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David Meinz, MS, RD, FAND, CSP

America's Personal Health Improvement Expert

“America’s Personal Health Improvement Expert” David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP, is a frequent guest on radio and television, and speaks internationally to audiences about living life to the fullest with maximum energy and health. David says it’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s that matters but, rather, what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas! Author of the books Ten Bonus Years; The Enemy Within; Healthy Sales; and Wealthy, Healthy & Wise; and numerous audio programs including How To Have 100 Healthy Birthdays and Today’s Healthy Woman, David has a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and is a Fellow in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He’s also received the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. Presenting his insights with a real zest for life, David is both interactive and energetic with audiences. And he’s kind of funny, too!

Most Popular Topics:

Energize Your Life!

Does your health affect your productivity? Yes! Here’s the latest information on how you can get more energy and maximize your health in today’s hectic lifestyle culture. David Meinz brings you up-to-date on this exciting topic with a content-rich, fun, and funny program on how to feel your best in the 21st century!


Ten Bonus Years

You can add ten extra, healthy years to your life by taking just several simple steps. No need to become a marathon runner or eat tofu and bean sprouts! Health promotion expert David Meinz reveals new research that shows surprising steps to healthy longevity. You’ll learn the importance of personal relationships, life-purpose, eating nuts every day, which vitamins to take, and lots more! A fun and practical presentation that you can use to live ten bonus years.


Young At Heart

The number one killer of Americans is heart disease. It now kills more women than men. And the number one most common first symptom that anything is wrong is that you die. Yes, the most common first symptom. Even if you are on a cholesterol medicine, exercise, are at ideal weight, eat right, have passed a stress test, and don’t smoke, you can still suffer from a surprise heart attack or stroke. How can that be? International speaker, author, and health promotion expert David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP, reveals new information on how you and your family can beat America’s big killer. Known for his engaging humorous style, David will empower you to be in charge of your health. Come laugh and learn; it will do your heart some good!

Executive Health

An exclusive program designed for CEO’s and their upper-level management. Usually presented as part of an executive retreat, this half to full day program goes well beyond the basics for a much more in-depth, advanced and personalized look at how organization decision makers can maximize their health by measuring and controlling some non-traditional risk factors. An excellent method of introducing the wellness concept to upper level management by showing them the benefits on a very personal level.

Healthy Sales

Healthy sales people are better sales people! “America’s Personal Health Improvement Expert” David Meinz shows how personal health improvement improves sales performance. You’ll learn the seven steps to increasing your daily energy levels and the secrets to staying healthy while traveling, dealing with stress, and juggling your hectic schedule. A content-rich, fun program on how to sell your best!?


Today’s Healthy Woman

Careerwoman, Wife, Mother, Homemaker, and Taxi Driver. The demands on today’s woman make it vital that she not only maintains but maximizes her personal health and energy. Health expert David Meinz brings you up-to-date on the latest on weight loss, building better bones, preventing breast cancer, and the truth about chocolate! A content-rich, practical, fun, and funny program on how women can maximize their health in the 21st Century!


Supermarket Secrets

With over 35,000 different products, and 5000 new ones coming out each year, how are you supposed to navigate your way towards dinner? There’s a big difference between the truth and the WHOLE truth in today’s grocery store! You’ll discover that most “wheat” bread is, in fact, just white bread, why you can’t trust nutrition claims in the meat and dairy sections, how to actually decrease your sugar intake by using the sugar bowl, and lots, lots, more! A content-rich, fun, and funny insiders-guide to today’s supermarket.

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