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Karen Jacobsen – The GPS Girl® 

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“Karen is pro-active and enthusiastic about her topic, and I left feeling inspired, motivated and excited about creating a life that I love (as much as the speaker loves her life!) She is very informative, classy and encouraging.” -- New York Professional Women

The GPS Girl's Road Map to Your Future

When Karen Jacobsen walks on stage, there is no question she is in the driver’s seat. The GPS Girl®, Karen Jacobsen’s speaking voice, is in over 25 million GPS units giving drivers directions worldwide as “Australian Karen.” She has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, in The New York Times, NY Daily News, Glamour magazine and was named one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People.

Karen speaks to groups who want to inspire the best in their people, and create a road map for their future. She’s that voice that guides you when you are lost and reassures you when you are wondering if you are headed in the right direction.

An Aussie, who ten years ago moved to New York, Karen had an unexpected twist in her singing career. She was hired for a 50 hour voice-over job, which resulted in a voice system for GPS directions. Hers is the voice called “Australian Karen”, now in over 25 million GPS units all over the world.

Before long, Karen was being asked to demonstrate those calm and consistent directions in real life, and in addition to her music performances, she began accepting invitations as a speaker on living with direction and awareness. She began sharing her story about how she overcame chronic insecurity and navigated her way from a small town near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the Big Apple to inspire others to create their own road maps to their futures.

In her life she has mastered the art of creating a road map for herself and learning to follow it – and to include consciously the course corrections that are needed. So it’s no coincidence that she specializes in telling people “where to go” – or that she became the voice for millions of people looking for direction.

In her talks Karen, who is billed as “The GPS Girl,” presents her serious training for life in a fun and accessible way. She expands on how to Put Yourself In the Driver’s Seat, using road rules and directions as an analogy for business and life. Her book The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future shows how to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat, to learn to listen to your Inner GPS, and to recalculate at any time in life, just as we do when driving.

How did The GPS Girl navigate her way from the Great Barrier Reef to the NYC? Of couse – she set up her map and then recalculated her route along the way to reach her destination! Her story and the principles she derives from it can have a profound impact on your audience.

Most Popular Program:

CONFERENCE KEYNOTE:  Road Map for Your Future

Karen Jacobsen is as at-home in front of a conference audience as she is on center stage at a stadium. Her one woman keynote presentation “Road Map for Your Future” is a sixty minute experience designed to open or close your conference or event.

The GPS Girl is the right opening or closing Speaker for your next conference if:

  • Your group is interested in being entertained and inspired by a one woman force of nature
  • You are ready to learn how to recalculate in life just like you do in your car, so you can keep moving toward your destination, and
  • You’d like to learn how to create an effective road map for your future.


Most importantly, your people will listen to directions like they never have before from The GPS Girl live. Road Map for Your Future is designed to do four things:

  • To leave your people with more focus on a daily basis
  • To give them more confidence in themselves
  • To build more courage to take the small steps they need to take every day and see how they contribute to reaching their goals
  • To create a road map for their future success.


This is one show they will never forget. Karen will engage everyone with their potential, and leave them with tools to implement immediately that will stick for the long term. If you’re looking for someone to zero in on the things your people need to create a road map for their future, then, as you can hear her say everyday in the privacy of your car, “you have reached your destination.”

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