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"Wellness Expert, Angela Gaffney has the ability to inspire people with not only her words, but with her heart. Within minutes of Angela’s speech, we felt her passion and we knew what was said in that auditorium on that day would stay with us forever. She told the story of her health crisis and made it clear that as medical students and future physicians, our word has the power to change lives. Angela used her experience as a patient and wellness coach to illustrate the importance of life fulfillment, stress management, and nutrition; vital things we all tend to lose sight of. Through both her struggle and triumph, she was able to share learned life lessons and health tips. I would highly recommend Angela Gaffney to anyone looking for a touching and motivating wellness speech." -- Kathryn Parker, CO

Inspirational Women's Wellness Advocate

Women’s health and wellness audiences are in for a treat when Angela Gaffney graces their stage. This dynamic woman overcame a life-threatening illness by changing her lifestyle. Today she is thrilled to share her discoveries for losing weight, boosting energy, and regaining a zest for life with other men and women.

Like most of us, Angela  thought life would go on no matter what. She was engrossed in her work, caring for her family of four, and living life to the fullest. Convenience food and diet coke kept her going until her energy tank ran dry each night. She’d wake up and repeat the next day, never realizing along the way that a much bigger story was brewing. And after a two-year struggle with a failing body, Angela was told to go home and prepare for a progressive disease to take her life.

Angela had been succeeding, but with great sacrifice. And didn’t even realize it. But that’s not the end of the story . . .

If there’s one thing you’ll quickly realize about this dynamic, big hearted keynote speaker it’s that she rarely takes no for an answer; giving up on life was not an option. Angela is the catalyst for healthy transformation! After devoting intense time, education and energy into regaining her own health and becoming a Certified Health Coach; she’s shared these same proven strategies to help hundreds of others lose weight, boost energy, rid the body of pain and regain a zest for life.

Everyone wants to feel good, and deserves the right to do so!  In her new book, Feel Good, Look Good, for Life (November 2016), she provides the ultimate guide to support you in health and transform your life for the better.

Are you ready to ignite transformation? Begin with Angela’s signature keynote, Feel Good, Look Good, for Life, where she shares her powerful story of perseverance and uncovers the key strategies that transform lives. Add a VIP Session, Hot Seat Keynote, or private book signing for a little extra sizzle and your audience members will be ready to chart their course to healthy living!

Beyond the keynote, Angela provides Worksite Wellness programs, creating a plan that’s right for you, your team and your budget.

Are you ready to ignite transformation? It all begins with one simple choice . . .


Most Popular Topics:

Feel Good, Look Good, For Life

We all know what to do to achieve health. And yet, the majority of us are overweight, fatigued every day and feeling so stressed we can’t sleep at night.

Even when you give it your all, you find yourself veering right back into the same old patterns, struggling to choose the apple over the doughnut and wishing for something more. . . more energy, more productivity, more happiness, more health.

It just doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Angela will shift your perspective in an instant and have you thinking differently about your health. Her simple strategies will provide you the freedom to achieve life-long health with ease. No will power, guilt or restriction necessary.

In this session you will:

  • Uncover the secret to long-term health (it has nothing to do with guilt, restriction, or deprivation!)
  • Believe in yourself, and have the focus to achieve your health goals no matter your situation
  • Learn how to create ease in life with the Feel Good, Look Good method

Feel Good, Look Good, for Life – for Nurses

Nurses have one of the highest stress jobs in America; while caring for so many it can be easy to lose sight of caring for yourself! Angela provides a unique perspective for nurses, sharing her inspiring story from the patient’s perspective and providing strategies to help all nurses achieve health while they excel in their career. It is possible to do both!

After Angela was diagnosed with a rare disease that she was told would take her life, she put every ounce of energy into learning how to live. This personal journey, along with her professional experience as a Certified Health Coach blend together to provide you simple strategies you can implement today to heal the body, reduce stress in your life, and achieve life-long health. You’ll love Angela’s genuine approach, enjoy laughs along the way and be inspired to live your best life with the Feel Good, Look Good Method.


Simple. Stress-Free. Power:  The Easiest Way to Let Go, Say No, and Have It All!

There’s not one stress-free job on the planet unless it entails sitting on the beach with your favorite book in hand! Instead, your inbox is overflowing. You just learned your database has been compromised. And that earlier flight you wanted to catch . . . it departed without you.

Even when you plan a stress-free day, another out of control disaster that only you can fix sparks up! Constant fire-fighting of epic emergencies puts your health at risk.

It’s time to take back control of your day and your health. With Angela’s simple stress-free plan you will drop the fire extinguisher, find your calm, and still manage it all!

