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Donna Hartley



“Donna energized the room as she shared her powerful personal story and truly helpful and easy health tips in an engaging and humorous fashion. We received positive feedback immediately following the event and highly recommend Donna for other events!”
– Christina Fisher, Portland Go Red for Women

Inspiring Plane Crash, Cancer & Heart Survivor

Inspirational keynote speaker Donna Hartley shares an amazing story. She is proof that one woman can walk through fire and deliver a message powerful enough to impact millions of lives. This is an empowering survival story.

  • On March 1, 1978 – she survived a fiery DC-10 plane crash that transformed her life in seconds and inspired her to testify to change airline safety regulations
  • On March 1, 2002 – she was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma and is cancer free and is a champion for skin knowledge
  • On March 1, 2006 – she triumphed over open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve and now is an advocate for women and heart disease


Donna transforms lives and electrifies her audiences worldwide with her storytelling. Be amazed by her survival story of a DC-10 plane crash, cancer, and heart surgery, which all occurred on the date of a March 1st. She delivers an inspirational message with a twist of drama and humor. You will laugh, cry, and become energized to ignite your Firepower! Her style is entertaining, memorable, and impactful. Donna transports you to living in the moment and knowing the truth. Learn to be a survivor. Everyone has a story. Once you understand your story and the lessons that are critical for leadership, there are no limits.

Most Popular Topics:

Fire Up Your Life! A Journey to Transformation (Most Requested)

If you have ever wondered about your life purpose, Donna shares her insights gained from her own experiences and offers nine strategies to overcome daunting challenges, get you unstuck, and moving to great fulfillment and transformation. Acquire the skills you need to take your leadership expertise to the next level. You will be empowered to shift your attitude with this inspirational and uplifting presentation. A master storyteller Donna relates the lessons learned from three life-altering events — a plane crash, Stage III Melanoma and open heart surgery — all on March 1 of different years. Master the techniques it takes to be a survivor and thrive in these changing times.


Fire Up Your Heart! A Journey to the Knowing

Donna had to conquer every self-defeating thought and pattern if she was to understand her lessons and live. During open heart surgery, a magnificent happening occurred as she drifted from her physical body and transcended time and space. Greeted by her mystical mentor, family and friends an unconditional love overwhelmed her, as she was instilled with insights from the ascended masters, including instructions to share her experiences with others. In this presentation, Donna will share ten strategies to replace self-defeating thoughts and break free of negative patterns forever.


Fire Up Your Attitude! Standout Customer Service

With thirty years of professional speaking and training experience, Donna understands that attitude comes first when working with the public, and this presentation centers on developing the entire person to cultivate a positive outlook. When you raise your consciousness, you value the importance of serving mankind, and as a leader it is your responsibility to instill enthusiasm, perseverance, and dedication in your staff. Learn how to evaluate yourself in eight areas of your life to understand whether you are balanced. Being in a state of imbalanced makes it difficult to be present and available to the customer. This speech will also teach you ten proven ways to manage stress, how to make powerful and lasting first impressions, handle complaints, and build a clientele base with open and clear communication. Result: increase your company’s bottom line.


Fire Up Your Healing! A Journey to Restore Relationships and Health

“Melanoma…Stage III.” Those three words struck fear into every part of Donna’s body in 2002. Donna shares a ten-step health regime, blending a holistic approach with traditional medicine that she developed after receiving her diagnosis of State III Melanoma. After adhering to this health plan, she was told she was cancer-free. She has remained cancer-free since embracing a new approach.


Fire Up Your Speaking! Dynamic Presentation Skills

Do you want to be an exceptional presenter, influence lives, and advance your career? There is no greater skill than knowing what to say and how to say it. Make a difference when you speak with presentation, projection, and persuasion techniques. Learn how to develop a results-oriented presentation with tools such as body language, voice, and impact words. Heighten your techniques with a powerful opening statement, prevalent key points, and a persuasive call-to-action close. If you want to motivate your listeners to action, become a unique storyteller. This offering can also be presented as a one or two-day video training workshop.


Healing Meditations: Mindfulness and Relaxation

Meditation is a refreshing way to manage stress in your life and create restful sleep. In this presentation, Donna teaches the history and benefits of meditation along with a variety of effective techniques. Relax your body and travel on white puffy clouds to heal and rejuvenate your body and soul. Meditation is beneficial for staying healthy and increasing your energy while providing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance. You are worth it! Take the time to develop your inner calm. A crucial skill you will develop from ongoing meditation is to trust your intuition

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