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“The most powerful presentation we have ever had.“ “Exceptional! Amazing and inspiring!” “A true inspiration to me that changed my life.” – Various sales reps and execs at Quest Diagnostics

Save the Hooch! Preventing Cervical Cancer

Christine Baze — musician, activist, speaker, survivor — survived cervical cancer that was discovered just as she was ready to launch her career as a rock star. Really. Since her recovery in 2002 she has been spreading the word of cervical cancer prevention through her performances and her organization – Speaking and singing to doctors and patients, industry and government – but especially to young women who need her direct and compassionate way of speaking – is her mission. She’s performed with musicians from Sheryl Crow to Ben Folds, from Capitol Hill to rock clubs.

Most recently, Christine has been taking the message of HPV awareness and cervical cancer prevention to college campuses and high schools across the country. With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and a ten-year career of working with adolescents, Christine understands the developmental tasks and psycho-social pressures of teenagers and has a natural ability to connect with them. The integration of musical performance, solo or with the band, within each presentation adds another dimension to her overall message of  “Be empowered and educated… live passionately and fully… because you can.” Watch any of her videos, and you’ll see what we mean.

No wonder Christine was honored in SHAPE magazine as one of “11 Women Who Shape the World” (2007) and in MS magazine as one of “50 Women Who Made a Difference in 2003,” and no wonder she was given a Presidential Leadership Award at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts in 2005.

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Save the HOOCH! Preventing Cervical Cancer 

Over 12,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year. In 2000, at 31 years old, Christine heard those words “you have cervical cancer” and it changed her life forever. The battle took her from her world of music and melodies to one of surgeries and treatments, then through depression and ultimately to a place of empowerment and advocacy. Christine shares her story in a raw, honest, vulnerable, passionate way, weaving her songs in and out of the ride that brought her to the other side of cancer, and to her very own, the organization she started in order to share the message that there IS something every girl and woman can do about cervical cancer… that it IS preventable – if we are educated about the tools that are available, and if each of us advocate for the very best for ourselves, our sisters, mothers and daughters. Christine’s passion, determination, and profoundly simple message will move your audience – and probably move some to save their own lives.



Passion Rocks – Dream BIG

“Reach out. Take a chance. Get ‘hurt’ even…. But play as well as you can…. Otherwise, you got nothing to talk about in the locker room.” – Maude from “Harold and Maude”

Life takes all kinds of twists and turns and how we choose to go with the flow or fight the fight is ultimately in our very own hands. Several years of schooling for psychotherapy, a rock band, a cancer diagnosis and treatments, the collapse of a 17-year relationship, several national music tours, and a successful non-profit has landed Christine Baze exactly where she needs to be… in her own skin. Combining her easygoing, lighthearted, approachable delivery with the realness of fear of change, uncertainty and potential failure, Christine uses her skills and genuineness to walk you down the path of her dreams and inspire you to do the same.


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