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Anne Barab



“Anne Barab’s wit and wisdom are unmatched in today’s world. She keeps you entertained as she shares her life lessons and provides you with recipes for success. I’ve seen her speak four times and I always come away with new tips to apply.” Nina Turner

Motivational Humorist and Breast Cancer Survivor

Anne Barab, author of the humorist self-help book titled The Sooner You Laugh the Faster You Heal: How to Challenge the Assumptions that Ruin Your Life, is a business consultant who helps people become more resilient by laughing about the tough stuff in life ASAP.  She is the former Chief Operating Officer of a $1.5 billion mortgage bank, a three-term recovering school board trustee and a 43 year veteran of the marriage wars.  But her greatest claim to fame is raising three adult tax-paying children who’ve spawned four of the cutest grandkids ever and being voted Best Smelling Mom by her son’s first grade class.

Most Popular Topics:

Topic:  Resilience/Life Balance
I Had a Life Plan but the Magnet Fell Off the Fridge
Fall Back in Love with Your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unhappy and unfulfilled?  Is your “life plan” little more than just trying to Be Pleasant?  Do you know you’ve got untapped potential, but it’s hidden under your roles of spouse, parent, worker, or volunteer?  Learn the tools to fill your life with love, peace and contentment.  Whatever you’re doing today, it is nowhere near the joy you’re really capable of experiencing.  “I’ve seen Anne speak three times and I always come away with new insights and tips to apply.”  Nina Turner


Topic:  Resilience
The Sooner You Laugh the Faster You Heal
How to Challenge the Assumptions That Ruin Your Life

Most people create their own unhappiness with absurd assumptions about how things “ought to be.” The solution is to pull these crazy notions out of the cobwebs of your unconscious mind, hold them up to the light of day and have a good laugh about how silly they are. The result is more original thought, success, and joy in life. Laughter (especially at yourself) makes life richer!


Topic:  Change/Stress
You Can’t Make Me Change Anything but My Underwear!
How to Think Smart and Adapt Gracefully

Does life seem overwhelmingly fast?  Are you exhausted by the never ending turnover in your job?  Disappointed in your relationships?  Wishing you had an app for stress management?   Reframe the way you think about life’s daily adversities and you can improve your reactions to them.  Learn how to adapt and you’ll live with less stress, better health and more joy.  “Anne challenged my perceptions of my dilemmas. Now I’ve lost 40 pounds and I’m living my dreams!”  Monnica Lamb


Topic:  Leadership
Help!  My Leadership Reality Check Bounced
How to Become a Person of Influence

Are you tired of being passed over for bonuses and promotions?  Are you the best-kept leadership secret in your organization?  Do you hunger for more professional success?  Servant leadership requires courage and wisdom.  Discover the secrets to becoming a person of influence.  Your time to become a significant leader is now!  “Anne’s leadership wisdom helped me step into my eminence.”  Rhonda Shively


Topic:  Communication Skills/Leadership
Listen with Your Heart
How to Listen as a Servant Leader

Leaders don’t need to know all the answers.  They just need to ask perceptive questions to help people take the next step.  Whether you’re leading a multi-national organization, a team, a classroom, a volunteer organization, or your children– the ability to listen with your heart is an invaluable skill.  Master this communication art and watch the people you nurture bloom.  “I used Anne’s ‘listen with your heart’ technique with my dying father and it completely transformed our relationship!”  Russ Hicks


Topic:  Presentation Skills
Power Up Your Presentations and Your Life
How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas

We all speak for a living.  Sometimes it’s a 1:1 conversation; sometimes it’s a 1:10 project or committee report; sometimes it’s a 1:100 sales presentation or management speech.  Your presentation competence means dollars in your pocket because it makes or breaks your personal and professional success.  Learn the easy formula for clarifying and presenting your message for maximum impact.  “Anne’s wisdom and encouragement were invaluable in my journey to winning the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking.”  Jim Key

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