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“7 events, 7 towns, 4 days!  DeLores Pressley joined us for an incredible whirlwind tour through all of eastern North Carolina for the 3rd annual Pink Power Speaking Tour sponsored by Vidant Health. All of our events were at max capacity - the first time ever - as our guests came out to hear DeLores' message about the Power of an UP Woman!  The tour was physically demanding, literally, 7 different events in 7 different towns, all in 4 days. DeLores was truly a professional. She was able to read our diverse audiences and give the performance best suited for each event. She was high energy, fun and inspiring. A perfect combination with our physician speakers. Many thanks for making our event series a wonderful success!"

Sherry Jones, Event Coordinator, Vidant Health, Greenville, NC

Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Confidence Coach

Thousands of women from around the world have already enriched their lives (and forgotten their frustrations) with the help of DeLores Pressley’s renowned inspirational speaking, writing and confidence coaching.

All the tools you need to take positive action – to keep your cool, conquer any challenge and manage your life and career with confidence – are built into your personality. DeLores’ motivational presentations help you unlock your true personal power…and focus it on capably achieving your goals.

DeLores’ approach is not pie in the sky. On the health front, she is no stranger to obstacles. First it was endometriosis when she was just newly married. She had to have a complete hysterectomy at age 25. It was a brutal blow for a woman who wanted children more than anything. Then several years later her husband was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors told him he would need a bone marrow transplant and gave him less than one year to live. That diagnosis was given to him nearly twenty years ago. Her husband did not have the transplant and is in good health today.

In 2008, she experienced the anxiety and worries of finding a lump in her breast. She had surgery and the lump was benign. DeLores was able to stay positive and overcome her obstacles through her faith and being equipped with knowledge about the diseases. She also practiced positive self-talk and read inspirational materials.

“We must not allow our health diagnoses to be a reason to stay sad, stressed and feel like it is the end of the world. It is the beginning of a different life but not a bad life,” she says.

“It is critical to stay positive and be proactive and find ways to cope with the diagnosis and treatment. There are positive things that can be taken away from the experience of having breast cancer. It can be an opportunity to grow and help others who have similar health challenges and gain a new appreciation of life.”

Today, DeLores Pressley, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Confidence Coach, is the CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and Founder of the UP Woman Network, a movement to empower women. She helps individuals increase confidence, take control of their lives and have a powerful presence.

She is the author of four books; Oh, Yes You Can, Clean Out the Closet of Your Life, Believe in the Power of You and EMPOWER. She has received many awards and recognitions for her work including Top Ten Business Owners by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) & Key Bank Corporation, Outstanding Community Service Award from the University of Akron and ATHENA Finalist sponsored by Inside Business Magazine. Recently, she was inducted into the Stark County YWCA Women’s Hall of Fame and received the Hall of Fame Induction Global Achievement Award from the Women of Color Foundation

DeLores has spoken in England, Barbados, Puerto Rico and hundreds of U.S. locations. She serves as the President of The ABCD, Inc. Board of Directors, Board Member of the O’Jays Scholarship Committee and President of the National Speakers Association’s Ohio Chapter. She is the Spokesperson for Humanitarian Hands Charities and the Co-Host of radio show; “Wriggling in the Middle: Care for the Caregiver” heard on WHBC 1480am.

Her story has been touted in Speaker, Glamour, Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Inside Business, Essence, Ebony and Marie Claire magazines. She is a contributing writer for Smart Business Magazine.  She is a frequent media guest and has been interviewed on every major network: including OPRAH and Entertainment Tonight.

Campaigning for the UP Woman, DeLores Pressley IS the UP Woman.

Most Popular Topics:

Believe in the Power of You: Putting Your Strengths Forward

Everyone has strengths. No matter what, you bring value to the table. Harness your inner power and discover how to empower yourself and others for career and personal fulfillment. A leader lives in everyone and knowledge of that will create opportunities. Learn how to stretch your comfort zone, tap into what you love to do and benefit from it. Spend a fun, inspirational and thought provoking time with yourself learning to:

  • Overcome obstacles
  • Clarify your personal strengths and opportunities
  • Set realistic and achievable career and life goals
  • Finding balance where there is none
  • Stretching your comfort zone


The Power of an UP Woman: Undeniably Powerful Woman

Even the most timid of women have a power deep inside that’s ready to surface at any moment. Tapping in to your own personal power can be an experience you’ve never imagined.

In this energetic and fun program, DeLores Pressley, will share the key characteristics of an UP—Undeniably Powerful—Woman.  An UP Woman is ready to lead in her community, her career, and her personal life. With confidence and grace you will learn to:

  • Wake up feeling more excited about yourself and your work
  • Show up in a more powerful and confident way
  • Find Your Voice, Speak Your Mind and Live with Passion

As an UP Woman you will:

Stand UP – for what you believe in
Show UP – as your authentic self
Step UP – to be a team player
Speak UP – and be heard
Fills UP – by continually learning
Fires UP – by being a motivating and inspiring leader

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