn how to find stories from real life
  • Learn how to craft stories
  • Learn how to tell stories
  • Learn how to use the right stories to achieve the effect you want


The Money’s In The Funny
Laughing Your Way To Success

There is no question that laughing feels good. And there is no question that laughing is good for your health. But did you know it can actually make you money? And not just if you’re a comedian or a motivational speaker. Research has proven that facts tell, emotions sell. So if you want to reach people emotionally – to help you sell better, influence better, lead better, connect better, manage better, and just be more fun to be around – then you don’t want to miss Kelly’s program on humor. Not only will you laugh, you will learn how to bring more humor into your life and into your line of work – not just as a tool to make you happy, but as a tool to get more business! Attendees will:

  • Learn the value of humor
  • Learn how to write and deliver humor
  • Learn how to bring humor into your line of work
  • See the opportunities where humor can impact your life and your busines



Sometimes you just want to do something special for group – a way to say thank you and show them that they are valued and appreciated. Maybe you have been through some hardships and need someone to come in and help you get through this tough spot and grow closer. Maybe you want to celebrate a good year. Maybe you are kicking off a fundraiser and want to get people pumped up. Maybe you want to unveil a new vision or tell your company’s story. Kelly will listen to your goals and visions and write the perfect program that will leave your group talking about you for years.


DON’T MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER…a hilarious and inspiring journey through motherhood



Kelly Swanson has created another funny motivational keynote filled with laughs, inspiration, and a message about how mothers can find balance and peace in a life of carpools and chaos. It’s just the shot in the heart that mothers need to keep going.


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