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Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD

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"I must say, Dr. Dorothy, and no surprise here, that you received the most rave reviews of everyone. I love your messages. I understand you spoke to many women individually and you blessed them in so many ways. You are truly gifted and give out willingly. I am honored and pleased to know you. It is I who can’t thank you enough of giving your time and energy to help me bring my vision of women helping women to a reality." -- Anne, Anne Garland Enterprises, LLC, IDEA Circle of Women Annual Conference, Westbrook, CT

Insightful, Inspiring Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

As an author, speaker, psychotherapist, and teacher, for over 25 years Dr. Dorothy has been inspiring and training others to come alive and claim their health in ways they never believed were possible. She meets your audience where they are and where you want them to go while her humor, wisdom, and love of life becomes infectious and life transforming. Consequently, in addition to her speaking engagements she is a frequent guest on radio and television nationally and internationally and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Dr. Dorothy’s speaking engagements are most often described as life-changing, faith-filled, and inspiring. Audiences remark that her style is profound yet earthy, filled with wisdom and humor in her honest down-to-earth delivery. As a child from an orphanage and the housing projects of Boston, who became a PhD, Clinical Instructor at a medical school, and founder of her own Institute in Integrative Health, she shows the power of emotions, humor, and faith in healing and in health.

Most Popular Topics:

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

Each personality style handles stress differently. Understanding yourself, your personality style, and how you do or don’t handle stress supports you in practicing the self-care needed to prevent a wide variety of illnesses from developing. Epigenetics shows us the impact of stress, exercise, and diet on our DNA not simply our weight. Learn to laugh at yourself while also understanding those stress factors you carry and how to change your perspective on it all. Take your health seriously but not yourself!


5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams and Your Health

Women have a tendency to care for everyone and everything else in their lives while placing themselves last on the list. Following your dreams opens you up to life of passion vs. stress, hope vs. depression, and strength vs. fear. Dr. Dorothy shares her personal story of an orphanage, the housing projects, and so much more including founding a school in integrative health and becoming a Clinical Instructor at a medical school. In addition, she shares many stories of working with her patients while their health issues disappeared as they followed their dreams.


The Need for Self-Care and Life Changes

Accepting that life is filled with constant change relieves an immense amount of stress and forces us to recognize the illusion of control and perfection. Life is….. Change is …. How do you want to deal with it is the only legitimate question. Seeing the journey as an adventure supports you in letting go of wanting to control it. Looking back over your life and seeing that amazingly with or without your help everything did fall into place, you did end up on your feet one way or another. Knowing how to support yourself in the process of life and all its changes makes it far less frightening and very much a source of laughter, tears, friendship, and awe.

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