In this session, you will discover:

  • Three super simple strategies to create healthier boundaries fast
  • How to keep unplanned urgencies from turning into your emergencies
  • Three practical and tactical actions to let go, say no, and stand in your power

Warning: Side effects associated with this simple stress-free formula commonly include: weight loss, increased energy, overall increased feelings of joy and happiness, strength and clarity.


The Stress Free Worker Bee – What Happy Professionals Do that Stressed Out Professionals Don’t.

Ever see a stress-free worker bee? Everything goes according to plan. People are extra motivated to get things done.

And they seem to effortlessly sip on their latte while the world is spinning around them.

They are stress-management superstars!  And the good news is that you can be one, too.

By taking a page from Angela’s Stress-Free Three, you’ll have the power to decide what a well-managed carefree day feels like!

In this fun and engaging session, you will discover:

  • How to cease the stress with one simple breathing technique
  • A three-minute stretch that’ll leave you footloose and fancy free
  • How to instantly transform your day with the power of words

This is a hands-on class of exploration and practice.  The Daily Three are simple, portable exercises you can practice daily to stop stress in its tracks and live a life of ease.


One Simple Rule:  No Diet Equals Freedom!  

Crazy cravings cramping your style? A little extra weight causing fatigue? To make matters worse there’s a quartet of saboteurs in your midst.  But you’re a fighter so you try one of those extra healthy diets.

Now you’re deprived of the tasty stuff. Craving the bad stuff.  And hiding in the closet guzzling down a tub of Chunky Monkey.

It just doesn’t have to be this hard. Let’s get rid of the guilt and jump off the diet train; we’re in this thing together!  You can achieve your health goals and eat real food!  Angela’s One Simple Rule is a game changer. Once you discover it, you’ll realize:

  • The EASY to use, One Simple Rule that works FAST
  • How to abate cravings naturally
  • The easy way to lose weight, increase energy, and age gracefully
  • No diet, pills or willpower necessary to achieve results with the One Simple Rule; it’s as simple as that!


Success Without Sacrifice: You CAN Have Your Health and A Successful Career Too!

Are you living on latte’s to get through the day? Running around like the Energizer Bunny even though there’s nothing left in the tank? Success often means great sacrifice. It all seems worth it though, and if you keep up this pace you’ll be set for retirement!

But not without great cost. . .

You see, while the bank account might support your retirement, your body will have other plans. It’s been running at a deficit far too long to recover. And frankly, who cares about retirement if you’re not able to enjoy it!

The best news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Angela’s power-packed session you’ll discover the simple, proven formula that allows you to excel in health, happiness, and your career. You can have it all now and in the retirement years! When she shares this easy formula with you, you’ll:

  • Feel better fast: typical results include weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, decreased stress and overall feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Increase productivity with one simple, effective strategy
  • Learn how to achieve your healthiest body, even with a crazy schedule!
  • You CAN have it all without sacrifice; let’s start the transformation!


Aging Gracefully in a Toxic World

It’s not even 7 a.m. and you’ve doused yourself in toxins. Yup, that’s right! From soap suds to toothpaste and everything in between there’s more to the story than it may seem! Without even realizing it, your morning routine is robbing you of disease-free, youthful esteem.

But wait, the solution is quite easy!

It involves YOU and the POWER OF FOOD. In this jam-packed session, Angela will share the three vital practices to aging gracefully and keeping your youthful esteem. When she’s done sharing, you’ll:

  • Learn the secret to glowing skin, increased energy and your healthiest body
  • Uncover the top 5 toxins lurking in your cabinets; you won’t believe where they’re hiding!!
  • Feel younger faster with the three vital practices to aging gracefully


Stop the Craving Crisis Today!

It’s 2 p.m. Your mouth waters as the silver coil moves to drop the chocolate bar from the vending machine. It’s heaven to your ears and your magic ticket for a high-energy afternoon!

Everything’s going as planned then BAM! you find yourself diving into the box of day-old donuts. You’re in craving crisis! But, the truth of the matter is that this cycle isn’t your fault and the sugar isn’t the problem.

That’s right, sugar is not the problem . . . and Angela has figured out the reason for the craving crisis!

After this eye-opening session, your relationship with sugar will forever be changed! Angela is ready to share the simple secret to success and the reason for the craving crisis. Once you understand the simple secret, you’ll:
Rid your body of cravings in an easy, natural way (no willpower necessary!)

  • Identify the harmful effects of sugar on your body
  • Uncover sugar’s secret hiding spots, you won’t believe what you’ll find!!
  • Ensure increased energy, better sleep, and weight loss with one quick, easy strategy

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