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Sheri Prentiss, MD, MPH, CPS/A, CPE, FACPE



"The week (Pink Power Tour) was fantastic. Couldn’t have been any better. Dr. Sheri was incredible – wonderful presentation each and every time and I just enjoyed her so much!  Thank you for recommending her, Barbara! -- Sherry Brisson-Jones, Events and Special Projects Coordinator, Vidant Health, Greenville, NC

"She turns heads and turns hearts. Sheri is a remarkable motivator who does it with everything she has, with her spirit and heart working all the time. I can't say enough good things about her." -- Maureen Keenan Meldrum, Chair - Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure, Director, Breast Cancer Special Programs, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

Breast Cancer Survivor, Physician Speaker

As a physician and speaker, Dr. Sheri Prentiss brings a unique perspective to her experience as a breast cancer survivor, including her impassioned work in women’s health embracing advocacy, preventive care, and health awareness. After a partial mastectomy, a lymph node dissection, 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation, she was left with clinically disabling lymphedema of her right arm and hand, and she can no longer perform hands-on treatment of patients. Despite it all, she has increased her service to patients in unprecedented ways including her tenure as Susan G. Komen’s 3-Day National Spokesperson.

Dr. Sheri is a proven visionary, author and highly sought after physician leader. She is a board certified occupational & environmental medicine physician, public health expert, and a breast cancer survivor. Throughout her decades of clinical practice further fueled by her unique perspective as a physician and a patient, she has mastered emotional intelligence and as such she has become mindful in the practice of medicine. Her mindfulness has allowed her treatment to transcend medicine.

In addition to helping patients and healthcare practitioners transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced she also shares her story, her voice, her life, and her victory in awe-inspiring and motivational ways. Dr. Sheri Prentiss brings the unique perspective of being a patient and a physician to her impassioned and captivating speeches. Her remarkable story of pain, loss and change has inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the country and abroad.

She has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches and private seminars throughout the country and internationally. She has been featured in The New England Journal of Medicine, MORE, Essence, Oxygen, Today’s Chicago Woman, Weinberg Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and elsewhere. She has also been featured in hundreds of television, radio and newspaper interviews reaching millions around the country as an expert in helping individuals unlock their potential, boost their self-esteem, set new directions, and prepare for life-long achievements.

Dr. Sheri has a true passion and gift for helping women and men live their best life despite obstacles. Her personal journey makes her most qualified to lead individuals through what could be the most difficult time in their lives. She is a force for change in healthcare and an expert motivational speaker in transcending tragedy, redirection/reinvention, and tapping into unrecognized potential.

When Everything Changed (Book Cover)Quick witted, sparkly, and compassionate, Dr. Sheri lays bare the raw emotions of facing death in her new memoir When Everything Changed: My Journey from Physician to Patient. This gripping tale conveys Dr. Sheri confronting her frailty in one loss after another. Now a champion of survival, Dr. Sheri’s focus is no longer what she has lost, but what remains.

She has served in several high profile executive positions such as Program Medical Director for Advocate Healthcare Occupational Health & Employee Health for the entire state of Illinois, Global Medical Director of Medical Operations for Hospira and Associate Area Medical Director for the United States Postal Service. She is currently the National Spokesperson for Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

Dr. Prentiss obtained the following degrees: BA, with honors, Northwestern University 1989; MD, with honors, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine 1993; MPH, with a 5.0 GPA University of Illinois School of Public Health 1998; CPE (Certified Physician Executive), CCMM 2007. She is a member of the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine as well as a Fellow, Director of the Board, and CPE Tutorial teaching Fellow of the American Association for Physician Leadership.

She’s dedicated her life to encouraging others to L.I.V.E. life to its fullest. And for her that means to:
Love myself and others
Inspire those around me
Voice my dreams and ambitions
Enjoy life!

Dr. Sheri Prentiss’ Most Popular Topics:

Creating Physical & Emotional Health and Healing:
A Word of Wisdom for Women   

Women in the U.S. bear the primary responsibility for raising a family. Many are single parents. Coupled with career pressures and living on the run, many women feel the stress of overcommitted and over scheduled lives. Dr. Sheri’s motivational  and sensible program teaches working women how to achieve a healthier, better balanced lifestyle.


What You Eat–A Life and Death Decision

It is well known that a high fat diet increases your risk for heart disease, obesity, and certain cancers. However, knowledge alone hasn’t been successful in making Americans select the right dietary choices. Your attendees will arm themselves with realistic, practical dietary skills designed to help them live longer and healthier.


Managing the Mayhem–The Clock is Ticking      

Re-engineering, restructuring and downsizing cause significant change in organizational culture. There is excess stress, too little time, and increased career and family commitments causing periods of mayhem. Personally, if one is not able to respond swiftly and effectively to change, stress can build to debilitating levels and lead to family, health and job disruptions. Within an organization it means less productivity, increased healthcare costs and a destabilized workforce. Dr. Sheri’s innovative program focuses on creating the fitness skills necessary to manage the mayhem in the time available.


Creating Remarkable Patient Experiences by Cultivating Remarkable Providers: Beyond Business as Usual

Healthcare practitioners must find balance in their lives and experience the joy in living well in order to have a positive impact on how healthcare is experienced among their patient population. Exploring the following life lessons allows healthcare professionals to examine their purpose in business and in life. Attendees learn the importance of: taking a step TODAY no matter how small to change the patterns of their pasts; refusing to live in fear; putting setbacks behind them. You’ve tried therapies with your patients that didn’t work, proposed new policies and procedures to administration and re-vamped the flow in your clinic all to no avail. But you can’t seem to let these failed attempts go. If you’re not careful, you’ll soon feel unworthy, hopeless and maybe condemned. You’re not a failure just because you try something and it doesn’t work. You fail only when you stop trying.


New Physicians Engaging Providers through Authenticity

Workplace diversity fosters mutual respect among employees. Employees who acknowledge others’ differences often also find similarities, particularly when there are common goals — production and quality. If you want balance–and not everybody does–you have to force yourself to edit yourself personally and professionally. Focus on the things that are important to you, and don’t do the extraneous stuff. Attendees learn the valuable lesson of distinguishing between listening and hearing, revelation and information, and how being bold in your living doesn’t involve drawing comparisons. When you take the time to reach out to others and invest in someone’s life, you are impacting the world…yours and theirs.

Not Just Surviving but Living and Thriving

You can be a powerful career woman, wife, mother or stay at home mom and lover without being totally exhausted. You can be motivated and driven to reach your God given potential and encouraged to LIVE despite life-threatening challenges, death of a loved one, divorce or financial uncertainty.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to challenge their thinking, amplify their strengths, breakthrough their mental blocks and release their full power and productivity
  • Identify how to reach higher levels of clarity, energy, productivity, influence and purpose
  • Receive tips for effecting REAL CHANGE without losing a sense of who they are


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