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“Bobbe was great, wonderful, a crowd-pleaser, exceptional, a delight and joy to work with. Thank you, Barbara. I am so glad you found me. I will now recommend her to our other regional hospitals. You have a gem in Bobbe.” --

Barbara Hoffman, Marketing Representative,
Covenant HealthCare, Saginaw, MI,
Women’s Heart Health event

Life in the Laugh Lane

Bobbe White is a nationally recognized expert on humor and laughter therapy. She has been featured in the New York Times, Family Circle, First Magazine, and Newsweek Japan, on “Laughter as a current trend in the workplace.” She was one of the first Laughter Leaders certified in the world by the World Laughter Tour, Inc. (Seriously!)

Bobbe’s work history includes Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge, Orlando, where she was the swim pro (like a golf pro, but with more water). She has been in banking for over 3 decades, through 3 economic cycles, and 3 hair colors! Her success as a speaker and trainer is her conviction to what she believes are the two basic tenets of the adult learning experience: food and fun.

She is the author of Life in the Laugh Lane, a book all about navigating life’s twists and turns with laughter. Dividing her time between her company, Try Laughter! Inc., her husband and their two children, she is constantly embroiled in life’s twists and turns. At work or home, she uses laughter to combat the stress we all experience daily. When that doesn’t work, she heads for the golf course, swimming pool or enlists the support of her new therapeutic tool, Sam the beagle.

Bobbe is a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Society for International Humor Studies, and World Laughter Tour, Inc. She is president and founder of Try Laughter! Inc., a speaking and training group. Bobbe resides in Quincy, IL.

Most Popular Topics:

My Life’s Out of Balance, and It’s Worse Than My Checkbook!

This program is for anyone who struggles to juggle work and life. Bobbe shares creative and fun ways to overcome those times when you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and over-committed. Bobbe knows that a sense of humor is the best kept secret to finding more balance and joy in your personal and professional lives. Get ready for tips and tools to put to use before ever leaving the event!


Life in the Laugh Lane

Bobbe steers through life’s twists and turns with her humorous perspective. Learn how to shift your flaws into “ha” gear. If you’re not living and working in the laugh lane, you could end up in the body shop in disrepair! Ready to turn the corner on negativity? It’s full speed ahead with Life in the Laugh Lane!


Try Laughter: Just for the Health of It! 

Bobbe sets the stage by taking a look at her flaws and faux pas with the gift of laughter and then let’s you do the same! Her real stories enable us to bring laughter and real life together. A great way to learn, laugh, and live with more joy!


If Stress is Garbage, I’ve Bin There, Recycled That!

(Great title if the event is considering a “green” theme. Bobbe has written a book by this title, and also writes a monthly free ezine under the same title.)

Bobbe offers a recycle bin full of tips and tools for a greener YOU based on the 3 R’s borrowed from the environment: REDUCE your stress, REUSE your humor, RECYCLE your laughter, and REPURPOSE your life! (Okay, 4 R’s) You’ll be intrigued, informed and entertained by the number of parallels between a healthy eco-system and a healthy ego-system! Witness the energy and creativity in Bobbe’s hilarious recycle pageant, complete with prizes of unspeakable value!


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