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"Melanie Carvell’s delivery on stage is authentic and informative; from the time she first steps on stage you know she is an expert in women’s health and fitness. Melanie draws her audience in and leaves it wanting to hear and experience more. As a conference planner, speakers like Melanie who are easy to work with and are well received by audiences make my job easier and rewarding."
- Anita Hoffarth, Reach Partners President

Womens Wellness, Health and Fitness Expert

Melanie Carvell is a leader in women’s health, motivational speaker, certified Worksite Wellness Consultant, author of Running with the Antelope: Life, Fitness, and Grit on the Northern Plains, and tireless community volunteer.

She is an accomplished triathlete who is a six-time All American, representing USA Triathlon on eight World Championship teams, and winning a bronze medal in Germany in 1999. She has trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center with the national cycling team, was named North Dakota’s Sportscasters/Sportswriters Athlete of the Year, chosen as the North Dakota Prairie Rose State Games Athlete of the Year, and received the “Picture of Health” award from the State of North Dakota for being a leader in women’s health. She recently retired as Director of the Sanford Women’s Health Center in Bismarck.

Melanie learned to run on the northern Great Plains where the winters are long and harsh and the wind tests the human spirit. She attributes her national and international success to her agrarian roots and the challenge of biking, running, and swimming in one of the most formidable landscapes of America. Her motivational philosophy is, “If I can do these things, given the modesty of my upbringing and the harshness of the Dakota climate, so can you.” In her book, Running with the Antelope, she inspires readers to begin a program of athletic training, weight loss, or general self-improvement.

Melanie is one of the most entertaining, informative, and inspiring wellness and motivational speakers in the Midwest. Raised in a small town in western North Dakota, she is one of North Dakota’s most cosmopolitan citizens at the same time that she remains devoted to the small town values that shaped her entire life.

Melanie’s interactive presentations will inspire you to take charge of your health, reintegrating your body and spirit along the way to a happier, healthier life.  With her humble and engaging style she delivers useful information with a big dose of inspiration for all of us to be more active throughout our day.  Her presentations get her audience moving with practical tips, simple but effective exercises, and compelling information that is helpful and motivating.

Most Popular Topics:

Grace, Gratitude and Grit: Making Wellness Fit

Are you interested in developing your own personal motivational toolkit and understanding the real keys to changing behavior? Want to ramp up your willpower and transform your thinking by tapping into the power of positivity? With grace and grit we’ll get moving with creative tips, compelling information and simple and effective exercises that don’t require a workout outfit or gym. Melanie will inspire you to take charge of your health – integrating body and spirit to reach a happier, healthier life.


Please (DON’T) take a seat!

Did you know that one of the most underrated health threats today is the time we spend sitting? Labor saving advances, demanding and addicting electronic devices and a culture where we are expected to sit for long periods take a huge toll on our physical and emotional health. In this inspirational and informative presentation, Melanie provides useful information along with a heaping dose of motivation that will help you to fit fitness into your everyday routines, and most importantly will unleash the intrinsic motivation to develop and retain healthy habits for the long term. This session will get you moving and leave you with a plan to fit more movement into your days – resulting in better health and more energy, productivity, and happiness!


The Healthy Heart Toolkit for Women

This dynamic presentation will provide compelling information on women’s heart disease and practical suggestions for reducing your own risk of heart-related problems. Get the most current information on preventing and controlling blood pressure, keeping your blood cholesterol levels healthy, following a nutritious eating plan, and finding ways to make physical activity more enjoyable and part of your daily routine. Melanie will inspire you with a call to action and a blueprint for healthier living as well as tools to empower you along the way. Learn how small changes can make a big difference and most importantly, tap into your emotional and spiritual strengths, as well as compassion and inner wisdom to stay on track for long-term well-being.


Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Chemistry of Kindness

Are you ready to experience more joy and happiness while also improving your focus and concentration? Do you need simple, proven tools to help you cope with countless everyday distractions and overwhelming stress? Scientific studies have shown that practicing mindfulness, meditation and kindness can literally re-wire our brains. You will leave this uplifting presentation equipped with tools to help you recharge and restore your energy and joy, while improving your ability to react more thoughtfully to challenges, worries and conflict. Come and be inspired!


Natural Running Workshop

Do you want to learn to run more easily, with less injury and with more efficiency and speed? Join Melanie in this workshop that combines the latest research with technique-based training principles, proven strength and stability exercises and motivational form focuses. Melanie will also inspire you with strategies to bring more joy to your workouts and mental training techniques to help you perform your best. Leave with great tips to “hit the road running” as well as a heaping dose of motivation to help you tackle your workouts with more purpose and strength.


Conference Exercise Breaks

Melanie can add energy and inspiration to any workshop or conference. Would you like to add in key stretch breaks to energize your attendees? Would you like a presentation that gets participants moving with body weight exercises and simple equipment like stretch bands and paper plates? Would you like to offer a simple chair yoga routine for your participants? Melanie can tailor any activity sessions to meet your needs, adding fun, variety, and valuable take-home exercise ideas for your attendees.

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