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Diane Conway

Live Fearlessly! Love Fearlessly! Laugh!

With her first line, “I’m an only child but not the favorite,” Diane takes her audiences on a wild ride from poignant stories to sidesplitting, can’t-catch-your-breath laughter. From being kicked out of kindergarten to becoming a best-selling author, nothing about Diane’s life has been ordinary. She is a survivor who celebrates the survivor in everyone.

Diane leaves audiences inspired and empowered with her Fearless Fun programs and consistently gets the highest ratings from clients. Dr. Robert Maurer of UCLA Medical School says, “Your program was a triumph. Your wisdom and humor are entertaining and enlightening.” Diana has presented programs for Betty Ford Center, Hazelden Foundation, hospitals and many women’s conferences nationwide, and has received standing ovations from her peers at the National Speakers Association.

From the podium, Diane not only shares the wisdom and humor from her life but the amazing, heroic, survival stories of the hundreds of men and women she has interviewed for her bestselling books. What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living Your Dreams While Quakin’ in Your Boots is Diane’s inspirational classic which has inspired thousands has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times and Women’s Day magazine plus many radio and television interviews. Anne Lamott who wrote the foreword says, “Diane Conway is going to feel like your new best friend. She’s a cross between Studs Terkel and Fanny Flagg – intelligent, spiritual, wise, and hilarious.”

Diane’s second book, What Would You Do For LOVE If You Had No Fear? Loving Without Losing Your Mind, was rated by America Online in the Top Ten for Valentine’s gifts.

Whether morphing into the leopard wearing, wise-cracking, red-haired, ‘double wide and deep fried’ hairdresser, Earlene, or sweeping on stage as your Fairy Godmother, Diane keeps audiences panting for more. Of course, the characters will only be coaxed out when appropriate for the audience.

Diane created a Woman’s Night Out show called Comedy Camp, which played to packed houses from Nashville to Las Vegas. The show was reviewed by Variety and considered for a sitcom. The San Francisco Chronicle calls Diane, “Funny, positive, upbeat!” and The Nashville Tennessean says, “Conway is one of today’s funniest women.”

Diane is a popular media guest appearing on television and in radio interviews in the US and the UK. She’s a master of the hilarious line that people will be quoting for days and the inspirational phrase that can save the day. The wildly popular British show Hollywood Lovers featured Conway in her Fairy Godmother persona prompting The Sunday Express to comment, “The zany Fairy Godmother is by far the most entertaining thing on TV all week.”

Diane lives with her husband of 25 years, Brian, and their 3 dogs on a blue houseboat in Sausalito, California. The couple’s float won first place in the 4th of July Parade, with Diane resplendent as a mermaid and Brian tied to a chair dressed as King Neptune.

Most Popular Topics:

Women’s Night Out Comedy

Men’s Brains and Other Mysteries of Life

Diane offers her estrogen-charged, hilarious, and often affectionate look at the quirky differences between the sexes. Diane’s wise-cracking, hairdresser persona, Earlene, share’s the latest information from The Enquirer and Harvard Medical Review about research which shows men’s brains only fire one hemisphere at a time so women are stuck with connecting the dots. She reveals Victoria’s real secret and explains why men love camping. Diane’s Fairy Godmother tells how to find your Prince Charming even if you (like Diane) have dated every dysfunctional man in North America. Women universally relate to Diane’s laugh-out-loud humor.



How to Survive Anything

Diane is a tough dame (with a soft streak) who shows people how to get through hard times. Her Life Rescue Plan shows women how they can recycle their lives. Diane has survived everything from being attacked by a stranger in her own home, to seeing her show business dreams slashed by a disreputable manager, to going into foreclosure before it was fashionable. Despite ending up in the Shady Lane Trailer Park on Miracle Mile, she pulled herself out of the depths of addiction to go on to college, create comedy shows, and write three books that have inspired thousands.


What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living Your Dreams While Quakin’ in Your Boots

Based on her bestselling book of the same title, Diane’s presentation will have the audience laughing out loud, wiping away the tears, and standing in the aisles cheering. For her book, Diane interviewed hundreds of women and men asking about their deepest fears and most treasured dreams. She relates the stories of Dave who saved his dog from a California fire storm, and became his daughter’s hero; Jan went to Paris for her 40th birthday – alone – met her ‘foreign affair’, married him and moved to France; and 19 year old Eleanor who escaped to freedom from a Nazi death march. These are the stories that inspire audience members to pursue their own dreams in spite of their fears.


Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously!

Take a walk on the lighter side of life with Diane Conway, comedian, author and creative pied piper. She will have you laughing and loving your unique self! Comedy is tragedy plus time so as women living full lives we have lots to laugh about. Always healing, laughter will become one of your new life tools.



Put Yourself On The List! Dare to Live Your Dreams

Caregivers are so busy serving others they often forget to do the things that bring joy, laughter, and just plain fun into their lives. Diane Conway’s in-service training for health professionals inspires participants to rediscover how important it is to care for the most important people in the room—themselves and each other. Participants will be led through the Fearless Process, the basis of Diane’s bestselling book. Talk about motivating an audience — after taking Diane’s presentation to heart, one group of coworkers formed a rock band.


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